Elect Equality

Every election is critical to ensuring that our elected officials and those in positions of power at both the state and federal level are pro-equality and agree that there is no time limit on equality. The Elect Equality campaign provides voters with the opportunity to see where their candidates stand on the Equal Rights Amendment. Our interactive tool allows voters to be informed before heading to the ballot box with the click of a button.

Contact us at electequality@eracoalition.org for more information on our campaign.

Find out where your candidates stand on the Equal Rights Amendment

OPEN SEAT Will Boyd (D) https://drwillboyd.com Katie Britt (R) https://www.katiebrittforsenate.com
Jerry Carl (R) - District 1 https://jerrycarlforcongress.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Barry Moore (R) - District 2 https://barrymooreforcongress.com/ Phyllis Harvey-Hall (D) https://www.phyllisforcongress.com/
Mike Rogers (R) - District 3 http://www.mikerogersforcongress.com/ Lin Veasey (D) Douglas Bell (I) https://dbellforuscongress.com/
Robert B. Aderholt (R) - District 4 https://aderholtforcongress.org/ Rick Neighbors (D) https://neighbors4congress.com/
OPEN SEAT Kathy Warner-Stanton (D) https://www.kathyforcongress.com/ Dale Strong (R) https://www.dalestrongforcongress.com/
Gary J. Palmer (R) - District 6 https://palmerforalabama.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Terri A. Sewell (D) - District 7 https://sewellforcongress.com/ Beatrice Nichols (R) https://www.bfor7thdistrict.com/
Kay Ivey (R)- Governor https://kayiveyforgovernor.com/ Yolanda Flowers (D) https://www.yolandaforgovernor.org/ Jared Budlong (I) https://www.jaredalgov.org/
Will Ainsworth (R)- Lieutenant Governor https://www.ainsworthforalabama.com/ Ruth Page-Nelson (L)
Steve Marshall (R)- Attorney General https://marshallforalabama.com/ Wendell Major (D) https://www.wendellmajor.com/home
OPEN SEAT- Secretary of State Pamela Laffitte (D) https://www.pamelajlaffitte.com/ Wes Allen (R) https://electwesallen.com/
Tim Melson (R)- SD1 https://timmelson.com/?fbclid=IwAR0nfjTw_3proQrk5LLABluDbhQn8i7j5XjtMlKXo4NaH11jhLfLYjSbrJM NO CHALLENGERS
Tom Butler (R)- SD2 https://www.senatortombutler.com/ Kim Lewis (D) https://www.kimlewis4sd2.com/
Arthur Orr (R)- SD3 www.arthurorr.com NO CHALLENGERS
Garlan Gudger (R)- SD4 https://www.senatorgudger.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Larry Stutts (R)- SD6 https://www.larrystutts.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Sam Givhan (R)- SD7 Korey Wilson (D) https://www.wilson4thepeople.com/
Steve Livingston (R)- SD8 NO CHALLENGERS
Clay Scofield (R)- SD9 NO CHALLENGERS
Andrew Jones (R)- SD10 https://andrewandyou.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD12 Danny McCullars (D) dannymccullars.com Keith Kelley (R) https://www.keithkelleyforsenate.com/
Randy Price (R)- SD13 https://www.voterandyprice.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
April Weaver (R)- SD14 NO CHALLENGERS
Dan Roberts (R)- SD15 NO CHALLENGERS
J.T. Waggoner (R)- SD16 NO CHALLENGERS
Shay Shelnutt (R)- SD17 NO CHALLENGERS
Rodger Smitherman (D)- SD18 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD19 Merika Coleman (D) https://www.merikacoleman.com/ Danny Wilson (L) https://vote4danny.com/
Linda Coleman-Madison (D)- SD20 NO CHALLENGERS
Gerald Allen (R)- SD21 Lisa Ward (D) https://lisawardforsenate.com/
Greg Albritton (R)- SD22 NO CHALLEGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD23 Robert Stewart (D) https://www.robstewart4senate.com/?fbclid=IwAR2y2M5XVbcbKLaO6AKhcRaB7X7UTpwpsI-KO-0uVAS1LIe0NGm2r6Nk8LU Michael Nimmer (R) Portia Shepherd (L) https://www.vote4portia.com/
Bobby Singleton (D) NO CHALLENGERS
Will Barfoot (R)- SD25 NO CHALLENGERS
Kirk Hatcher (D)- SD26 https://www.kirkhatcher.com/?fbclid=IwAR3NdHhc1O_YBOgImfRcqq9BsYcgGwdMGVsHA75ekEGeLH6Fn24g0-2YD0A NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD27 Sherri Reese (D) http://www.sherrireeseforalabama.com/ Jay Hovey (R)
Bill Beasley (D)- SD28 NO CHALLENGERS
Donnie Chesteen (R)- SD29 Nathan Mathis (D)
Clyde Chambliss Jr. (R)- SD30 https://www.clydechambliss.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD31 Josh Carnley (R) https://www.carnleyforsenate.com/
Chris Elliott (R)- SD32 http://electchriselliott.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Vivian Figures (D)- SD33 Pete Riehm (R) https://www.riehmforalabama.com/
Jack Williams (R)- SD34 https://www.votejackwilliams.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
David Sessions (R)- SD35 NO CHALLENGERS
Phillip Pettus (R)- HD1 https://www.votephillippettus.com/?fbclid=IwAR0oEJm0Vo35UJD12S8P_AzNakFZcCm4Zn0UpO5GWdP6N_p5NWa_nxAjgC4 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD2 Ben Harrison (R)
OPEN SEAT- HD3 Wesley Thompson (D) https://www.wesley4hd3.com/ Kerry Underwood (R) https://www.votekerryunderwood.com/
Parker Moore (R)- HD4 https://www.voteparkermoore.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Danny Crawford (R)- HD5 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD7 Mose Jones Jr. (D) Ernie Yarbrough (R) https://ernieyarbrough.com/
Terri Collins (R)- HD8 https://www.terricollins.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
Scott Stadthagen (R)- HD9 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD10 Marilyn Lands (D) https://www.marilynforalabama.com/ David Cole (R) https://www.davidcoleforalabama.com/
Randall Shedd (R)- HD11 NO CHALLENGERS
Corey Harbison (R)- HD12 James Fields Jr. (D)
OPEN SEAT- HD13 Matt Woods (R) https://votemattwoods.com/
Tim Wadsworth (R)- HD14 https://wadsworthforhouse.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD15 Ricgard Rouco (D) Leigh Hulsey (R) https://www.leighhulsey.com/
Tracy Estes (R)- HD17 NO CHALLENGERS
Jamie Kiel (R)- HD18 https://jamiekiel.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD20 James Lomax (R)- https://www.lomaxforhouse.com/
Rex Reynolds (R)- HD21 NO CHALLENGERS
Ritchie Whorton (R)- HD22 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD23 Mike Kirkland (R) https://www.mikekirklandforhouse.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD24 Nathaniel Ledbetter (R) http://www.ledbetter24.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD25 Mallory Hagan (D) https://www.hagan4house.com/ Phillip Rigsby (R) https://www.rigsbyforhouse.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD26 Ben Alford (D) Brock Colvin (R) https://brockcolvin.com/
Wes Kitchens (R)- HD27 Herb Neu (D)
OPEN SEAT- HD28 Mack Butler (R) https://mackbutler.com/?fbclid=IwAR3hgaaV6F3ndoLxjdrP7abdmpgFEyu8tswa5aSahEAkJ09M-ygwzENj-H8
OPEN SEAT- HD29 Mark Gidley (R)
B. Craig Lipscomb (R)- HD30 https://www.craiglipscomb.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD31 Troy Stubbs (R) https://www.facebook.com/RepresentativeStubbs
Barbara Boyd (D)- HD32 Evan Jackson (R)
Ben Robbins (R)- HD33 Fred Crum (D) https://www.facebook.com/FredCrum4HD33/
David Standridge (R)- HD34 NO CHALLENGERS
Steve Hurst (R)- HD35 NO CHALLENGERS
Bob Fincher (R)- HD37 NO CHALLENGERS
Debbie Hamby Wood (R)- HD38 https://www.electdebbiewood.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Ginny Shaver (R)- HD39 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD40 Pam Howard (D) https://electpamhoward.com/ Chad Robertson (R)
Corley Ellis (R)- HD41 Chris Nelson (D)
Arnold Mooney (R)- HD43 http://www.arnoldmooney.com/ Price Cleveland (D) https://princeforalabama.com/about/
Danny Garrett (R)- HD44 https://www.electdannygarrett.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD45 Susan DuBose (R) https://susandubose.com/
David Faulkner (R)- HD46 https://www.davidfaulkneral46.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD47 Christian Coleman (D) https://christianforalabama.com/
Jim Carns (R)- HD48 electjimcarns.com NO CHALLENGERS
Russell Bedsole (R)- HD49 https://russellbedsole.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Allen Treadaway (R)- HD51 NO CHALLENGERS
John Rogers (D)- HD52 NO CHALLENGERS
Anthony Daniels (D)- HD53 https://www.facebook.com/anthonydanielsalabama NO CHALLENGERS
Neil Rafferty (D)- HD54 https://reprafferty.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD55 Fred Plump (D)
OPEN SEAT- HD56 Ontario Tillman (D) https://www.voteontariotillmandistrict56.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD57 Patrick Sellers (D) http://www.sellersfor57.com/ Delor Baumann (R)
Rolanda Hollis (R)- HD58 https://rolandahollis.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Juandalynn Givan (D)- HD60 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD61 Ron Bolton (R) http://www.ronboltonstatehouse.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD62 Brenda Cephus (D) https://cephusforhd62.com/ Bill Lamb (R)
Cynthia Almond (R)- HD63 https://www.cynthialeealmond.com/ Samuel Adams (D) https://www.adams63.org/?fbclid=IwAR2BshpDbckbLNeJO-7CgNfctA6rPd3d35qxkfYs0fhIC2GIrGC02ikbyYI
OPEN SEAT- HD64 Donna Givens (R) https://www.electdonnagivens.com/
Brett Easterbrook (R)- HD65 bretteasterbrook.com Marcus Caster (D)
Prince Chestnut (D)- HD67 NO CHALLENGERES
Thomas Jackson (D)- HD68 Fred Kelley (R) https://kelleyforalabama.com/
Kelvin Lawrence (D)- HD69 https://www.facebook.com/LawrenceHouseDistrict69 Karla Knight Maddox (R)
Christopher J. England (D)- HD70 https://www.christopherjengland.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Artis J. McCampbell (D)- HD71 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD72 Curtis Travis (D)
Kenneth Paschal (R)- HD73 https://www.kennethpaschal.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Kenneth Paschal (R)- HD71 https://www.kennethpaschal.com/ Phillip Ensler (D) https://phillipensler.com/
Reed Ingram (R)- HD75 NO CHALLENGERS
Patrice McClammy (D)- HD76 NO CHALLENGERS
TaShina Morris (D)- HD77 NO CHALLENGERS
Kenyatté Hassell (D)- HD78 https://www.kenyattehassell.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Joe Lovvorn (R)- HD79 NO CHALLENGERS
Chris Blackshear (R)- HD80 NO CHALLENGERS
Pebblin Warren (D)- HD82 Lennora Pierrot (R) https://www.lennoratiapierrot.com/?fbclid=IwAR3NhVqJv45_Cglw34qrppAumpyTkGfWOa9GZvans6bONEwzFbheUFHqe0E
Jeremy Gray (D)- HD83 https://jeremygrayforalhouse83.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Berry Forte (D)- HD84 NO CHALLENGERS
Dexter Grimsley (D)- HD85 Rick Rehm (R)
Jeff Sorrells (R)- HD87 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD88 Jerry Starnes (R) https://www.jerrystarneshd88.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD89 Marcus Paramore (R)
OPEN SEAT- HD90 Chris Sells (R) https://www.votechrissells.com/
Rhett Marques (R)- HD91 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD92 Steve Hubbard (D) Matthew Hammett (R) https://hammettforalabama.com/?fbclid=IwAR3WwO49dgE9F4mtU-gG4yj-Ho1tVeI9QVCurl-cUMqpIuJivkgp8D3GEnk
Steve Clouse (R)- HD93 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD94 Jennifer Fidler (R) https://fidlerforhouse.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD95 Richard Brackner (D) https://richardbrackner.com/ Frances Holk-Jones (R) https://www.votefrances.com/
Matt Simpson (R)- HD96 http://votemattsimpson.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Adline C. Clarke (D)- HD97 https://www.voteadline.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Napoleon Bracy Jr. (D)- HD98 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD100 Mark Shirley (R) https://www.shireyforal100.com/
Chris Pringle (R)- HD101 NO CHALLENGERS
Shane Stringer (R)- HD102 https://www.voteshanestringer.com/?fbclid=IwAR30y5KU0bIm5MZNkCd0CZOJlYp8ZsRCxM0Aig2TZZlLRC5st1U_oQxWhIk NO CHALLENGERS
Barbara Drummond (D)- HD103 NO CHALLENGERS
Margie Wilcox (R)- HD104 https://www.margiewilcox.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Chip Brown (R)- HD105 NO CHALLENGERS
Lisa Murkowski (R) https://www.murkowski.senate.gov/ Kelly Tshibaka (R) https://www.kellyforak.com/ Sean Thorne (L) https://picksean.com/ Patricia Chesbro (D) https://www.chesbroforalaska.com
OPEN SEAT- AT LARGE Jay Armstrong (R) https://jayarmstrongusa.com/ Nicholas Begich (R) https://www.alaskansfornickbegich.com/ Chris Bye (L) http://www.itstimealaska.com/ Lady Donna Dutchess (Nonpartisan) https://www.ladydonna4congress.us/ Sherry Mettler (Nonpartisan) Sarah Palin (R) https://sarahforalaska.com/ Mary Peltola (D) https://www.marypeltola.com/
Mark Kelly (D) https://www.kelly.senate.gov/ Blake Masters (R) https://www.blakemasters.com/ Marc Victor (I) https://liveandletliverevolution.com/
David Schweikert (R)- District 1 https://davidschweikert.com/ Jevin Hodge (D) https://jevinhodge.com/
Tom O'Halleran (D) - District 2 https://www.tomohalleran.com/ Eli Crane (R) https://eliforarizona.com/
Ruben Gallego (D)- District 3 GallegoForArizona.com Jeffrey Zink (R) https://jeffzinkforcongress.com/
Greg Stanton (D)- District 4 https://www.stantonforarizona.com/ Kelly Cooper (R) https://www.kellycooperarizona.com/
Andy Biggs (R) - District 5 https://biggsforcongress.com/ Clint Smith (I) https://www.clintsmithforcongress.com/ Javier Ramos (D) https://www.ramosaz.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 6 Avery Anderson (D) https://averyforcongress.com/ Kirsten Engel (D) https://www.engelforarizona.com/ Juan Ciscomani (R) https://www.juanciscomani.com/
Raul Grijalva (D)- District 7 https://standwithraul.com/ Luis Pozzolo (R) https://luis4congress.com/
Debbie Lesko (R) - District 8 http://debbieleskoforcongress.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Paul Gosar (R)- District 9 https://drpaulgosar.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT William Pounds (I) https://poundsforarizona.com/ Katie Hobbs (D) https://www.katiehobbs.org/ Kari Lake (R) https://www.karilake.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD1 Mike Fogel (D) https://cleanslateazld1.com/ Ken Bennett (R) Steve Zipperman (R) https://www.votezipperman.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD2 Jeanne Casteen (D) https://jeannecasteen.com/ Steve Kaiser (R) https://www.steve4az.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD3 Thomas Dugger (D) https://www.thomasduggerforsenate.com/ Jan Dubauskas (R) https://janforaz.com/ John Kavanagh (R) https://www.electkavanagh.com/
Nancy K. Barto (R)- SD4 https://nancybarto.com/ Christine Marsh (D) https://www.christineportermarsh.com/
Lela Alston (D)- SD5 https://www.lelaalstonaz.com/ Jeff Silvey (R)
Theresa Hathathlie (D) NO CHALLENGERS
Wendy Rogers (I) https://wendyrogers.org/ Kyle Nitschke (D) https://www.nitschkeforaz.com/
Juan Mendez (D) https://juanmendezforarizona.com/ Roxana Holzapfel (R) https://roxanaforarizona.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD9 Eva Burch (D) https://evaforarizona.com/ Robert Scantlebury (R)
OPEN SEAT- SD10 David Farnsworth (R) https://www.electfarnsworth.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD11 Catherine H. Miranda (D) https://mirandaforhouse.com/ Maryn Brannies (R) https://www.brannies411.com/
OPEN SEAT -SD12 Denise Epstein (D) https://www.mitziepstein.com/ David Richardson (R) https://www.votedavidrichardson.com/
J.D. Mesnard (R) https://www.facebook.com/JDMesnard Cindy Hans (D) https://cindyforaz.com/ Michael Morris (D) https://michaelmorrisforarizonastatele.com/
Warren Petersen (R) https://votewarrenpetersen.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD15 Jake Hoffman (R)
T.J. Shope (R) https://realleadershipaz.com/ Taylor Kerby (D) https://www.facebook.com/tkfortheboard
Vince Leach (R) https://vinceleach.com/ Mike Nickerson (D) https://www.mikenickersonforaz.com/ Robert Barr (R) https://www.barr4az.com/ Justine Wadsack (R) https://www.wadsack4arizona.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD18 Morgan Abraham (D) https://www.morganabraham.com/ Priya Sundareshan (D) https://priyaforarizona.com/ Stan Caine (R) https://www.az4caine.com/
David Gowan (R) https://gowanforaz.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Sally Ann Gonzales (D) NO CHALLENGERS
Rosanna Gabaldon (D) https://www.votegabaldon.com/ Dan Dellinges (R)
OPEN SEAT- SD22 Richard Andrade (D) https://www.richandrade.com/ Diego Espinoza (D)
OPEN SEAT- SD23 Brian Fernandez (D) Gary Snyder (R) https://www.snyder4arizona.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD24 Cesar Chavez (D) https://cesarchavezarizona.com/?fbclid=IwAR2ce-ojOn2PL3fRgLq-x5BgRSUOeuudJSQyE9g0vu82w6RnQ0hqm8mwWbw Anna Hernandez (D) https://annahernandezfor24.com/
Sine Kerr (R) https://votekerr.com/?fbclid=IwAR17svdbeFZM4BSKmaIiowozuC2wWrkYYcq575fBjb6zJRpDNkZXZvxgeSc NO CHALLENGERS
Raquel Terán (D) https://raquelteran.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD27 Jamie Kelly (R) https://www.votejamiekelly.com/ Anthony Kern (R) https://votekern.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD28 David Sandoval (D) https://sandoval4senate.com/pillars/ Frank Carroll (R) https://myvotecarroll.com/ Clair Van Steenwyk (R) https://vote4clair.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD29 Ryan Eldridge (R) https://ryanforaz.com/ Joanne Osborne (R) https://www.osborneforarizona.com/ Janae Shamp (R) https://voteforshamp.com/home
Sonny Borrelli (R) http://sonnyborrelli.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Judy Burgess (R) https://electburges.com/ Quang Nguyen (R) https://quangforarizona.com/ Cathy Ranson (D) https://cleanslateazld1.com/ Neil Sinclair (D) https://cleanslateazld1.com/
Justin Wilmeth (R) https://www.justinwilmethaz.com/ Christian Lamar (R) https://www.christianforarizona.com/
Joseph Chaplik (R) https://www.josephchaplik.com/ Alexander Kolodin (R) https://www.alexforaz.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD4 Laura Terech (D) https://www.lauraforaz.com/ Matt Gress (R) https://www.mattgress.com/ Maria Syms (R) https://symsforaz.com/
Jennifer Longdon https://jenforaz.com/ Amish Shah https://www.amishforarizona.com/
Myron Tsosie Jamescita Peshlakai (D)
David Cook (R) https://cookarizona.com/ David Marshall (R) https://www.marshall.republican/
Melody Hernandez (D) https://melodyforarizona.com/ Athena Salman (D) https://salmanforarizona.com/ Caren Darrow (R) https://darrow4az.com/?fbclid=IwAR3O0ywfKmNNqrpya1U3gmaBiiQ2XuKlroOhS0jWZob12cgnYB9v-S5Foqk Bill Loughrige(R)
Lorena Austin (D) https://www.lorena4arizona.com/ Seth Blattman (D) https://sethblattman.com/ Mary Ann Mendoza (R) Kathy Pearce (R) https://www.electkathypearce.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD10 Helen Hunter (D) Justin Heap (R) https://www.facebook.com/HeapForHouse Barbara Parker (R) https://barbaraparker.org/
Marcelino Quiñonez (D) https://www.marcelino4az.com/ Oscar De Los Santos (D) https://oscarforaz.com/ Tatiana Peña (R) https://tatianapenaforaz.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD12 Patricia Contreras (D) https://contrerasforaz.com/ Anastasia Travers (D) https://www.traversforaz.com/ James Chaston (R) https://www.chastonforaz.com/ Terry Roe (R) https://www.terryroeforaz.com/
Jennifer Pawlik (D) https://jenniferpawlik.com/ Liz Harris (R) https://www.votelizharris.com/ Julie Willoughby (R) https://juliewilloughby.org/
Travis Grantham (R) https://www.granthamforaz.com/ Brady Reese (D) https://www.reeseforaz.com/ Laurin Hendrix (R) https://votelaurinhendrix.com/
Neal Carter (R) https://www.nealcarterarizona.com/ Jacqueline Parker (R) https://www.electjacquelineparker.com/
Teresa Martinez (R) https://martinezforarizona.com/ Keith Seaman (D) https://www.facebook.com/Seaman4AZ/ Rob Hudelson (R) http://robforstaterep.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD17 Dana Allmond (D) https://www.allmond4az.com/ Brian Radford (D) https://www.radfordforaz.com/ Rachel Jones (R) https://www.jonesforarizona.com/ Cory McGarr (R) https://www.mcgarrforarizona.com/
Christopher Mathis (R) https://www.mathisforarizona.com/ Nancy Gutierrez (R) https://www.nancyforaz.com/ Linda Evans (D) https://www.lindaevans4az.com/
Lupe Diaz (R) https://lupediazaz.com/ Gail Griffin (R) Sanda Clark (D) https://www.clark4az.com/
Andres Cano (D) https://www.andresforarizona.com/meet-andres-cano Alma Hernandez (D) https://www.almaforarizona.org/
OPEN SEAT- HD21 Consuelo Hernandez (D) https://www.consueloforarizona.com/ Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (D) Deborah McEwen (R)
OPEN SEAT- HD22 Lupe Contreras (D) Leezah Sun (D) https://www.sun4az.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD23 Jesus Lugo Jr. (D) https://www.jesuslugojr4arizona.com/ Mariana Sandoval (D) https://www.sandovalforaz.com/?fbclid=IwAR2bb0TSRv1ied0QHBOtUwUkXxTnUW5VR_RWmUsN73DZec1Ek51fFwpTWL8
OPEN SEAT- HD24 Lydia Hernandez (D) https://www.facebook.com/VoteLydiaHernandez
OPEN SEAT- HD25 Analise Ortiz (D) https://www.ortizforaz.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD26 Cesar Aguilar (D) https://www.aguilar4az.com/ Flavio Bravo (D) https://www.flaviobravo.com/ Frank Roberts (R)
Kevin Payne (R) https://www.electkevinpayne.com/ Ben Toma (R) https://www.bentoma.com/ Don Kissinger
Beverly Pingerelli (R) https://beverlypingerelli.org/ Stephanie Holbrook (D) https://stephanieholbrook.com/ David Livingston (R) https://davidlivingston.vote/
OPEN SEAT- HD29 Scott Podeyn (D) https://scottpodeyn.wpcomstaging.com/ Austin Smith (R) https://www.austinforarizona.com/
Leo Biasiucci (R) http://leobiasiucci.com/ John Gillette (R) https://johngillette2022.com/
John Boozman (R) https://www.boozman.senate.gov/ Natalie James (D) https://www.jamesforarkansas.com/ James Garner (I- Write-in) Richard (Nap) Gant (I- Write-in) Kenneth Cates (L) https://kennethcates.net/
Rick Crawford (R) - District 1 https://www.meetrickcrawford.com/ Monte Hodges (D) https://www.monteforcongress.org/
French Hill (R) - District 2 https://www.electfrench.com/ Quintessa Hathaway (D) https://www.quintessahathaway.com/ Michael White (L) https://mw4liberty.com/
Steve Womack (R) - District 3 https://www.womackforcongress.com/ Lauren Mallett-Hays (D) https://www.laurenforarkansas.com/ Michael Kalagias (L) "https://mkin2012.blogspot.com/?fbclid=IwAR1sefOjF0DdfAW0hD083MKXiL5J2 cTqUOdFj4LLmWh0JQCYtLDdrn4cMSc"
Bruce Westerman (R) - District 4 https://www.brucewesterman.com/ John White (D) Gregory Maxwell (L) https://gregorymaxwellforuscongress.com/
GOVERNOR- OPEN SEAT Chris Jones (D) https://chrisforgovernor.com/ Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) https://www.sarahforgovernor.com/ Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. (Libertarian) https://www.rickyharrington.com/ Dan Nelson (I) https://www.godblessarkansas.com/ Elvis Presley (I) Jason Tate (I) Michael Woodard (I)
LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR- OPEN SEAT Kelly Krout (D) https://www.kellyforarkansas.com/ Leslie Rutledge (R) https://www.leslierutledge.com/ Frank Gilbert (L) https://frankgilbert.org/
ATTORNEY GENERAL- OPEN SEAT Jesse Gibson (D) https://www.jessegibsonforarkansas.com/ Tim Griffin (R) https://timgriffinforag.com/ Gerhard Langguth (I)
John Thurston (R)- Secretary of State https://votejohnthurston.com/ Anna Beth Gorman (D)
OPEN SEAT- SD2 Garry Smith (D) Matt Stone (R) https://www.stoneforarkansas.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD3 Steve Crowell (R) https://www.crowellforarkansas.com/
Jimmy Hickey (R)- SD4 Lonny Goodwin (I)
OPEN SEAT- SD6 Courtney McKee (D) cortneymckee.wixsite.com/arsenate Matt Mckee (R) https://www.mattmckeeforarkansas.com/
Stephanie Flowers (D)- SD8 David Dinwiddie (L)
OPEN SEAT- SD9 Reginald Murdock (D) Terry Fuller (R)
Ronald Caldwelll (R)- SD10 Cliff Hart (D) https://www.cliffhartforstatesenate.com/
Ricky Hill (R)- SD11 https://www.voterickyhill.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Linda Pondexter Chesterfield (D)- SD12 NO CHALLENGERS
Jane English (R)- SD13 Allison Sweatman (D) https://allisonforarkansas.com/ Noah Jones (L)
Clarke Tucker (D)- SD14 https://www.clarketucker.com/ Beth Mason (R) https://www.bethmasonforsenate.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD15 Fredrick Love (D) https://www.fredloveforarkansas.com/ Charles Guidry (L) https://www.cantrunbutrunning.com/
Kim Hammer (R)- SD16 Jaron Salazar (L)
Mark Johnson (R)- SD17 https://www.markjohnsonforarkansas.com/ David Barber (D) https://www.barber4arkansas.com/
Jonathan Dismang (R)- SD18 http://www.jonathandismang.com/ James Burk (L) https://votejamesburk.com/
Dave Wallace (R)- SD19 https://www.daveforarkansas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Dan Sullivan (R)- SD20 Chenoa Summers (D) https://www.chenoa4ar.com/
Blake Johnson (R)- SD21 https://blakejohnsonforarkansas.com/ Alfred Holland III (L)
James Sturch (R)- SD22 John Payton (R)
Scott Flippo (R)- SD23 Derek Huber (D) https://huberforsenate.com/
Missy Thomas Irvin (R)- SD24 https://www.senatorirvin.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Breanne Davis (R)- SD25 https://www.breanneforsenate.com/?fbclid=IwAR2IaNYcBGRoMnVg5UvnQO7oAY0nN2pqDSXFLl7YTXOsYUPDvGLWmNGcBIE NO CHALLENGERS
Gary Stubblefield (R)- SD26 https://www.senatorgarystubblefield.com/?fbclid=IwAR311DBiV1gKhnOf4xcgjlgLMM99VVsEPJ1jQsDZDP0PuPKGpn_ZDXHPlBY Gabriel Andreucetti (L)
OPEN SEAT- SD27 Rebecca Ward (D) Justin Boyd (R) http://www.boyd4ar.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD28 Jim Wallace (D) https://www.wallacestatesenator.com/ Bryan King (R)
OPEN SEAT- SD29 Jim Petty (R) https://jimpettyforarkansas.com/
Greg Leding (D)- SD30 https://www.gregleding.com/?fbclid=IwAR2HKKOOdHEj6Y5eJuOOb9AoeqPYztajz9Qe62rtRPON0MyglZg3xX-EXjs NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD31 Lisa Parks (D) https://www.lisaforarkansas.com/?fbclid=IwAR2wFq5ixUUGOMowrDpR1t6EJVnQSHStuqjc7g-LGbW0IJZydyDmdtIWe3w Clint Penzo (R) https://penzoforarkansas.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD32 Joshua Bryant (R)
Bart Hester (R)- SD33 https://www.hesterforarkansas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD34 Jim Dotson (R) https://www.dotsonforarkansas.com/ J.P. DeVilliers (L) https://jpdevilliers.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD35 Tyler Dees (R) https://www.tylerdees.com/ Doug Peterson (L)
OPEN SEAT- HD1 Teresa Roofe (D) https://www.roofeforrep.com/ Jeremy Wooldridge (R) https://www.jeremywooldridgear.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD2 Trey Steimel (R) Teresa Norman (L)
OPEN SEAT- HD3 Stetson Painter (R) https://www.stetsonpainter.com/ Steven Gene Parsons (L)
Jack Fortner (R)- HD4 NO CHALLENGERS
Ron McNair (R)- HD5 Hilary Grace Cleaver (I) https://cleaverhouserep.wixsite.com/website?fbclid=IwAR2i_2oAPScvg5UNF9jbUECKvGKcyl0XUYJuMkggrt2zbNIDdY9Q7T6q8zs Jim Hall (I) http://hall4house5.weebly.com/?fbclid=IwAR274in4MM9X8_cADdHUguUHR0Yi6loPUKJ4wZKy8UMiaTkTCdM5nq_qB94
Harlan Breaux (R)- HD6 Markeeta Tucker (D) Dakota Logan (L)
OPEN SEAT- HD7 Brit McKenzie (R) https://www.britmckenzie.com/
Austin McCollum (R)- HD8 https://www.mccollumforarkansas.com/ Diana Gonzales Worthen (D) https://www.dianaforarkansas.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD9 Diana Gonzales Worthen (D) https://www.dianaforarkansas.com/ DeAnna Hodges (R) Steven Stilling (L)
OPEN SEAT- HD10 Kate Schaffer (D) https://www.schafferforarkansas.com/ Mindy McAlindon (R) https://www.mindyforarkansas.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD11 Rey Hernandez (D) https://www.hernandezforarkansas.com/?fbclid=IwAR231tYMRZbD4QN6ZBCs1aPlJi_Nc_fTnVl8ATxjmjEV6qt2LtMHEcOzEWU Rebecca Burkes (R) https://www.rebeccaburkes.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD12 Hope Hendren Duke (R) D. Michael Gill (L)
OPEN SEAT- HD13 Jen Standerfer (D) jenstandsforarkansas.com Scott Richardson (R) https://rscottrichardson.org/
OPEN SEAT- HD14 Brian Eaton (D) https://eatonfor14.com/ Grant Hodges (R) https://www.granthodges.com/
John Carr (R)- HD15 https://johncarrforarkansas.com/ Rachel Cox (D) https://www.rachelforarkansas.com/
Kendon Underwood (R)- HD16 https://www.underwood4arkansas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Delia Haak (R)- HD17 https://deliahaak.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Robin Lundstrum (R)- HD18 https://lundstrum4arkansas.com/ Monique Jones (D) https://www.moniqueforarkansas.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD19 Paula Irwin (D) Steven Unger (R) https://steveunger.us/
Denise Garner (D)- HD20 http://denisegarner.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
Nicole Clowney (D)- HD21 https://www.nicoleclowney.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
David Whitaker (D)- HD22 https://www.davidforar.com/ Brian Hester (R) https://www.hesterforstaterep.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD23 Kendra Moore (R) https://www.kendraforarkansas.com/ Ryan Hanson (L)
Charlene Fite (R)- HD24 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD25 Caitlin Oxford (D) https://www.caitlinoxford.com/?fbclid=IwAR278ubIsIBCU51DZ5yNl5rjsRV85HHN_r61jwEwvKntZIO8JD1WgrDNXZM Chard Puryear (R) https://www.puryearforarkansas.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD27 Steven Walker (R) https://www.walkerforarkansas.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD28 Bart Schulz (R) https://bartschulz.com/
Rick McClure (R)- HD29 https://rick29.com/ Ronald Vaden (D)
Frances Cavenaugh (R)- HD30 https://francavenaugh.com/ Cheryl Primm (L)
Jimmy Gazaway (R)- HD31 https://www.jimmygazaway.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Jack Ladyman (R)- HD32 Eric McGee (L)
Jon Milligan (R)- HD33 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD34 Joey Carr (R) Ollie Collins (D)
Milton Nicks Jr. (D)- HD35 NO CHALLENGERS
Steve Hollowell (R)- HD37 Christopher Reed (D) Brian Ramsey (L)
Dwight Tosh (R)- HD38 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD39 Wayne Long (R) http://www.waynelongforstaterep.com/ Clayton Hall (L)
OPEN SEAT- HD40 Shad Pearce (R)
Josh Miller (R)- HD41 Edward Flanigan III (L) https://flanigan4liberty.com/
Stephen Meeks (R)- HD42 NO CHALLENGERS
Aaron Pilkington (R)- HD45 http://pilkington4ar.com/?fbclid=IwAR2XHTk0DJ2AOmBUHiqDIYMLJGZnNjKdmQA8ygYVdGfnEHq1KXkV2jhw_yc NO CHALLENGERS
Jon S. Eubanks (R)- HD46 NO CHALLENGERS
Lee Johnson (R)- HD47 https://www.leejohnsonforarkansas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD48 Ryan Rose (R) https://www.ryanroseforarkansas.com/
Jay Richardson (D)- HD49 Max Avery (R) https://www.averyforarkansas.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD50 Diane Osborne (D) Zack Gramlich (R) https://www.gramlichforarkansas.com/ Stephen Edwards (L)
Cindy Crawford (R)- HD51 https://www.cindyforarkansas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Marcus Richmond (R)- HD52 John Catlett (I) https://www.johncatlett.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD53 Matt Duffield (R) https://mattduffield.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD55 Dee Sanders (D) https://www.deeforarkansas.com/ Matt Brown (R)
Steve Magie (D)- HD56 Trent Minner (R) https://trentminner.com/ Howard Heffington (L) https://www.electheffington.com/
Cameron Cooper (R)- HD57 https://www.cameroncooperar.com/ Joshua Michael Huckaba (L) https://www.huckabaforhouse.com/
Les Eaves (R)- HD58 Shantel Davis (D) https://wcdems.com/shantel-davis?fbclid=IwAR3HiAKrxOTZPU8oHP3yVbRVcMOIel0YqimdZSHcU1yOTW4Nv0rauBdSVuE
Jim Wooten (R)- HD59 William Alcott (D) Kai Schulz (L)
Roger Lynch (R)- HD60 Chris Jones (I)
OPEN SEAT- HD61 Bruce Martin (D) https://www.bruceforarkansas.com/ Jeremiah Moore (R) https://www.moore4arkansas.com/ Garrett Sheeks (L)
Mark McElroy (R)- HD62 Dexter Miller (D)
Deborah Ferguson (D)- HD63 https://www.fergusonforarkansas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Ken Ferguson (D)- HD64 NO CHALLENGERS
Vivian Flowers (D)- HD65 Richard Wilson (L)
Karilyn Brown (R)- HD67 Jannie Cotton (D) https://www.janniemcotton.com/
Brian Evans (R)- HD68 Robert Betzold (L)
David Ray (R)- HD69 https://rayforarkansas.com/ Zachary Culp (D)
Carlton Wing (R)- HD70 http://carltonwing.com/ Judson Scanlon (D) https://teamscanlon.com/ Peyton Perks (L)
OPEN SEAT- HD71 John Pack (D) Brandon Achor (R) https://www.achorforarkansas.com/ Aaron Robert Raatz (L)
Jamie Scott (D)- HD72 http://jamiescottforarkansas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Andrew Collins (D)- HD73 https://www.andrewcollinsar.com/ Jon Wickliffe (R) https://howcanjonhelp.com/ Miles McDonnell (L)
Tippi McCullough (D)- HD74 Ashton Winkelmeyer (L) https://www.coachwink4ar.com/
Ashley Hudson (D)- HD75 https://www.ashleyforarkansas.com/ Heather Beech Turchi (R)
Joy C. Springer (D)- HD76 https://joyspringer.com/ Genni Sutanto (L)
Keith Brooks (R)- HD78 https://www.keithforarkansas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD79 Tara Shephard (D) https://www.taraforarkansas.com/
Denise Ennett (D)- HD80 https://www.deniseennett.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD81 Roy Vaughn (D) voteroy.com RJ Hawk (R) https://www.councilmanrjhawkforstaterep.com/ Greg Sharp (L)
Tony Furman (R)- HD82 Brandon Kelley (L)
Lanny Fite (R)- HD83 Jason Reeves (L) https://jasonforhouse.com/
Les Warren (R)- HD84 Michelle Gates Roberts (D) http://leswarrenforarkansas.com/
Richard McGrew (R)- HD85 https://www.richardmcgrewfordistrict22.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
John Maddox (R)- HD86 NO CHALLENGERS
DeAnn Vaught (R)- HD87 Chris Wolcott (D) https://www.electchriswolcott.com/ Marc Rosson (L)
Danny Watson (R)- HD88 NO CHALLENGERS
Justin Gonzales (R)- HD89 NO CHALLENGERS
Richard Womack (R)- HD90 https://www.richardwomack.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Bruce Cozart (R)- HD91 Judy Ladd (D)
Julie Mayberry (R)- HD92 https://juliemayberry.com/ Chris Hayes (L)
Mike Holcomb (R)- HD93 Aaron Cagle (L)
Jeff R. Wardlaw (R)- HD94 https://www.wardlaw4arkansas.com/ Curley Jackson (D)
Howard Beaty (R)- HD95 NO CHALLENGERS
Sonia Eubanks Barker (R)- HD96 http://www.soniabarker.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Matthew Shepherd (R)- HD97 https://matthewshepherd.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
David Fielding (D)- HD98 Wade Andrews (R) https://www.andrewsforarkansas.com/
Lane Jean (R)- HD99 Paul Green (L)
Carol Dalby (R)- HD100 Luke Robertson (L)
Alex Padilla (D) https://www.padilla.senate.gov/ Mark Meuser (R) https://markmeuser.com/
Doug LaMalfa (R) - District 1 http://douglamalfa.com/ Max Steiner (D) https://maxsteinerforcongress.com/
Jared Huffman (D) - District 2 https://www.jaredhuffman.com/ Douglas Brower (R) http://04861d0.wcomhost.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Kermit Jones (D) https://www.kermitjonesforcongress.com/ Kevin Kiley (R) https://blog.electkevinkiley.com/
Mike Thompson (D) - District 4 https://www.mikethompsonforcongress.com/ Matt Brock (R) https://www.brock4congress.com/
Tom McClintock (R)- District 5 http://www.tommcclintock.com/ Mike Barkley (D) http://www.mjbarkl.com/
Ami Bera (D) - District 6 https://beraforcongress.com/ Tamika Hamilton (R) https://votetamika.org/
Doris Matsui (D)- District 7 https://www.matsuiforcongress.com/ Max Semenenko (R) https://max.vote/
John Garamendi (D)- District 8 https://www.garamendi.org/ Rudy Recile (R) https://rudyforuscongress.com/
Josh Harder (D)- District 9 https://www.harderforcongress.com/ Tom Patti (R) https://www.tompattiforcongress.com/
Mark DeSaulnier (D)- District 10 https://desaulnierforcongress.com/ Michael Ernest Kerr (Green) https://www.kerr2020.com/
Nancy Pelosi (D)- District 11 https://www.pelosiforcongress.org/ John Dennis (R) https://www.johndennisforcongress.com/
Barbara Lee (D)- District 12 https://barbaraleeforcongress.org/ Stephen Slauson (R)
OPEN SEAT- District 13 John Duarte (R) https://www.johnduarteforcongress.com/ Adam Gray (D) https://www.adamgrayforcongress.com/
Eric Swalwell (D) https://ericswalwell.com/ Alison Hayden (R) https://alison4congress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 15 David Canepa (D) https://davidcanepa.com/
Anna Eshoo (D)- District 16 https://annaeshoo4congress.com/ Rishi Kumar (D) https://rishikumar.com/
Ro Khanna (D) - District 17 https://www.rokhanna.com/ Ritesh Tandon (R) https://www.tandonforcongress.com/
Zoe Lofgren (D)- District 18 https://zoelofgren.com/ Peter Hernandez (R) "https://hernandezforcongress.com/?fbclid=IwAR2bOpIjQmBNKX_eoJoUi PE7Tix2U73u2h8qoG5OcyS6AUSoEDulobZn4NU"
Jimmy Panetta (D)- District 19 https://www.jimmypanetta.com/ Jeff Gorman (R) https://gormanforcongress.com/
Kevin McCarthy (R)- District 20 https://mccarthyforcongress.com/ Marisa Wood (D) https://marisawoodforcongress.com/
Jim Costa (D)- District 21 https://www.jimcosta.com/ Michael Maher (R) https://www.michaelmaher.com/
David G. Valadao (R)- District 22 https://valadaoforcongress.com/ Rudy Salas (D) https://www.rudysalas.com/
Jay Obernolte (R)- District 23 http://electjay.com/ Derek Marshall (D) https://www.derekmarshallca.com/
Salud Carbajal (D) - District 24 https://www.saludcarbajal.com/ Brad Allen (R)
Raul Ruiz (D)- District 25 https://drraulruiz.com/ Brian Hawkins (R) https://www.hawkinsforcongress2022.com/
Julia Brownley (D) - District 26 https://juliabrownley.house.gov/ Matt Jacobs (R) https://mattjacobsforcongress.com/
Mike Garcia (R)- District 27 https://www.electmikegarcia.com/ Christy Smith (D) https://www.christyforcongress.org/
Judy Chu (D)- District 28 https://www.judychu.org/ Wes Hallman (R) https://weshallmanforcongress.org/
Tony Cerdenas (D) - District 29 https://www.tonycardenasforcongress.com/ Angélica María Dueñas (D) https://www.angelica4congress.com/
Adam Schiff (D)- District 30 https://www.adamschiff.com/ Maebe A. Girl (D) https://maebeagirlforcongress.org/
Grace Napolitano (D)- District 31 https://www.napolitanoforcongress.com/ Daniel Bocic Martinez (R) https://www.danmartinez4congress.com/
Brad Sherman (D)- District 32 https://bradsherman.com/ Lucie Lapointe Volotzky (R) https://www.voteforlucie.com/
Pete Aguilar (D)- District 33 https://peteaguilar.com/ John Mark Porter (R) https://www.markporter2022.com/
Jimmy Gomez (D) - District 34 https://jimmygomezforcongress.com/ David Kim (D) https://www.davidkimforca.com/
Norma Torres (D) - District 35 https://www.normatorres.com/ Mike Cargile (R) https://www.cargileforcongress.com/
Ted Lieu (D)- District 36 https://www.tedlieu.com/ Joe Collins (R) https://joeecollins3.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 37 Sydney Kamlager (D) https://sydneykamlager.com/ Jan Perry (D) https://janperry.com/
Linda Sanchez (D) - District 38 https://lindasanchez.house.gov/ Eric Ching (R) https://ericchingforcongress.com/
Mark Takano (D)- District 39 https://www.marktakano.com/ Aja Smith (R) https://www.ajasmithforcongress.com/
Young Kim (R)- District 40 https://youngkimforcongress.com/ Asif Mahmood (D) https://drasifmahmood.com/
Ken Calvert (R)- District 41 https://www.calvertforcongress.com/ Will Rollins (D) https://willrollinsforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 42 John Briscoe (R) https://johnbriscoe.us/ Robert Garcia (D) https://robertgarcia.com/
Maxine Waters (D) - District 43 https://maxinewatersforcongress.com/ Omar Navarro (R) https://www.facebook.com/RealOmarNavarro?refid=52
Nanette Diaz Barragan (D) - District 44 https://barraganforcongress.com/ Paul Jones (R)
Michelle Steel (R)- District 45 https://michellesteelca.com/ Jay Chen (D) https://chenforcongress.com/
Lou Correa (D)- District 46 https://www.loucorrea.com/ Christopher Gonzales (R) https://gonzalesforcongress.com/
Katie Porter (D)- District 47 https://katieporter.com/ Scott Baugh (R) https://baughforcongress.com/
Darrell Issa (R)- District 48 https://darrellissa.com/ Stephen Houlahan (D) https://electhoulahan.com/
Mike Levin (D) - District 49 https://mikelevin.house.gov/ Brian Maryott (R) https://maryottforcongress.com/
Scott Peters (D)- District 50 https://scottpeters.com/ Corey Gustafson (R) https://www.coreyforsandiego.com/
Sara Jacobs (D)- District 51 https://sarajacobsforca.com/ Stan Caplan (R) https://www.caplanforcongress.com/
Juan Vargas (D)- District 52 https://www.votevargas.com/ Tyler Geffeney (R) https://tyler4congress.com/
Michael Bennet (D) https://michaelbennet.com/ Joe O'Dea (R) https://www.joeodea.com/ Brian Peotter (L) https://www.peotter.com/ Frank Atwood (Approval Voting Party) https://www.approvalvotingparty.com/frank-atwood/
Diana DeGette (D) - District 1 https://degette.com/ John Kittleson (L) Jennifer Qualteri (R) https://jq4congressco.com/
Joe Neguse (D) - District 2 https://joeforcolorado.com/ Marshall Dawson (R)
Lauren Boebert (R) - District 3 https://laurenforcolorado.com/ Kristin Skowronski (I) https://twitter.com/kristinforco?lang=en Marina Zimmerman (R- Write in) https://www.marinazimmerman.com/ Adam Frisch (D) https://www.adamforcolorado.com
Ken Buck (R) - District 4 https://buckforcolorado.com/ Ryan McGonigal (I) https://www.ryan4congress.com/ Donna Windholz (I) https://vote4windholzcd4.com/ Isaac McCorkle (D) https://ike4co.com/
Doug Lamborn (R) - District 5 https://www.lambornforcongress.org/ Brian Flanagan (L) Matthew Feigenbaum (Nonpartisan)
Jason Crow (D) - District 6 https://jasoncrowforcongress.com/ Eric Mulder (L) https://www.mulderforco.com/ Steve Monahan (R) https://www.monahanforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 7 Ross Klopf (L) Brittany Pettersen (D) https://brittanypettersen.com/ Erik Aadland (R) https://aadlandforcolorado.com/
OPEN SEAT (New District)- District 8 Richard Ward (L) Yadira Caraveo (D) https://www.caraveoforcongress.com/ Barbara Kirkmeyer (R) https://www.kirkmeyerforcongress.com/
Richard Blumenthal (D) https://richardblumenthal.com/ Leora Levy (R) https://leoraforct.com/
John Larson (D) - District 1 https://larsonforcongress.org/ Larry Lazor (R) https://lazorforcongress.com/
Joe Courtney (D) - District 2 http://www.joecourtney.com/ Mike France (R) https://votemikefrance.com/
Rosa DeLauro (D) - District 3 https://rosadelauro.com/ Lesley DeNardis (R) https://lesleyforcongress.com/
James Himes (D) - District 4 https://www.himesforcongress.com/ Jayme Stevenson (R) https://jaymestevensonforcongress.com/
Jahana Hayes (D) - District 5 https://jahanahayes.com/ George Logan (R) https://www.georgeloganforcongress.com/
Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) - AT LARGE https://lisabluntrochester.com/ Lee Murphy (R) https://gomurph.com/
Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) https://www.eleanorfordc.com/ Nelson Rimensnyder (R) https://rimensnyder4congress.com/ Natalia Stracuzzi (G) Bruce Majors (L)
Marco Rubio (R) https://marcorubio.com/ Steven B. Grant (Nonpartisan) https://stevenbgrant.com/ Tuan Nguyen (Nonpartisan) https://www.letsbe-american.com/ Edward Abud (D) https://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Abud-for-US-Senate/100068940768395/ Val Demings (D) https://valdemings.com/ Dennis Misigoy (L) https://www.misigoy.com/
Matt Gaetz (R) - District 1 https://www.mattgaetz.com/ Rebekah Jones (D) https://www.rebekahjonescampaign.com/
Neal Dunn (R) - District 2 https://www.nealdunn.com/ Alfred Lawson (D)
Kat Cammack (R) - District 3 https://www.katforcongress.com/ Danielle Hawk (D) https://www.daniellehawk.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 Lashonda Holloway (D) Aaron Bean (R)
John Rutherford (R)- District 5 NO CHALLENGERS
Michael Waltz (R) - District 6 https://mikewaltz.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- District 7 Cory Mills (R) https://millsforflorida.com/ Karen Green (D)
Bill Posey (R) - District 8 https://billposey.com/ Joanne Terry (D) https://www.joanneterry.com/home
Darren Soto (D) - District 9 https://www.darrensoto.com/ Scotty Moore (R) https://www.scottymooreforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 10 Usha Jain (I) https://electdoctorjain.com/ Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D) https://www.frostforcongress.com/ Calvin Wimbish (R) https://www.votecal2022.org/
Daniel Webster (R) - District 11 https://www.electwebster.com/ Shante Munns (D)
Gus Bilirakis (R) - District 12 https://bilirakisforcongress.com/ Kimberly Walker (D) https://kimberlyforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 13 Frank Craft (L) https://www.frankforcongress.com/ Eric Lynn (D) https://ericlynnforcongress.com/ Anna Paulina Luna (R) https://www.voteannapaulina.com/
Kathy Castor (D) - District 14 https://www.castorforcongress.com/ James Judge (R)
OPEN SEAT- District 15 Laurel Lee (R) Alan Cohn (D)
Vern Buchanan (R) - District 16 https://www.vernbuchanan.com/ Jan Schneider
Gregory Steube (R) - District 17 https://www.electgregsteube.com/ Andrea Doria Kale
OPEN SEAT- DISTRICT 18 Scott Franklin (R) https://www.votescottfranklin.com/
Byron Donalds (R) - District 19 https://www.byrondonalds.com/ Cindy Banyai (D) https://www.cindybanyai.com/
Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D)- District 20 https://www.sheilafordistrict20.com/ Drew Montez-Clark (R) Imran Siddiqui (D)
Brian Mast (R)- District 21 Corinna Robinson (D)
Lois Frankel (D) Dan Franzese (R)
OPEN SEAT- DISTRICT 23 Christine Scott (Nonpartisan) https://christinescottforcongress2022.wordpress.com/ Jared Evan Moskowitz (D) Joe Budd (R)
Frederica Wilson (D) - District 24 http://www.fredericawilsonforcongress.com/ Jesus Navarro (R)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)- District 25 Carla Spalding (R)
Mario Diaz-Balart (R) - District 26 Christine Alexandria Olivo (D)
Maria Salazar (R) - District 27 https://mariaelvirasalazar.com/ Annette Taddeo (D)
Carlos Gimenez (R) Roberst Asencio (D)
Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) https://warnockforgeorgia.com/ Herschel Walker (R) https://www.teamherschel.com/ Chase Oliver
Buddy Carter (R) - District 1 https://buddycarterforcongress.com/ Wade Herring (D) https://www.wadeherringforcongress.com/
Sanford Bishop (D) - District 2 https://sanfordbishop.com/ Chris West (R) https://chriswestga.com/
Drew Ferguson (R) - District 3 https://fergusonforgeorgia.com/ Val Almonord (D) https://almonordforcongress.com/
Hank Johnson (D) - District 4 https://hankforcongress.com/ Jonathan Chavez (R) https://www.jonathanchavezforcongress.com/
Nikema Williams (D) - District 5 https://www.nikemaforcongress.com/ Christian Zimm (R) https://www.christianzimm.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 6 Rich McCormick (R) https://www.richmccormick.us/ Bob Christian (D) https://christianforga6.com/
Lucy McBath (D)- District 7 https://lucyforcongress.com/ Mark Gonsalves (R) https://markforgeorgia.com/
Austin Scott (R) - District 8 http://scottforga.com/ Darrius Butler (D) https://www.darriusbutler.com/
Andrew Clyde (R) - District 9 https://www.clyde4congress.com/ Michael Ford (D) https://mike4georgia.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 10 Mike Collins (R) https://mikecollinsga.com/ Tabitha Johnson-Green (D) https://www.tabithaforcongress.com/
Barry Loudermilk (R) - District 11 https://standwithbarry.com/ Antonio Daza-Fernandez (D) https://votedaza.com/
Rick Allen (R) - District 12 https://www.rickwallen.com/ Liz Johnson (D) https://www.lizjohnsonforus.com/
David Scott (D) - District 13 http://votedavidscott.com/ Caesar Gonzales (R) https://caesargonzalesforcongress.us/
Marjorie Taylor Green (R) - District 14 https://www.mtgforamerica.com/ Marcus Flowers (D) https://marcusforgeorgia.com/
Brian Kemp (R)- Governor https://briankemp2022.com/ Stacey Abrams (D) https://staceyabrams.com/ Shane Hazel (L) Elbert Bartell (I) https://bartellforgovernor.com/ President Boddie (I)
LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR- OPEN SEAT Charlie Bailey (D) " charlieforgeorgia.com" Burt Jones (R) https://burtjonesforga.com/ Ryan Graham (L) https://graham4ga.com/
Chris Carr (R)- Attorney General https://chriscarrga.com/ Jen Jordan (D) https://jen4georgia.com/ Martin Cowen (L) http://www.cowenforgeorgia.com/
Brad Raffensperger (R)- Secretary of State https://www.bradforgeorgia.com/ Bee Nguyen (D) https://www.beeforgeorgia.com/ Ted Metz (L) https://tedmetz.com/ Brenda Nelson-Porter (Nonpartisan) http://brigettes.com/Politics/BrendaLynnNelsonPorter4SOS-GA-Platform.htm
Ben Watson (R)- SD1 https://benwatsonforsenate.com/ James Jones (D)
OPEN SEAT- SD2 Derek Mallow (D) https://derekforgeorgia.com/ Clinton Young (R) https://www.clintonyoungforgastatesenatedistrict2.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD3 Mike Hodges (R) https://hodgesforstatesenate.com/
Billy Hickman (R)- SD4 https://www.votebillyhickman.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Sheikh Rahman (D)- SD5 https://rahmanforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD6 Jason Esteves (D) https://www.jasonesteves.com/ Fred Glass (R) https://fredglassforga.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD7 Nabilah Islam (D) https://www.nabilahislam.com/ Josh McKay (R) https://votemckay.com/
Russ Goodman (R)- SD8 https://www.voterussgoodman.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Nikki Merritt (D)- SD9 Incumbent https://merritt4georgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Emanuel Jones (D)- SD10 NO CHALLENGERS
Dean Burke (R)- SD11 https://burkeforsenate.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Freddie Sims (D)- SD12 NO CHALLENGERS
Carden Summers (R)- SD13 CardenSummers.com NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD14 Josh McLarin (D) https://www.joshmclaurin.com/ Liz Hausmann (R) https://hausmannforgeorgia.com/
Ed Harbison (D)- SD15 https://edharbison.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Marty Harbin (R)- SD16 senatormartyharbin.com NO CHALLENGERS
Brian Strickland (R)- SD17 https://www.stricklandforgeorgia.com/ Kacy Morgan (D)
John Kennedy (R)- SD18 https://www.votejohnfkennedy.com/ Chris Benton (D) https://www.chrisbentonga.com/
Blake Tillery (R)- SD19 https://www.blaketillery.com/ Michael Moore (D)
Larry Walker (D)- SD20 https://www.walkerforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Brandon Beach (R)- SD21 https://beachforsenate.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Harold Jones (D)- SD22 Andrew Danielson (R)
Max Burns (R)- SD23 https://maxburns.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Lee Anderson (R)- SD24 voteleeanderson.com NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD25 Valerie Rogers (D) Rick Williams (R) https://www.rickwilliamsforgeorgia.com/
David Lucas Sr. (D)- SD26 NO CHALLENGERS
Greg Dolezal (R)- SD27 dolezalforsenate.com Brent Binion (D) https://brentforgeorgia.com/
Matt Brass (R)- SD28 http://mattbrass.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
Randy Robertson (R)- SD29 https://www.robertsonforgeorgia.com/ Ellen Wright (D) https://wright4georgia.com/
Jason Anavitarte (R)- SD31 https://www.jasonanavitarte.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Kay Kirkpatrick (R)- SD32 https://senatorkaykirkpatrick.com/ Sylvia Bennett (D) https://www.sylviabennett.us/
OPEN SEAT- SD33 Michael Rhett (D) https://www.drmichaelrhett.com/
Valencia Seay (D)- SD34 https://seayforsenate.us/ Tommy Smith (R)
Donzella James (D)- SD35 NO CHALLENGERS
Nan Orrock (D)- SD36 https://www.nanorrock.com/ Brian Huefner (R)
OPEN SEAT- SD37 Vanessa Parker (D) electvparker.com Ed Setzler (R) https://edsetzler.com/
Horacena Tate (D)- SD38 NO CHALLENGERS
Sonya Halpern (D)- SD39 https://www.sonya4ga.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Sally Harrell (D)- SD40 https://sallyharrell.org/ Austin McDonald (R) https://austin4georgia.com/
Kim Jackson (D)- SD41 https://www.kimforgeorgia.com/ Jayre Jones (R) https://jayre4georgia.com/
Elena Parent (D)- SD42 https://www.elenaparent.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Tonya Anderson (D)- SD43 senatortonyapanderson.com Melanie Williams (R) melanieforgeorgia.com
Gail Davenport (D)- SD44 http://senatorgaildavenport.com/?fbclid=IwAR2DtM6g80cjW3SHTCdmxvPn51KI4MhbRGHhqhra5DxtYmpK5q4Gw_Kvm0s NO CHALLENGERS
Clint Dixon (R)- SD45 https://www.voteclintdixon.com/ Matielyn Jones (D) https://www.matielynjones.com/
Bill Cowsert (R)- SD46 http://www.billcowsert.com/ Andrew Ferguson (D) https://georgiacantwait.com/
Frank Ginn (R)- SD47 http://www.frankginn.com/ Conolus Scott Jr. (D) https://www.votescott2022.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD48 Josh Uddin (D) https://joshuddin.com/ Shawn Still (R) https://shawnstill.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD49 Jody Cooley (D) Shelly Echols (R) https://www.voteshellyechols.com/
Bo Hatchett (R)- SD50 https://www.hatchettforgeorgia.com/ Paulette Williams (D) https://votepaulette.com/
Steve Gooch (R)- SD51 votegooch.com NO CHALLENGERS
Chuck Hufstetler (R)- SD52 https://www.chuckhufstetler.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD53 Colton Moore (R) https://coltonmoore.com/
Chuck Payne (R)- SD54 payneforsenate.com NO CHALLENGERS
Gloria Butler (D)- SD55 NO CHALLENGERS
John Albers (R)- SD56 https://senatoralbers.com/ Patrick Thompson (D)
Mike Cameron (R)- HD1 electmikecameron.com NO CHALLENGERS
Steve Tarvin (R)- HD2 Andrew Underwood (L)
OPEN SEAT- HD3 Mitchell Horner (R) https://mitchell4statehouse.com/
Kasey Carpenter (R)- HD4 NO CHALLENGERS
Matt Barton (R)- HD5 electmattbarton.com NO CHALLENGERS
Jason Ridley (R)- HD6 NO CHALLENGERS
David Ralston (R)- HD7 NO CHALLENGERS
Stan Gunter (R)- HD8 https://stangunterforgeorgia.com/meet-stan-gunter/ June Kris (D) https://junekriseforgeorgia.com/
Will Wade (R)- HD9 https://www.votewillwade.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Victor Anderson (R)- HD10 NO CHALLENGERS
Rick Jasperse (R)- HD11 https://www.rickjasperse.org/ Kayla Hollifield (D) https://hollifieldforhouse.com/
Eddie Lumsden (R)- HD12 NO CHALLENGERS
Katie Dempsey (R)- HD13 https://www.votekatiedempsey.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Mitchell Scoggins (R)- HD14 NO CHALLENGERS
Matthew Gambill (R)- HD15 http://www.votegambill.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Trey Kelley (R)- HD16 NO CHALLENGERS
Martin Momtahan (R)- HD17 https://martinmomtahan.gop/ Sunshine Marshall (D)
Tyler Smith (R)- HD18 smithforhouse.com Pat Rhudy (D) https://sites.google.com/site/electpatrhudy/home
Joseph Gullett (R)- HD19 https://josephgullett.com/ R.J. Coyle (D)
Charlice Byrd (R)- HD20 https://charlicebyrd.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Brad Thomas (R)-HD21 https://www.electbradthomas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD22 Stacee Lashone Hill (D) Jordan Ridley (R) https://www.ridleyforhouse.com/
Mandi Ballinger (R)- HD23 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD24 Sydney Walker (D) https://www.sydneywalkerforgeorgia.com/ Carter Barrett (R) https://www.barrettforstatehouse.com/
Todd Jones (R)- HD25 https://www.jonesfor.us/ Craig Meyer (D)
Lauren McDonald (R)- HD26 https://votelaurenmcdonald.com/ Matthew Helms (D)
Lee Hawkins (R)- HD27 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD28 Claudia Wood (D) https://claudiawood.com/ Brent Cox (R) https://www.brentcoxforstatehouse.com/
Matt Dubnik (R)- HD29 https://www.dubnikforhouse.com/ Devin Pandy (D) devinpandy.com
OPEN SEAT- HD30 Kim Floria (D)- HD30 https://kimfloriaforgeorgia.com/ Derrick McCollum (R) https://www.derrickmccollum.com/
Emory West Dunahoo Jr. (R)- HD31 NO CHALLENGERS
Chris Erwin (R)- HD32 https://chriserwinforgeorgia.com/meetchris/ NO CHALLENGERS
Alan Powell (R)-HD33 https://www.alanpowellongeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Devan Seabaugh (R)- HD34 https://www.voteseabaugh.com/ Dorothy Coker (D) https://dorothycoker4ga.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD35 Lisa Campbell (D) https://lisaforga.com/ Robert Trim (R) https://roberttrim.com/index.html
Ginny Ehrhart (R)- HD36 https://www.ginnyforgeorgia.com/ James Ryner (D) http://electjryner.com/
Mary Frances Williams (D)- HD37 https://www.maryfranceswilliams.com/ Marites Redding (R)
David Wilkerson (D)- HD38 https://www.wilkersonforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD39 Terry Cummings (D) https://terry4ga.com/ Olivia Angel (R) https://www.voteoliviaangelhd39ga.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD40 Doug Stoner (D) https://www.stonerforhouse.com/ Fun Fong (R) https://www.drfunfong.com/
Michael Smith (D)- HD41 James Allen Rodi (R)
Teri Anulewicz (D)- HD42 https://www.teriforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD43 Solomon Adesanya (D) https://www.solomonforgeorgia.com/ Anna Tillman (R) https://annatillman.com/
Don Parsons (R)- HD44 https://www.donparsons.org/ Willie Mae Oyogoa (D) https://www.williemaega.com/
Sharon Cooper (R)- HD45 Dustin McCormick (D) https://dustinmccormick.com/
John Carson (R)- HD46 https://www.votejohncarson.com/ Micheal Garza (D) https://www.michealgarza.com/
Jan Jones (R)- HD47 https://www.janjonesforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Mary Robichaux (D)- HD48 https://electmaryrobichaux.com/ Scott Hilton (R) ScottHiltonGA.com
Charles Martin Jr. (R)- HD49 https://www.martinforgeorgia.com/ Peggy Gillen (D)- HD49 https://peggygillenforgeorgia.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD50 Michelle Au (D) https://auforga.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD51 Esther Panitch (D) https://www.estherforgeorgia.com/ Peter Korman (R) https://kormanforga.com/
Shea Roberts (D)- HD52 https://www.sheaforgeorgia.com/ Wendy Ahrenkiel (R) https://wendyforgeorgia.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD53 Kelly Coffman (D) https://coffmanforga.com/ Deborah Silcox (R) https://silcoxforgeorgia.com/
Betsy Holland (D)-HD54 https://betsyforgeorgia.com/ John Bailey (R)
OPEN SEAT- HD55 Inga Willis (D) https://www.willisforgeorgia.org/ Samuel Lenaeus (R)
Mesha Mainor (D)- HD56 https://meshamainor.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Stacey Evans (D)- HD57 https://staceyevans.com/ Christopher Lodge (L)
Park Cannon (D)- HD58 https://www.parkcannon58.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD59 Phil Olaleye (D) https://www.philforgeorgia.com/
Sheila Jones (D)- HD60 https://sheilajones.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
Roger Bruce (D)- HD61 https://www.rogerbruce.net/ NO CHALLENGERS
Kim Schofield (D)- HD63 https://www.electkim4d60.net/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD64 Montenia Edwards (D) http://montenia4hd64.com/ Kimberly New (R) https://www.newforgeorgia.com/
Mandisha Thomas (D)- HD65 https://www.mandishathomas.com/ Jan Horne (R)
Kimberly Alexander (D)- HD66 https://kimaalexander.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD67 Lydia Glaize (D) https://www.lydiaglaize.com/ Marziyeh Amirizadeh (D) marziforgeorgia.com
OPEN SEAT- HD68 Tish Naghise (D) https://tish4georgia.com/ Stoney Mathis (R) https://stoneyforstatehouse.com/
Debra Bazemore (D)- HD69 NO CHALLENGERS
Lynn Smith (R)- HD70 https://www.lynnsmithforhouse.com/ Calvin Louis Anderson Jr. (D)
J. Collins (R)- HD71 Afoma Eguh-Okafor (D)
OPEN SEAT- HD72 David Huddleston (R) https://www.votedavidhuddleston.com/
Josh Bonner (R)- HD73 NO CHALLENGERS
Karen Mathiak (R)- HD74 https://www.weneedkaren.com/ William Harris (D) https://repoftheppl.com/
Mike Glanton (D)- HD75 http://mikeglanton.com/ Della Ashley (R)
Sandra Scott (D)- HD76 NO CHALLENGERS
Rhonda Burnough (D)- HD77 https://www.statereprhondaburnough.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Demetrius Douglas (D)- HD78 http://demetriusdouglas.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Yasmin Neal (D)- HD79 http://www.yasmin-neal.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD80 Long Tran (D) longtran.com Brian Anderson (R)
Scott Holcomb (D)- HD81 Mary Williams Benefield (R) http://www.benefieldforga.com/
Mary Margaret Oliver (D)- HD82 http://www.marymargaretoliver.org/ Jenine Milum (R) https://votejenine.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD83 Karen Lupton (D) https://karenlupton.com/ Catherine Bernard (R)
OPEN SEAT- HD84 Omari Crawford (D) voteomaricrawford.com
Karla Drenner (D)- HD85 https://karladrenner.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD86 Imani Barnes (D) https://imani4ga.com/ Lisa Kinnemore (R) https://kinnemoreforhd86.com/
Viola Davis (D)- HD87 https://violadavis.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Billy Mitchell (D)- HD88 http://billymitchelldevelopment.com/ William Freeman (R)
Becky Evans (D)- HD89 https://www.beckyevans.com/ Rick Sheppard (R) https://rick4georgia.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD90 Saira Draper (D) https://votesaira.com/ Jodi Diodati (R) https://jodiforgeorgia.com/
Angela Moore (D)- HD91 https://www.angelamooreforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Rhonda Taylor (D)- HD92 https://www.rhondastaylor.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
Doreen Carter (D)- HD93 https://www.doreencarter.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Karen Bennett (D)- HD94 https://karenbennettcares.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
Dar'shun Kendrick (D)- HD95 Dexter Dawston (R) http://dawston2022.com/
Pedro Marin (D)- HD96 Daelen Lowry (R) https://www.daelenlowry.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD97 John Chan (R) https://www.johnchan4ga.com/
Marvin Lim (D)- HD98 https://www.marvinlimforga.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD99 Om Duggal (D) https://www.om4georgia.com/ Matt Reeves (R) https://reevesforhouse.com/
David Clark (R)- HD100 votedavidclark.com Louisa Jackson (D) https://louisashelljackson4georgia.com/
Gregg Kennard (D)- HD101 https://rep-greggkennard.com/ Zach Procter (R) https://www.zachprocterforstatehouse.com/
OPEN SEAT- HD102 Gabe Okoye (D) https://voteforgabe.com/ Wesley Harding (R)
OPEN SEAT- HD103 Ernie Anaya (D) Soo Hong (R) https://www.hongforgeorgia.com/
Chuck Efstration (R)- HD104 http://chuckforhouse.com/ Patrick Reinert (D)
OPEN SEAT- HD105 Farooq Mughal (D) https://www.mughalforgeorgia.com/ Arefeen Chowdhury (R) https://www.chowdhury4ga.com/
Shelly Hutchinson (D)- HD106 https://www.shellyforgeorgia.com/ Preston Wren (R)- HD106 https://www.prestonforgeorgia.com/ Bradley Smith (G)
Samuel Park (D)- HD107 http://www.samforgeorgia.com/ Hai Cao (R)
Jasmine Clark (D)- HD108 https://www.jasmineclarkforgeorgia.com/ Johnny Crist (R) https://www.johnnycristforgeorgia.com/
Dewey McClain (D)- HD109 https://deweymcclain.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD110 Segun Adeyina (D) https://segunforgeorgia.com/ Charles Lollar (R)
OPEN SEAT- HD111 Ryan Cox (D) https://www.ryancoxforga.com/ Rey Martinez (R) https://www.rey4ga.com/
Bruce Williamson (R)- HD112 https://williamsonforwalton.com/ Debbie Reed (D)
Sharon Henderson (D)- HD113 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD114 Malcom Adams (D) Tim Fleming (R)
Regina Lewis Ward (D)- HD115 https://representativelewisward.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
El-Mahdi Holly (D)- HD116 Bruce Bennington (R)
OPEN SEAT- HD117 Demetrius Rucker (D)- HD117 https://www.ruckerforgeorgia.com/
Clint Crowe (R)- HD118 https://croweforgeorgia.com/ Sharonda Bell (D)
OPEN SEAT- HD119 Danny Rampey (R) https://dannyrampey.com/
Houston Gaines (R)- HD120 https://www.houstongaines.com/ Mokah Jasmine Johnson (D) https://www.mokahforgeorgia.com/
Marcus Wiedower (R)- HD121 https://www.votemarcuswiedower.com/ Jeff Auerbach (D)
Spencer Frye (D)- HD122 https://www.spencerfrye.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Rob Leverett (R)- HD123 https://www.voterobleverett.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Trey Rhodes (R)- HD124 Kat Howkins (D)
Barry Fleming (R)- HD125 NO CHALLENGERS
Gloria Frazier (D) -HD126 William Harris (R)
Mark Newton (R)- HD127 http://electdrmarknewton.com/contact/ NO CHALLENGERS
Mack Jackson (D)- HD128 NO CHALLENGERS
Henry Howard (D)- HD129 Scott Cambers (I) https://gadistrict129.org/
OPEN SEAT- HD130 Lynn Gladney (D) https://gladneyrep130.com/ Dan Swenson (R)
Jodi Lott (R)- HD131 jodilott4ga.com NO CHALLENGERS
Brian Prince (D)- HD132 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD133 Hoganne Walton (D) https://hoganneforhouse133.com/ Kenneth Vance (R)
David Knight (R)- HD134 Anthony Dickson (D)
Beth Camp (R)- HD135 https://campforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
David Jenkins (R)- HD136 https://votedavidjenkins.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Debbie Buckner (D)- HD137 Justin Rickett (R)- HD138
Vance Smith (R)- HD138 http://www.votevancesmith.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Richard H. Smith (R)- HD139 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD140 Teddy Reese (D) https://www.teddyreese.com/
Carolyn Hugley (D)- HD141 NO CHALLENGERS
Miriam Paris (D)- HD142 NO CHALLENGERS
James Beverly (D)- HD143 repjamesbeverly.com NO CHALLENGERS
Dale Washburn (R)- HD144 http://www.washburnforstatehouse.com/ Nettie B. Conner (D)
Robert Dickey (R)- HD145 James Cooper III (G)
Shaw Blackmon (R)- HD146 https://www.shawblackmon.com/ Courtney Driver (D) courtneyforgeorgia.com
OPEN SEAT- HD147 Ariel Phillips (D) Bethany Ballard (R)
Noel Williams Jr. (R)- HD148 NO CHALLENGERS
Danny Mathis (R)- HD149 NO CHALLENGERS
Patty Bentley (D)- HD150 NO CHALLENGERS
Mike Cheokas (R)- HD151 Joyce Barlow (D) https://joycebarlow.com/index.html
Bill Yearta (R)- HD152 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD153 David Sampson (D)- HD153 Tracy Taylor (R) https://www.electtracytaylor.com/meet-tracy
Gerald Greene (R)- HD154 geraldgreene.com John Hayes (D)
Matt Hatchett (R)- HD155 NO CHALLENGERS
Leesa Hagan (R)- HD156 https://leesahaganforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Bill Werkheiser (R)- HD157 http://www.voteforbill.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Larry Parrish (R)- HD158 Madeline Smith (D) https://www.madelineryansmithforgeorgia.com/
Jon G. Burns (R)- HD159 https://www.friendsofjonburns.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD160 Lehman Franklin (R) https://www.lehmanfranklin.com/
Bill Hitchens (R)- HD161 Margo Barbee (D)
Carl Gilliard (D)- HD162 https://www.gilliardforgeorgia.org/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD163 Anne Westbrook (D) https://www.anneallenwestbrookga163.com/
Ron Stephens (R)- HD164 https://stephensforhouse.com/ Marcus Thompson (D) https://electmarcusforus.com/
Edna Jackson (D)- HD165 https://edna4ga165.com/ Clinton Cowart (L) https://www.cowartforga.com/
Jesse Petrea (R)- HD166 https://jessepetrea.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Buddy DeLoach (R)- HD167 NO CHALLENGERS
Al Williams (D)- HD168 NO CHALLENGERS
Clay Pirkle (R)- HD169 https://claypirkle.com/ Mickey Brockington (D)
Penny Houston (R)- HD170 NO CHALLENGERS
Joe Campbell (R)- HD171 https://joecampbellforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Sam Watson (R)- HD172 http://www.votesamwatson.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Darlene Taylor (R)- HD173 https://www.darleneforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
John Corbett (R)- HD174 NO CHALLENGERS
John LaHood (R)- HD175 https://www.lahoodforgeorgia.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
James Burchett (R)- HD176 JamesDBurchett.com NO CHALLENGERS
Dexter Sharper (D)- HD177 NO CHALLENGERS
Steven Meeks (R)- HD178 NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- HD179 Rick Townsend (R) https://www.townsendforgeorgia.com/
Steven Sainz (R)- HD180 NO CHALLENGERS
Judith Won Pat votewonpatforcongress.com James Moylan https://jamesmoylan.com/
No House Races
Brian Schatz (D) https://brianschatz.com/ Bob McDermott (R) https://votemcdermott.com/ Feena Bonoan (L) https://feena4district20.com/
Ed Case (D) - District 1 https://www.edcase.com/ Conrad Kress (R)
OPEN SEAT- District 2 Jill Tokuda (D) https://tokudaforhawaii.com/ Joseph Akana (R)
Mike Crapo (R) https://crapoforsenate.com/ David Roth (D) https://rothforidaho.org/ Ray Writz (Constitution Party) https://www.facebook.com/ray.writz Idaho Law (L) Scott Cleveland (I) https://www.clevelandforsenate.com/
Russ Fulcher (R) - District 1 https://russfulcher.com/ Kaylee Peterson (D) https://kayleeforcongress.com/
Mike Simpson (R) - District 2 https://simpsonforcongress.com/ Wendy Norman (D) https://wendyforidaho.com/
Tammy Duckworth (D) https://tammyduckworth.com/ Kathy Salvi (R) https://www.kathysalvi.com/ Bill Redpath (L) https://billredpath.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 1 Jonathan Jackson (D) https://jonathanjacksonforcongress.com/ Eric Carlson (R) https://www.ericcarlsonforcongress.com/
Robin Kelly (D) - District 2 http://www.robinkellyforcongress.org/ Thomas Lynch (R)
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Delia Ramirez (D) https://www.deliaforcongress.com/ Justin Burau (R) https://www.burauforcongress.com/
Jesus Garcia (D) - District 4 https://chuyforcongress.com/ James Falakos (R)
Mike Quigley (D) - District 5 https://quigleyforcongress.com/ Jerico Matias Cruz (I) https://cruzforuscongress.org/ Tom Hanson (R)
Sean Casten (D) - District 6 https://castenforcongress.com/homepage/ Keith Pekau (R) https://www.keithpekau.com/
Danny Davis (D) - District 7 https://www.dannykdavis.com/home NO CHALLENGERS
Raja Krishnamoorthi (D) - District 8 https://rajaforcongress.com/ Chris Dargis (R) https://www.votedargis.com/
Janice Schakowsky (D) - District 9 http://www.janschakowsky.org/ Max Rice (R) https://www.maxriceforcongress.com/
Bradley Scott Schneider (D) - District 10 https://schneider.house.gov/ Joseph Severino (R) https://www.severinoforcongress.com/
Bill Foster (D) - District 11 https://billfoster.com/ Catalina Lauf (R) https://www.catalinaforcongress.com/
Mike Bost (R) - District 12 http://bostforcongress.com/ Homer Markel (D)
OPEN SEAT- District 13 Nikki Budzinski (D) https://nikkiforcongress.com/ Regan Deering (R) https://regan4congress.com/
Lauren Underwood (D) - District 14 https://underwoodforcongress.com/ Scott Gryder (R) https://www.scottgryder.com/
Mary Miller (R) - District 15 https://www.marymillerforcongress.com/ Paul Lange (D)
Darin LaHood (R)- District 16 https://lahoodforcongress.com/ Elizabeth Haderlein (D)
OPEN SEAT- District 17 Esther Joy King (R) https://estherforcongress.com/ Eric Sorensen (D) https://www.ericforillinois.com/
Todd Young (R) https://toddyoung.org/ Thomas McDermott Jr. (D) https://www.gomcdermott.com/about/ James Sceniak (L) https://www.sceniakforsenate.com/ Jason Gabehart (I) Ellen Kizik (I)
Frank Mrvan (D) - District 1 https://mrvanforcongress.com/ Jennifer-Ruth Green (R) https://jennifer-ruthgreen.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 2 Paul Steury (D) https://paulforall2022.com/ Rudy Yakym (R)
Jim Banks (R) - District 3 https://jimbanks.us/ Gary Snyder (D) https://www.snyderforcongress.com/
James Baird (R) - District 4 http://www.electjimbaird.com/ Roger Day (D)
Victoria Spartz (R) - District 5 https://www.spartzforcongress.com/ Jeannine Lee Lake (D) https://jeannineleelakeforcongress.com/
Greg Pence (R) - District 6 https://gregpenceforcongress.com/ Cynthia Wirth (D) https://wirth4congress.com/
André Carson (D) - District 7 https://andrecarson.com/ Angela Grabovsky (R) https://angelaforindiana.com/ Gavin Maple (L)
Larry Bucshon (R) - District 8 https://www.bucshonforcongress.com/ Ray McCormick (D) https://www.raymccormickforcongress.com/ Andy Horning (L) https://horning4congress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 9 Matthew Fyfe (D) https://mattfyfe.com/ Erin Houchin (R) https://www.erinhouchin.com/ Tonya Millis (L) https://tonyaforcongress.com/
Chuck Grassley (R) https://www.grassley.senate.gov/ Michael Franken (D) https://frankenforiowa.com/
Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R)- District 1 https://drmillermeeks.com/ Christina Bohannan (D) https://bohannanforcongress.com/
Ashley Hinson (R)- District 2 https://ashleyhinson.com/home/ Liz Mathis (D) https://lizmathis.com/
Cindy Axne (D) - District 3 https://cindyaxneforcongress.com/ Zach Nunn (R) https://zachnunn.com/
Randy Feenstra (R) - District 4 https://www.feenstraforcongress.com/ Kyle Grossman (L) Ryan Melton (D) https://www.meltonforiowa.com/
Jerry Moran (R) https://www.moran.senate.gov/ Mark R. Holland (D) https://www.hollandforkansas.com/
Tracey Mann (R) - District 1 https://www.traceymann.com/ James Beard (D) https://www.jimmyforkansas.com/
Jacob LaTurner (R) - District 2 https://www.jakelaturner.com/ Patrick Schmidt (D) https://patrickforkansas.com/
Sharice Davids (D) - District 3 https://shariceforcongress.com/ Amanda Adkins (R) https://www.amandaadkins.com/
Ron Estes (R) - District 4 https://estesforcongress.com/ Bob Hernandez (D) https://www.hernandezforkansas.com/
Rand Paul (R) https://www.paul.senate.gov/ Charles Booker (D) https://charlesbooker.org/
James Comer (R) - District 1 https://jamescomer.com/ Jimmy Ausbrooks (D) https://jimmy4ky.com/
Brett Gutherie (R) - District 2 https://brettguthrie.com/?no_popup=1 Hank Linderman (D) https://hank4ky.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Morgan McGarvey (D) https://www.morganmcgarvey.com/ Stuart Ray (R) https://www.stuartrayforcongress.com/
Thomas Massie (R) - District 4 https://www.thomasmassie.com/ Matthew Lehman (D) https://lehman4kentucky.org/ Ethan Osborne (I) https://oz2022.us/
Harold Rogers (R) - District 5 https://congressmanhalrogers.com/ Conor Halbleib (D) https://conorhalbleib.com/
Andy Barr (R) - District 6 https://andybarrforcongress.com/ Geoff Young (D) https://www.young4ky.com/
John Kennedy (R) https://www.kennedy.senate.gov/ Gary Chambers (D) https://chambersforlouisiana.com/ Luke Mixon (D) https://www.lukemixon.com/ Syrita Steib (D) https://syritasteib.com/
Steve Scalise (R) - District 1 https://stevescalise.com/ Katie Darling (D)
Troy Carter (D)- District 2 https://troycarter4congress.com/ Dan Lux (R)
Clay Higgins (R) - District 3 https://captainhiggins.com/ Jake Shaheen (R) http://www.jacobshaheen.com/
Mike Johnson (R) - District 4 https://mikejohnsonforlouisiana.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Julia Letlow (R)- District 5 https://www.julialetlow.com/ Oscar Dantzler (D)
Garret Graves (R) - District 6 https://www.garretgraves.com/ Brian Belzer (R) Rufus Craig (L)
Chellie Pingree (D) - District 1 https://www.chelliepingree.com/ Ed Thelander (R) https://thelanderforcongress.com/
Jared Golden (D) - District 2 https://jaredgoldenforcongress.com/ Bruce Poliquin (R) https://poliquinforcongress.com/ Tiffany Bond (I) https://bond4.me
Chris Van Hollen (D) https://vanhollen.org/ Chris Chaffee (R)
Andy Harris (R) - District 1 https://www.andyharris.com/ Daniel Thibeault (L) Heather Mizeur (D) https://heathermizeur.com/
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D) - District 2 https://www.dutchforcongress.com/ Nicolee Ambrose (R) https://ambroseforcongress.com/
John Sarbanes (D) - District 3 https://www.johnsarbanes.com/ Yuripzy Morgan (R) https://www.ymorgan.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 Glenn Ivey (D) https://glennivey.com/ Jeff Warner (R) https://www.jeffwarnerforcongress.com/
Steny Hoyer (D) - District 5 https://www.hoyerforcongress.com/ Chris Palombi (R) https://www.chrispalombi.com/
David Trone (D) - District 6 https://www.davidtrone.com/ David August (D) Neil Parrott (R) https://www.neilparrott.org/
Kweisi Mfume (D) - District 7 http://mfumeforcongress.com/ Scott M. Collier (R)
Jamie Raskin (D) - District 8 https://jamieraskin.com/ Andrés Garcia (L) https://www.andresforcongress.com/ Gregory Coll (R) https://www.gregorycoll.com/
Richard Neal (D) - District 1 https://www.nealforcongress.com/ Dean James Martilli (R)
James McGovern (D) - District 2 https://www.jimmcgovern.com/ Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette (R) https://jeffrey4congress.com/
Lori Trahan (D) - District 3 https://loritrahan.com/ Dean Tran (R) https://www.deantran.com/
Jake Auchincloss (D) - District 4 https://www.jakeforma.com/ David Cannata (R)
Katherine Clark (D) - District 5 https://katherineclark.org/ Caroline Colarusso (R) https://www.colarussoforcongress.com/
Seth Moulton (D) - District 6 https://sethmoulton.com/ Robert May Jr. (R) https://www.may4congress.com/
Ayanna Pressley (D) - District 7 https://ayannapressley.com/ Donnie Palmer (R)
Stephen Lynch (D) - District 8 https://www.stephenflynch.com/ Robert Burke (R)
Bill Keating (D) - District 9 http://keatingforcongress.com/ Jesse Brown (R) https://www.jessebrownforcongress.com/
Jack Bergman (R) - District 1 https://www.bergmanforcongress.com/ Robert Lorinser (D) https://www.votedrbob.com/
John Moolenaar (R)- District 2 https://www.johnmoolenaarforcongress.com/ Jerry Hilliard (D)
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Hillary Scholten (D) https://hillaryscholten.com/ John Gibbs (R) https://www.votejohngibbs.com/
Bill Huizenga (R)- District 4 https://huizengaforcongress.com/ Joseph Alfonso (D)
Tim Walberg (R)- District 5 https://walbergforcongress.com/ Ezra Scott (I) https://ezrascottforcongress.com/ Bart Goldberg (D) https://www.bart4mi.com/
Debbie Dingell (D)- District 6 https://debbiedingellforcongress.com/ Whittney Williams (R) https://www.winwithwhittney.com/
Elissa Slotkin (D)- District 7 https://elissaforcongress.com/ Tom Barrett (R) https://www.tombarrettforcongress.com/
Dan Kildee (D)- District 8 Paul Junge (R) https://pauljunge.com/
Lisa McClain (R)- District 9 https://lisamcclainforcongress.com/ Brian Steven Jaye (D) https://www.brianjayeformichigan.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 10 Carl Marlinga (D) https://www.marlinga4congress.com/ John James (R) https://johnjamesmi.com/
Haley Stevens (D) - District 11 https://haleystevensforcongress.com/ Mark Ambrose (R) https://voteambrose.com/
Rashida Tlaib (D) - District 12 https://rashidaforcongress.com/ Steven Elliott (R) https://stevenelliottforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 13 Shri Thanedar (D) https://shriforcongress.com/ Martell Bivings (R) https://bivingsforcongress.com/
Brad Finstad (R)- District 1 Jett Ettinger (D)
Angie Craig (D) - District 2 https://angiecraig.com/ Tyler Kistner (R) https://www.tylerkistnerforcongress.com/
Dean Phillips (D) - District 3 https://phillipsforcongress.org/ Tom Weiler (R) https://vote.weilerforcongress.com/
Betty McCollum (D) - District 4 https://www.mccollumforcongress.com/ May Lor Xiong (R) https://www.amaneforcongress.com/
Ilhan Omar (D) - District 5 https://ilhanomar.com/ Cicely Davis (R) https://www.cicelydavis.com/
Tom Emmer (R) - District 6 https://emmerforcongress.com/ Jeanne Hendricks (D) https://www.jeannehendricks.com/
Michelle Fischbach (R) - District 7 https://fischbachforcongress.com/ Travis Johnson (L) https://bulljohnsonforcongress.us/ Jill Abahsain (D) https://www.jillforthehill.org/
Pete Stauber (R) - District 8 https://petestauberforcongress.com/ Jennifer Schultz (D) https://www.schultzformnrep.com/
John Burkel (R)- 1A burkelforhouse.com James Sceville (DFL)
Debra (Deb) Kiel (R)- 1B debkiel.org Cynthia (Cindy) Ansbacher (DFL) cindyansbacherformnhouse.com
Matthew J. Grossell (R)- 2A Reed Olson (DFL) votereedolson.com
Matt Bliss (R)- 2B www.mattbliss.us Erika Bailey-Johnson (DFL) www.erikaformnhouse.com
Rob Ecklund (DFL)- 3A Roger J. Skraba (R)
Mary Murphy (DFL) - 3B Natalie Zeleznikar (R) www.natalieforhouse.com
Heather Keeler (DFL)- 4A www.heather4house.com Lynn Halmrast (R)
OPEN SEAT- 4B Jim Joy (R) www.jimjoymn.com John Hest (DFL) hestforhouse.com
OPEN SEAT- 5A Brian M. Hobson (DFL) Krista Knudsen (R) www.kristaknudsenforhouse.com
OPEN SEAT- 5B Mike Wiener (R)
OPEN SEAT- 6A Ben Davis (R) BenDavisMN.com Richard (Rick) Blake (DFL) www.PickRick4MN.com
Josh Heintzeman (R) joshheintzeman.com Sally Boos (DFL)
Spencer Igo (R)- 7A Julie Sandstede (DFL)- 7A www.JulieSandstede.com NO NEW CHALLENGERS
David Lislegard (DFL)- 7B Matt Norri (R) mattnorri.com
Liz Olson (DFL)- 8A www.lizforduluth.com Art Johnston (R)
Jeff Backer (R)- 9A Nancy Jost (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- 9B Tom Murphy (R) www.tommurphymn.com Jason Satter (DFL)
Ron Kresha (R)- 10A ronkresha.com NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- 10B Isaac Schultz (R) isaacschultzmn.com Hunter Froelich (DFL) DFLHOUSE.COM
OPEN SEAT- 11A Pete Radosevich (DFL) PeteRadosevichForHouse11A.com Jeff Dotseth (R) www.dotsethmn.com
Nathan Nelson (R)- 11B Eric Olson (DFL) https://olsonmnhouse.com
Paul H. Anderson (R)- 12A paulandersonformn.com Edie Barrett (DFL)
Mary Franson (R)- 12B www.teamfranson.com Jeremy Vinar (DFL) www.JVfor12B.com
Lisa Demuth (R)- 13A Lisademuth.com Andrea Robinson (DFL)
Tim O'Driscoll (R)- 13B odriscollforhouse.com Melissa Bromenschenkel (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- 14A Bernie Perryman (R) Tami Calhoun (DFL) TamiForMN.com
Dan Wolgamott (DFL)- 14B danformn.com Aaron Henning (R)
Chris Swedzinski (R)- 15A www.chrisswede.com Keith VanOverbeke (DFL)
Paul Torkelson (R)- 15B ptorkelson.com Tom Kuster (DFL) TOM4REP.NET
Dean Urdahl (R)- 16A Robert M Wright (DFL)
Dave Baker (R)- 16B bakerforhouse@gop.com Fred Cogelow (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- 17A Jennifer Carpentier (DFL) www.jennifercarpentier.com Dawn Gillman (R) gillmanforhouse.com
OPEN SEAT- 17B Bobbie V. Harder (R) www.HarderforHouse.com
Susan Akland (R)- 18A www.susanakland.com Jeff Brand (DFL) www.brandforhouse.org
Luke Frederick (DFL)- 18B Dar Vosburg (R) www.Vosburg4House.com
Brian Daniels (R)- 19A www.daniels24B.com Carolyn Treadway (DFL)
John Petersburg (R)- 19B Abdulahi Ali Osman (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- 20A Pam Altendorf (R) pamaltendorf.com Laurel Stinson (DFL) laurelstinson.com
OPEN SEAT- 20B Elise Diesslin (DFL) ediesslin.com Steven E. Jacob (R) jacobforthepeople.com
Joe Schomacker (R)- 21A Patrick T. Baustian (DFL)
Michael Heidelberger (DFL)- 21B Marj Fogelman (R) www.marjformnhouse.com
Bjorn Olson (R)- 22A bjornolsonformn.com Marisa Ulmen (DFL)
Brian H. Pfarr (R)-22B ElectPfarr.com Marcia Stapleton (DFL) MARCIAFORMINNESOTA22B
Peggy Bennett (R)- 23A www.bennett4house.com Mary Hinnenkamp (DFL) MaryForMNHouse23A
Patricia Mueller (R)- 23B muellerforminnesota.com Thomas A Stiehm (DFL) tomstiehmmnhouse.com
Duane Quam (R)- 24A duanequam.com Keith McLain (DFL)
Tina Liebling (DFL)- 24B tinaliebling.com Katrina Pulham (R)
OPEN SEAT- 25A Wendy Phillips (R) wendy4house.com Kim Hicks (DFL) https://www.kimhicksformnhouse25a.com/
OPEN SEAT- 25B John Joseph Robinson (R) Andrew Smith (DFL) andysmithmn.com
Gene Pelowski Jr. (DFL)- 26A Stephen James Doerr (R)
Gregory M. Davids (R)- 26B NO CHALLENGERS
Shane Mekeland (R)-27A www.ShaneMekeland.com Ronald Thiessen (DFL)
Kurt Daudt (R)- 27B kurtdaudt.com Brad Brown (DFL) Brown4mnhouse.com
Brian Johnson (R)- 28A johnsonforstatehouse.com Erik Johnson (DFL)
Anne Neu Brindley (R)- 28B anneneu.org Katie Malchow (DFL) malchow4mn.com
Joe McDonald (R)- 29A www.joemcdonaldforestatehouse Sherri Leyda (DFL)
Marion O'Neill (R)- 29B mariononeill.com NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT-30A Walter Hudson (R) hudsonformn.com Sonja Buckmeier (DFL) BuckmeierforMN.com
Paul Novotny (R)- 30B paulnovotnymn.com Chad Hobot (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- 31A Harry Niska (R) harryniska.com Betsy O'Berry (DFL) www.betsyo.org
Peggy Scott (R)- 31B peggy4house.com Bill Fisher (DFL)
Nolan West (R)- 32A Ashton Ramsammy (DFL) AshtonForMN.com
Donald W Raleigh (R)- 32B www.donaldraleigh.com Matt Norris (DFL) www.votefornorris.com
OPEN SEAT- 33A Patti Anderson (R) pattiandersonmn.com Hanna Valento (DFL) hannavalento.com
OPEN SEAT- 33B Mark Bishofsky (R) markformnhouse.com Josiah Hill (DFL) josiahhill.org
OPEN SEAT- 34A Brian Raines (DFL) BrianforMinnesota.com Danny Nadeau (R) DANNYNADEAU.COM
Melissa Hortman (DFL)- 34B Scott Simmons (R) www.simmonsforhouse.com
John Heinrich (R)- 35A heinrichforhouse.com Zack Stephenson (DFL)- 35A www.zack.mn NO NEW CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- 35B Jerry Newton (DFL) Polly Matteson (R) mattesonforhouse.com
OPEN SEAT- 36A Elliott Engen (R) Susie Strom (DFL) www.stromformn.com
OPEN SEAT- 36B Heidi Gunderson (R) www.heidiforhouse.org Brion Curran (DFL) brioncurran.com
Kristin Robbins (R)- 37A www.kristinrobbinsmn.com Caitlin Cahill (DFL) cahillforhouse.com
Kristin Bahner (DFL)- 37B www.bahnerForHouse.com John Bristol (R) votejohnbristol.com
Michael "Mike" Nelson (DFL)- 38A www.nelsonformnhouse.com NO CHALLENGERS
Samantha Vang (DFL)- 38B SamanthaVang.org Robert Marvin (R)
Erin Koegel (DFL)- 39A erinformn.com Rod Sylvester (R)
Sandra Feist (DFL)- 39B www.feistforhouse.org Mike Sharp (R)
Kelly Moller (DFL)- 40A votekellymoller.com Ben Schwanke (R) schwankeforhouse.com
Jamie Becker-Finn (DFL)- 40B becker-finn.org Allen Shen (R) allenshenformn.com
OPEN SEAT- 41A Mark Wiens (R) Pat Driscoll (DFL) patdriscoll.net
Tina Folch (DFL)- 41B tinafolch.com Shane Hudella (R) www.ShaneHudellaForHouse.com
OPEN SEAT- 42A Kathy Burkett (R) Ned Carroll (DFL)
Ginny Klevorn (DFL)- 42B GinnyKlevorn.com Jackie Schroeder (R)
Cedrick R. Frazier (DFL)- 43A cedrick.frazier.com NO CHALLENGERS
Mike Freiberg (DFL)- 43B www.mikefreiberg.com NO CHALLENGERS
Peter M Fischer (DFL)- 44A www.fischerforrep.com Alex Pinkney (R)
Leon M. Lillie (DFL)- 44B William Johnston (R)
OPEN SEAT- 45A Lauren Bresnahan (DFL) www.bresnahanforhouse.com Andrew Myers (R) voteandrewmyers.com
Patty Acomb (DFL)- 45B www.pattyacomb.com Lorie Cousineau (R) LorieforHouse.com
OPEN SEAT- 46A Larry Kraft (DFL) www.larrykraftslp.org
Cheryl Youakim (DFL)- 46B cherylyouakim.com NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- 47A Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger (DFL) www.amandaformnhouse.com Bob Lawrence (R) BobforMN.com
OPEN SEAT- 47B Kelly Fenton (R) FentonforHouse.com Ethan Cha (DFL) ethenchamnhouse.com
Jim Nash (R)- 48A www.jimnashformn.com Nathan Kells (DFL)
Greg Boe (R)- 48B www.voteforboe.com Lucille "Lucy" Rehm (DFL)
Laurie Pryor (DFL)- 49A Ryan Chase (R) chaseforMN.com
Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn (DFL)-49B www.carlieforhouse.com Thomas Knecht (R) knechtformn.com
Heather Edelson (DFL)- 50A Sami Cisman (R) www.samicismanmn.com
Steve Elkins (DFL)- 50B www.elkinsforhouse.com Beth Beebe (R)
Michael Howard (DFL)- 51A Ryan Wiskerchen (R) ryanformn.com
OPEN SEAT- 51B Chad Anderson (R) chadforhouse.com Nathan Coulter (DFL) NeighborsForNathan.com
Liz Reyer (DFL)- 52A lizreyer.com Fern A. Smith (R) www.fernforhouse.org
Ruth Richardson (DFL)- 52B Ruthforhouse.com Cynthia Lonnquist (R) www.cynthia4MNHouse.com
OPEN SEAT- 53A Todd Kruse (R) www.votekruse.com Mary Frances Clardy (DFL) clardyforhouse.com Brent Jacobson (Legal Marijuana Now Party)
Rick Hansen (DFL)- 53B www.votehansen.com Steven Swoboda (R) Laura E Pride (Legal Marijuana Now Party)
Erik Mortensen (R)- 54A www.mortforhouse.com Brad Tabke (DFL) Ryan Martin (Legal Marijuana Now Party) RyanMartinforMinnesotaHouse www.facebook.com/RyanmartinMN55A
OPEN SEAT- 54B Brendan Van Alstyne (DFL) brendanformn.org Ben Bakeberg (R) www.BenBakebergMN.com
Jess Hanson (DFL)- 55A www.jesshansonforhouse.com Gabriela Kroetch (R) www.gabrielaforMNhouse.com
OPEN SEAT- 55B Van Holston (R) vanholstonforhouse.com Kaela Berg (DFL) bergforminnesota.com
Robert Bierman (DFL)- 56A ElectRobertBierman.com Joe Landru (R) www.joelandruformnhouse.com
John Huot (DFL) www.HuotForHouse.com Joe Scanlon (R) www.ScanlonForMNHouse.com
Jon Koznick (R)- 57A www.jonkoznick.com Greg Henningsen (DFL) greg4mn.com
OPEN SEAT- 57B Jeff Witte (R) www.witteforhouse.com Erin Preese (DFL) erinpreese.com
OPEN SEAT- 58A Kristi Pursell (DFL) www.kristipursell.com Gary Bruggenthies (R) www.votebruggenthies.com
Patrick Garofalo (R)- 58B Steve Dungy (DFL)
Fue Lee (DFL)- 59A www.fuelee.org NO CHALLENGERS
Esther Agbaje (DFL)- 59B www.estheragbaje.coom NO CHALLENGERS
Sydney Jordan (DFL)- 60A sydneyjordan.org Diana Halsey (R)
Mohamud Noor (DFL)- 60B mohamudnoor.org NO CHALLENGERS
Frank Hornstein (DFL)- 61A www.frankhornstein.org NO CHALLENGERS
Jamie Long (DFL)- 61B www.jamielong.com NO CHALLENGERS
Hodan Hassan (DFL)- 62B HodanforHouse.com Taylor Hammond (R)
OPEN SEAT- 63A Kyle Bragg (R) Samantha Sencer-Mura (DFL) www.sencer-mura.org
Emma Greenman (DFL)-63B NO CHALLENGERS
Kaohly Vang Her (DFL)- 64A herforhouse.com Dan Walsh (R) www.walsh4stpaul.com
Dave Pinto (DFL)- 64B www.davepinto.com Lorraine Englund (R)
OPEN SEAT- 65A John Schonebaum (R) Samakab Hussein (DFL) www.samakabforhouse.com Miki Frost (Legal Marijuana Now Party)
OPEN SEAT- 65B Maria Isa Pérez-Hedges (DFL) www.peopleformariaisa.org Kevin Fjelsted (R)
OPEN SEAT- 66A Leigh Finke (DFL) leighformn.com Trace Johnson (R) johnsonforrep.com
Athena Hollins (DFL)- 66B www.athenahollins.com Jay Hill (R)
OPEN SEAT- 67A Beverly Peterson (R) Liz Lee (DFL) lizlee.org
Jay Xiong (DFL)- 67B jayxiong.org Fred Turk (R)
Mark Johnson (R)- SD1 www.markjohnsonmnsenate.com NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD2 Steve Green (R) www.stevegreenforsenate.com Leonard Alan Roy (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- SD3 Grant Hauschild (DFL) grantformn.com Andrea Zupancich (R) WWW.ZUPANCICHFORSENATE.COM
OPEN SEAT- SD4 Dan Bohmer (R) www.danbohmer.com Rob Kupec (DFL) kupec4mnsenate.com
Paul J. Utke (R)- SD5 www.PaulUtke.com A. John Peters (DFL)
Justin Eichorn (R)- SD6 www.justinformnsenate.com Steve Samuelson (DFL) samuelsonforsenate.com
OPEN SEAT- SD7 Ben DeNucci (DFL) WWW.DENUCCIFORSENATE.COM Robert Farnsworth (R) www.robfarnsworth.org
Jen McEwen (DFL) votemcewen.com Alex Moe (R)
OPEN SEAT- SD9 Cornel Walker (DFL) www.cornelformn.com Jordan Rasmusson (R) jordanrasmusson.com
OPEN SEAT- SD10 Nathan Wesenberg (R) wesenbergforsenate.com Suzanne M. Cekalla (DFL) https://cekallaforsenate.com/
Jason Rarick (R)- SD11 Michelle Boyechko (DFL)
Torrey Westrom (R)- SD12 www.torreywestrom.com Kari Dorry (DFL) www.kariformnsenate.com
Jeff Howe (R)- SD13 Alissa Brickman (DFL)
Aric Putnam (DFL) aricformn.com Tama Theis (R) TamaTheisMN.com
Gary Dahms (R)- SD15 dahmsforsenate.com Anita Gaul (DFL) www.anitayourvote.com
Andrew Robert Lang (R)- SD16 Langforsenate17.com Fernando Alvarado (DFL) Fernandoformn.com
OPEN SEAT -SD17 Chad Tschimperle (DFL) https://chadforsenate17.com/ Glenn Gruenhagen (R) glenngruenhagen.com
Nick Frentz (DFL)- SD18 www.frentzforsenate.com Mark Wright (R)
John R. Jasinski (R)- SD19 www.jasinskiforsenate.com Kate E. Falvey (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- SD20 Steve Drazkowski (R) draz.com Bradley Robert Drenckhahn (DFL
Rich Draheim (R)- SD22 DraheimforSenate.com NO CHALLENGERS
Gene Dornink (R)- SD23 DorninkForSenate.com Brandon Lawhead (DFL)
Carla Nelson (R)- SD24 CarlaNelson.com Aleta Borrud (DFL) https://www.aleta4mnsenate.com
OPEN SEAT- SD25 Ken Navitsky (R) www.navitsky.us Liz Boldon (DFL) lizboldon.com Bill Rood (GLC)
Jeremy Miller (R)- SD26 www.friendsformiller.com Daniel Wilson (DFL) Eric M. Leitzen (LMN) ericleitzen.wordpress.com
Andrew Mathews (R)- SD30 AndrewMathews.com Emy Minzel (DFL)
Mark Koran (R)- SD28 MarkKoranMn.com Victoria Ann Bird (DFL)
Bruce Anderson (R)- SD29 Chris Brazelton (DFL) www.brazeltonformnsenate.net
OPEN SEAT- SD30 Eric Lucero (R) ericlucero.com Diane Nguyen (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- SD31 Cal K. Bahr (R) bahrforsenate.com Jason Ruffalo (DFL) jasonruffalo.com Maribella McDermid (R- Write-in) https://www.mcdermidforsenate2022.com/
OPEN SEAT- SD32 Kate Luthner (DFL) http://kateluthnermnsenate.com Michael Kreun (R) MichaelForMN.com
Karin Housley (R)- SD33 HOUSLEYFORSENATE.COM Nancy McLean (DFL) nancymcleanforsenate.com
John Hoffman (DFL)- SD34 www.Johnhoffmanmn.com Karen Attia (R) www.AttiaForSenate.com
Jim Abeler (R)- SD35 jimabeler.com Kari Rehrauer (DFL) kariformn.com
Roger Chamberlain (R)- SD36 Heather Gustafson (DFL) www.voteforgus.com
Warren Limmer (R)- SD37 LimmerforSenate.com Farhio Khalif (DFL) www.farhiokhalif.com
OPEN SEAT- SD38 Brad Kohler (R)-SD38 bradkohlerForStateSenate.com Susan Pha (DFL) www.susanphaforsenate.com Mary O'Connor (LMN)
Mary K Kunesh (DFL)- SD39 https://marykunesh.com Pam Wolf (R)
John Marty (DFL)- SD40 johnmarty.org Rachel Japuntich (R) Rachel4mn.com
OPEN SEAT- SD41 Judy Seeberger (DFL) www.JudyForSenate.com Tom Dippel (R) www.DippelForSenate.com
OPEN SEAT- SD42 Bonnie Westlin (DFL) BackBonnie.com Paul Hillen (R)
Ann H. Rest (DFL)- SD43 Andrew Thomas Schuler (LMN) thefreespoilers.party
OPEN SEAT- SD44 Tou Xiong (DFL) www.touxiongsenate.com Paul Babin (R)
OPEN SEAT- SD45 Kelly Morrison (DFL) morrisonforsenate.com Kathleen Fowke (R) KathleenFowkeforMN.com
Ron Latz (DFL)- SD46 www.ronlatz.org NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- SD47 Nicole Mitchell (DFL) nicolemitchell.org Dwight Dorau (R) DwightDorauforMN.com
Julia Coleman (R)- SD48 colemanforsenate.com Dan Kessler (DFL) Kesslerforsenate.com
Steve Cwodzinski (DFL)- SD49 cwodforsenate.com Marla Helseth (R) www.marlaforminnesota.com
OPEN SEAT- SD50 Doug Fulton (R) Alice Mann (DFL) dralicemann.com
Melissa Halvorson Wiklund (DFL)- SD51 wiklundforsenate.com Frank Pafko (R)
Jim Carlson (DFL)- SD52 carlsonforsenate.org Stephen Lowell (R) stephen4senate.com
Matt Klein (DFL)- SD53 www.mattklein.org Chris Rausch (R) rauschforMN.com
Eric Pratt (R)- SD54 EricPrattMN.com Alicia Donahue (DFL) www.aliciafor54.com
Lindsey Port (DFL)- SD55 www.lindseyportmn.com Pam Myhra (R) www.pamforsenate.com
OPEN SEAT- SD56 Jim Bean (R) www.electjimbean.com
Zach Duckworth (R)- SD57 VoteDuckworth.com Jackie Craig (DFL) www.jackiecraig.org
OPEN SEAT- SD58 Bill Lieske (R) lieske4senate.nationbuilder.com Clarice Grabau (DFL) www.claricegrabau.com
Bobby Joe Champion (DFL)- SD59 www.champion4change.org NO CHALLENGERS
Kari Dziedzic (DFL)- SD60 NO CHALLENGERS
Scott Dibble (DFL)- SD61 www.scottdibble.com NO CHALLENGERS
Omar Fateh (DFL)- SD62 OmarFateh.org Andrew Schmitz (R)
OPEN SEAT- SD63 Shawn Holster (R) shawnholster.com Zaynab Mohamed (DFL) https://zaynabmohamed.org/
Erin Murphy (DFL)- SD64 murphyfor64.com Robert Bushard (R)
OPEN SEAT- SD65 Paul Holmgren (R) citizenstoelectpaulholmgren.com Sandy Pappas (DFL)
OPEN SEAT- SD66 Clare Oumou Verbeten (DFL) clareverbeten.com Mikki M Murray (R) mikkimurrayforsenate.com
Foung Hawj (DFL)- SD67 www.founghawj.com NO CHALLENGERS
Trent Kelly (R) - District 1 https://kellyformississippi.com/ Dianne Black (D) https://www.diannedodsonblackforcongress.com/
Bennie Thompson (D) - District 2 https://benniethompson.com/ Brian Flowers (R) https://flowersforcongress.com/
Michael Guest (R) - District 3 https://michaelguest.ms/ Shuwaski Young (D) https://www.shuwaskiyoung.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 Mike Ezell (R) https://www.mikeezell.ms/ Johny DuPree (D) https://www.johnnydupree.com/ Alden Johnson (Libertarian) https://aldenforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT Eric Schmitt (R) https://schmittforsenate.com/ Trudy Busch Valentine (D) https://www.trudybuschvalentine.com/ Nicholas Strauss (I) https://nick-strauss.com/?cat=38 Steve Price (I) https://www.mosenator2022.com/ Ronald Deet (I) https://deetson.net/
Cori Bush (D) - District 1 https://coribush.org/ Andrew Jones Jr. (R) https://www.andrewjonesforcongress.com/ George Zsidisin (L)
Ann Wagner (R) - District 2 https://annwagner.com/ Trish Gunby (D) https://www.trishgunby.com/ Bill Slantz (L) https://billslantz.com/
Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) - District 3 https://www.blaineforcongress.com/ Bethany Mann (D) https://www.bethanymannforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 Jack Truman (D) http://trumanforcongress.blogspot.com/ Mark Alford (R) https://alfordforcongress.com/
Emanuel Cleaver (D) - District 5 https://www.cleaverforcongress.com/home.php Jacob Turk (R) Robin Dominick (L)
Sam Graves (R) - District 6 https://gravesforcongress.com/ Henry Martin (D) https://henrymartinforcongress.com/ Edward Anders Maidment (L)
OPEN SEAT- District 7 Kristen Radaker-Sheafer (D) https://www.kristenforcongress.com/ Eric Burlison (R) https://www.ericburlisonforcongress.com/ Kevin Craig (L) https://www.kevincraig.us/
Jason Smith (R) - District 8 https://electjasonsmith.com/home/ Jim Higgins (L) https://ourdemocracy2020.org/people/jim-higgins/ Randi McCallian (D) https://www.randimccallian.com/
OPEN SEAT-District 1 Monica Tranel (D) https://monicatranel.com/ Ryan Zinke (R) https://www.ryanzinke.com/ John Lamb (L)
Matt Rosendale (R)- District 2 https://mattformontana.com/ Gary Buchanan (I) https://www.buchananformontana.com/ Penny Ronning (D) https://www.pennyronning.com/ Sam Rankin (L) https://rankinforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 1 Patty Pansing Brooks (D) https://pattyforcongress.com/ Mike Flood (R) https://mikefloodfornebraska.com/