We’re live!

*Senate races and House incumbents have been updated. Check back soon to see where House challengers stand

The 2022 elections are critical to ensuring that our elected officials and those in positions of power at both the state and federal level are pro-equality and agree that there is no time limit on equality. The Elect Equality Campaign provides voters with the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates on their position on the ERA. Our interactive tool allows voters to be informed before heading to the ballot box with the click of a button.

The ERA Coalition is sending surveys to obtain information directly from the candidates in all federal races and the state legislatures of 10 of the unratified states that have elections this year. We will be awarding our new ERA Certification stamp of approval to candidates who have shown their commitment to equality.

If you are a candidate or know of a candidate who is running for office that would like to be considered for our ERA certification, simply fill out or share our Candidate Questionnaire. Only candidates who have filled out the questionnaire will be considered for ERA Certified status. You can also contact us at electequality@eracoalition.org for more information on our campaign.

More information on what it means to be “ERA Certified”

Find out where your candidates stand on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)!

OPEN SEAT Lanny Jackson (D) https://lannyjacksoncampaign.com/ Brandaun Dean (D) http://brandaundean.com Will Boyd (D) https://drwillboyd.com Karla DuPriest (R) https://www.karladupriestussenate.com Lillie Boddie (R) Michael Durant (R) https://mikedurant.com Mo Brooks (R) https://mobrooks.com Katie Britt (R) https://www.katiebrittforsenate.com
Jerry Carl (R) - District 1 https://jerrycarlforcongress.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Barry Moore (R) - District 2 https://barrymooreforcongress.com/ Phyllis Harvey-Hall (D) https://www.phyllisforcongress.com/ Vimal Patel (D) https://www.facebook.com/Patel4Congress?_rdr
Mike Rogers (R) - District 3 http://www.mikerogersforcongress.com/ Lin Veasey (D) Douglas Bell (I) https://dbellforuscongress.com/ Michael Joiner (R) https://michaeltjoinerforcongress.com/
Robert B. Aderholt (R) - District 4 https://aderholtforcongress.org/ Rhonda Gore (D) "https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/Rhonda-Gore-Dennis-for- United-States-Congress-District-4-235591379845214/" Rick Neighbors (D) https://neighbors4congress.com/
OPEN SEAT Kathy Warner-Stanton (D) https://www.kathyforcongress.com/ Dale Strong (R) https://www.dalestrongforcongress.com/ Casey Wardynski (R) https://www.friendsofcasey.com/
Gary J. Palmer (R) - District 6 https://palmerforalabama.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Terri A. Sewell (D) - District 7 https://sewellforcongress.com/ Beatrice Nichols (R) https://www.bfor7thdistrict.com/
Lisa Murkowski (R) https://www.murkowski.senate.gov/ Kelly Tshibaka (R) https://www.kellyforak.com/ Sean Thorne (L) https://picksean.com/ Karl Speights (R) HTTPS://KARLSPEIGHTS4ALASKAUSSENATE.COM Samuel Little (R) Huhnkie Lee (Undeclared) HTTP://HUHNKIELEE.BLOGSPOT.COM Dustin Darden (I) Patricia Chesbro (D) https://www.chesbroforalaska.com
OPEN SEAT- AT LARGE Jay Armstrong (R) https://jayarmstrongusa.com/ Nicholas Begich (R) https://www.alaskansfornickbegich.com/ Gregg Brelsford (I) https://alaskansforgregg.com/ Chris Bye (L) http://www.itstimealaska.com/ John B. Coghill (R) Christopher Constant (D) http://constantforcongress.com/ Tyler Cropley (I) Lady Donna Dutchess (Nonpartisan) https://www.ladydonna4congress.us/ Shannon Evans (R) Al Gross (Nonpartisan) https://dralgrossak.com/ Jeff Lowenfels (Nonpartisan) Robert Lyons (R) Sherry Mettler (Nonpartisan) Sarah Palin (R) https://sarahforalaska.com/ Mary Peltola (D) https://www.marypeltola.com/ Julio Perez (R) Randy Purham (R) https://www.rpurham4us.com/ Josh Revak (R) https://joshrevak.com/ Tara Sweeney (R) Adam Wool (D) https://www.adamwool.com/
Mark Kelly (D) https://www.kelly.senate.gov/ Justin Olson (R) https://www.votejustinolson.com/ Michael (Mick) McGuire (R) https://electmick.com/ Blake Masters (R) https://www.blakemasters.com/ Jim Lamon (R) https://jimlamon.com/ Mark Brnovich (R) https://www.brnoforaz.com/ Marc Victor (I) https://liveandletliverevolution.com/
David Schweikert (R)- District 1 https://davidschweikert.com/ Jevin Hodge (D) https://jevinhodge.com/ Adam Metzendorf (D) http://metzendorfforcongress.com/ Ginger Sykes Torres (D) https://www.gingerforarizona.com/ Josh Barnett (R) https://barnettforaz.com/ Elijah Norton (R) https://nortonforarizona.com/
Tom O'Halleran (D) - District 2 https://www.tomohalleran.com/ Walter Blackman (R) https://blackmanforcongress.com/ Eli Crane (R) https://eliforarizona.com/ Mark DeLuzio (R) https://deluzioforcongress.com/ Steven Krystofiak (R) https://www.krystofiak4congress.com/ John W. Moore (R) https://www.johnmooreforcongress.com/ Ron Watkins (R) Andy Yates (R) https://www.yatesforarizona.com/
Ruben Gallego (D)- District 3 GallegoForArizona.com Jeffrey Zink (R) https://jeffzinkforcongress.com/
Greg Stanton (D)- District 4 https://www.stantonforarizona.com/ Kelly Cooper (R) https://www.kellycooperarizona.com/ Jerone Davison (R) https://www.jerone.republican/ Dave Giles (R) https://davegilesforcongress.com/ Rene Lopez (R) https://www.renelopezforcongress.com/ Alex Stovall (R) https://www.alex4arizona.com/ Tanya Wheeless (R) https://tanyaforarizona.com/
Andy Biggs (R) - District 5 https://biggsforcongress.com/ Clint Smith (I) https://www.clintsmithforcongress.com/ Javier Ramos (D) https://www.ramosaz.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 6 Avery Anderson (D) https://averyforcongress.com/ Kirsten Engel (D) https://www.engelforarizona.com/ Daniel Hernandez Jr. (D) https://danielhernandezforcongress.com/ Juan Ciscomani (R) https://www.juanciscomani.com/ Lucretia Free (R) https://www.free4congress.com/ Brandon Martin (R) https://www.brandonforarizona.com/ Young Mayberry (R) https://youngmayberryforushouse.com/ Kathleen Winn (R) https://winnforcongress.com/
Raul Grijalva (D)- District 7 https://standwithraul.com/ Nina Becker (R) Luis Pozzolo (R) https://luis4congress.com/
Debbie Lesko (R) - District 8 http://debbieleskoforcongress.com/ James Holmes (D)
Paul Gosar (R)- District 9 https://drpaulgosar.com/ Sandra Dowling (R) Randy Kutz (R) Adam Morgan (R) https://morgan4az.com/
John Boozman (R) https://www.boozman.senate.gov/ Jan Morgan (R) https://www.janforsenate.com/ Heath Loftis (R) https://www.pastorheathloftis.com/ Jake Bequette (R) https://jakebequette.com Dan Whitfield (D) https://danwhitcongress.us/ Natalie James (D) https://www.jamesforarkansas.com/ Jack Foster (D) James Garner (I- Write-in) Richard (Nap) Gant (I- Write-in) Stuart Shirrell (I) Kenneth Cates (L) https://kennethcates.net/
Rick Crawford (R) - District 1 https://www.meetrickcrawford.com/ Monte Hodges (D) https://www.monteforcongress.org/ Roger Daugherty (I)
French Hill (R) - District 2 https://www.electfrench.com/ Quintessa Hathaway (D) https://www.quintessahathaway.com/ Michael White (L) https://mw4liberty.com/
Steve Womack (R) - District 3 https://www.womackforcongress.com/ Lauren Mallett-Hays (D) https://www.laurenforarkansas.com/ Michael Kalagias (L) "https://mkin2012.blogspot.com/?fbclid=IwAR1sefOjF0DdfAW0hD083MKXiL5J2 cTqUOdFj4LLmWh0JQCYtLDdrn4cMSc"
Bruce Westerman (R) - District 4 https://www.brucewesterman.com/ John White (D) Gregory Maxwell (L) https://gregorymaxwellforuscongress.com/
Alex Padilla (D) https://www.padilla.senate.gov/ Fepbrina Keivaulqe Autiameineire (I- Write-in) https://vote-ca-congress-keivaulqe-aut.my-free.website/ Cordie Williams (R) https://www.cordie4senate.com/ Timothy Ursich Jr. (D) https://drtimothyursichjr.com/ Carlos Tapia (R) Chuck Smith (R) https://chucksmithforussenate.com/ Douglas Howard Pierce (D) https://piercesenate.com/ Enrique Petris (R) John Thompson Parker (Peace and Freedom Party) https://johnparkerforussenate.org/ Dan O'Dowd (D) https://odowdforsenate.com/ Mark Meuser (R) https://markmeuser.com/ Robert Lucero (R) https://www.luceroforsenate.org/ Sarah Sun Liew (R) https://www.sarahsenator.org/ Deon Jenkins (I) Obaidul Huq Pirjada (D) https://sites.google.com/view/obaidul-huq-pirjada Myron Hall (R) https://drhallforsenate.com/ Don Grundmann (I) https://www.fight-the-power.org/ Eleanor Garcia (I) Pamela Elizondo (Green) https://www.facebook.com/Pamela.Elizondo.USSENATE Jonathan Elist (R) https://www.elistforsenate.com/ James Henry Conn (Green) https://www.henk4senate.com/ James P. Bradley (R) https://bradleysenate.com/ Daphne Bradford (I) https://www.daphnebradford.com Akinyemi Agbede (D) https://drakinyemiagbedeforunitedstatessenate2022.com/
Doug LaMalfa (R) - District 1 http://douglamalfa.com/ Max Steiner (D) https://maxsteinerforcongress.com/
Jared Huffman (D) - District 2 https://www.jaredhuffman.com/ Douglas Brower (R) http://04861d0.wcomhost.com/ Chris Coulombe (R) https://www.christocongress.com/ Darian Elizondo (R) https://www.elizondoforcongress2022.com/ Beth Hampson (D) https://www.bethhampson.com/ Archimedes Ramirez (R) https://www.archimedesforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Kermit Jones (D) https://www.kermitjonesforcongress.com/ Kevin Kiley (R) https://blog.electkevinkiley.com/
Mike Thompson (D) - District 4 https://www.mikethompsonforcongress.com/ Matt Brock (R) https://www.brock4congress.com/ Andrew Engdahl (D) https://www.andrewengdahl.com/ Scott Giblin (R) https://giblin4congresscom.godaddysites.com/ Jimih Jones (R) https://amongyouforyoubyyou.com/ Jason Kishineff (I) https://kishineff.com/
Tom McClintock (R)- District 5 http://www.tommcclintock.com/ Mike Barkley (D) http://www.mjbarkl.com/
Ami Bera (D) - District 6 https://beraforcongress.com/ Chris Bish (R) https://bishforcongress.com/ Karla Black (R) https://blackforcongress2022.com/ Bret Daniels (R) https://bret2022.com/ Mark Gorman (D) https://markgormanforcongress.com/ Tamika Hamilton (R) https://votetamika.org/ David Keith Langford (R) https://www.keithlangford4congress.com/
Doris Matsui (D)- District 7 https://www.matsuiforcongress.com/ Jimmy Fremgen (D) https://www.electjimmy.com/ Max Semenenko (R) https://max.vote/
John Garamendi (D)- District 8 https://www.garamendi.org/ Rudy Recile (R) https://rudyforuscongress.com/ Christopher Riley (D) https://www.rileyforcalifornia.com/ Edwin Rutsch (D) https://www.edwinforcongress.com/ Cheryl Sudduth (D) https://cherylsudduth.nationbuilder.com/
Josh Harder (D)- District 9 https://www.harderforcongress.com/ Mark Andrews (I) Harpreet Chima (D) https://chimaforcongress.com/ Karena Feng (D) https://www.karenafeng.vote/about.html Khalid Jeffrey Jafri (D) https://kjeffreyjafri.com/ Jonathan Madison (R) http://jonathanmadison.org/ Tom Patti (R) https://www.tompattiforcongress.com/ James Shoemaker (R) https://shoemaker4congress.com/
Mark DeSaulnier (D)- District 10 https://desaulnierforcongress.com/ Katherine Piccinini (R- Write in) Michael Ernest Kerr (Green) https://www.kerr2020.com/
Nancy Pelosi (D)- District 11 https://www.pelosiforcongress.org/ Shahid Buttar (D) https://shahidforchange.us/ John Dennis (R) https://www.johndennisforcongress.com/ Jeffrey Phillips (D) https://www.jeffreyphillipsforcongress.com/ Bianca Von Krieg (D) https://www.facebook.com/TheBaronessForCongress/
Barbara Lee (D)- District 12 https://barbaraleeforcongress.org/ Eve Del Castello (R) Glenn Kaplan (Nonpartisan) https://www.glennkaplan4congress.com/ Ned Nuerge (R) https://www.nednuerge.com/ Stephen Slauson (R) Eric Wilson (D)
OPEN SEAT- District 13 Phil Arballo (D) https://philarballo.com/ John Duarte (R) https://www.johnduarteforcongress.com/ David Giglio (R) https://www.davidforthevalley.com/ Adam Gray (D) https://www.adamgrayforcongress.com/ Diego Martinez (R) http://www.diegomartinezforcongress.com/
Eric Swalwell (D) https://ericswalwell.com/ Alison Hayden (R) https://alison4congress.com/ Steve Iyer (R) https://iyer4congress.com/ James Peters (D) https://www.jointhefightforourfuture.com/ Liam Miguel Simard (I) https://liammiguel.com/ Major Singh (I) https://majorsinghforcalifornia.com/ Tom Wong (R) https://tomwong2022.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 15 Emily Beach (D) https://www.emilybeachforcongress.com/ David Canepa (D) https://davidcanepa.com/ Jim Garrity (I) https://jimgarrityforcongress.com/ Gus Mattammal (R) https://gus4congress.com/ Kevin Mullin (D) https://www.kevinmullinforcongress.com/ Ferenc Pataki (I) https://ferencpataki.com/
Anna Eshoo (D)- District 16 https://annaeshoo4congress.com/ Richard Fox (R) John Karl Fredrich (I) https://johnkarlfredrich.org/ Rishi Kumar (D) https://rishikumar.com/ Peter Ohtaki (R) https://www.peterohtaki.com/ Ajwang Rading (D) https://www.ajwangrading.com/ Benjamin Solomon (R) https://www.solomon4congress.us/ Greg Tanaka (D) https://www.gregtanaka.org/
Ro Khanna (D) - District 17 https://www.rokhanna.com/ Ritesh Tandon (R) https://www.tandonforcongress.com/
Zoe Lofgren (D)- District 18 https://zoelofgren.com/ Luis Acevedo-Arreguin (I) https://www.luisarreguinforcongress.com/ Peter Hernandez (R) "https://hernandezforcongress.com/?fbclid=IwAR2bOpIjQmBNKX_eoJoUi PE7Tix2U73u2h8qoG5OcyS6AUSoEDulobZn4NU"
Jimmy Panetta (D)- District 19 https://www.jimmypanetta.com/ Jeff Gorman (R) https://gormanforcongress.com/
Kevin McCarthy (R)- District 20 https://mccarthyforcongress.com/ James Davis (R) Ben Dewell (D) https://bendewell.com/ James Macauley (R) https://twitter.com/MacauleyJim Marisa Wood (D) https://marisawoodforcongress.com/
Jim Costa (D)- District 21 https://www.jimcosta.com/ Eric Garcia (D) https://www.ericgarciaforcongress.com/ Michael Maher (R) https://www.michaelmaher.com/ Matt Stoll (R) https://www.electmattstoll.com/
David G. Valadao (R)- District 22 https://valadaoforcongress.com/ Chris Mathys (R) https://www.mathyscongress.com/ Adam Thomas Medeiros (R) https://medeirosforcongress.com/ Rudy Salas (D) https://www.rudysalas.com/
Jay Obernolte (R)- District 23 http://electjay.com/ Blanca Gomez (D) http://voteblancaforcongress.com/ Derek Marshall (D) https://www.derekmarshallca.com/
Salud Carbajal (D) - District 24 https://www.saludcarbajal.com/ Brad Allen (R)
Raul Ruiz (D)- District 25 https://drraulruiz.com/ James Francis Gibson (R) https://jamesgibsonforcongress.com/ Brian Hawkins (R) https://www.hawkinsforcongress2022.com/ Jonathan Reiss (R) http://votejonathanreissuscongress2022.org/ Burt Thakur (R) https://www.burtforcongress.com/ Ceci Truman (R) https://trumanforcongress.com/
Julia Brownley (D) - District 26 https://juliabrownley.house.gov/ David Goodman (I) https://davegoodmanforcongress.com/ Matt Jacobs (R) https://mattjacobsforcongress.com/ Faddie Mikhail (R) https://www.facebook.com/FaddeForCongress Paul Nathan Taylor (R) https://paultaylorforcongress.com/
Mike Garcia (R)- District 27 https://www.electmikegarcia.com/ Christy Smith (D) https://www.christyforcongress.org/
Judy Chu (D)- District 28 https://www.judychu.org/ Wes Hallman (R) https://weshallmanforcongress.org/
Tony Cerdenas (D) - District 29 https://www.tonycardenasforcongress.com/ Margarita Maria Carranza (R) https://margiecarranza.com/ Angélica María Dueñas (D) https://www.angelica4congress.com/ Rudy Melendez (R) https://www.rudymelendez.com/ Andy Miranda (R) http://wethe29th.com/
Adam Schiff (D)- District 30 https://www.adamschiff.com/ Sal Genovese (D) https://salgenoveseforcongress.com/ Patrick Gipson (R) https://www.patrickleegipsonforcongress.com/ Maebe A. Girl (D) https://maebeagirlforcongress.org/ Ronda Kennedy (R) https://rondakennedy.com/ William Meurer (Green) https://gunner4congress.org/ Johnny Nalbandian (R) https://www.votejohnny.us/ Tony Rodriguez (American Independent Party) https://www.tony4america.us/ Paloma Zuniga (R) https://www.instagram.com/palomafortrump/?hl=en
Grace Napolitano (D)- District 31 https://www.napolitanoforcongress.com/ Daniel Bocic Martinez (R) https://www.danmartinez4congress.com/ Rocco Anthony De Luca (D) Erskine Levi (Nonpartisan- Write in)
Brad Sherman (D)- District 32 https://bradsherman.com/ Shervin Aazami (D) https://shervin4congress.com/
Pete Aguilar (D)- District 33 https://peteaguilar.com/ Rex Gutierrez (R) https://rexforcongress.com/ John Mark Porter (R) https://www.markporter2022.com/ Ernest Richter (R)
Jimmy Gomez (D) - District 34 https://jimmygomezforcongress.com/ David Kim (D) https://www.davidkimforca.com/ Clifton Rio Torrado VonBuck (R)
Norma Torres (D) - District 35 https://www.normatorres.com/ Rafael Carcamo (R) https://drrafaelforcongress.com/ Mike Cargile (R) https://www.cargileforcongress.com/ Bob Erbst (R) https://erbstforcongress.com/ Lloyd Stevens (D)
Ted Lieu (D)- District 36 https://www.tedlieu.com/ Joe Collins (R) https://joeecollins3.com/ Derrick Gates (R) https://www.officialderrickgates.com/ Ariana Hakami (R) Matthew Jesuele (I) https://www.mvj.fyi/ Colin Kilpatrick Obrien (D) Claire Ragge (R) https://claireraggeforcongress.com/ Steve Williams (I) https://steve4congress.org/
OPEN SEAT- District 37 Chris Champion (R) Baltazar Fedalizo (R) https://baltazarfedalizo.com/ Sydney Kamlager (D) https://sydneykamlager.com/ Daniel Lee (D) https://danielwaynelee.com/ Sandra Mendoza (D) Jan Perry (D) https://janperry.com/ Michael Shure (D) https://www.shureforcongress.com/
Linda Sanchez (D) - District 38 https://lindasanchez.house.gov/ Eric Ching (R) https://ericchingforcongress.com/ John Sarega (R)
Mark Takano (D)- District 39 https://www.marktakano.com/ John Minnella (R) https://minnellaforcongress.com/ Tony Moreno (R) https://moreno.vote/ Art Peterson (R) https://petersoncongress.us/ Aja Smith (R) https://www.ajasmithforcongress.com/ Bill Spinney (R) https://www.spinneyforcongress.com/home Emmanuel Suarez (R) https://poolmanforcongress.com/index.html
Young Kim (R)- District 40 https://youngkimforcongress.com/ Asif Mahmood (D) https://drasifmahmood.com/ Greg Raths (R) https://gregraths.com/ Nicholas Taurus (R) https://www.votenickca40.com/
Ken Calvert (R)- District 41 https://www.calvertforcongress.com/ Shrina Kurani (D) https://www.shrinakurani.com/ John Michael Lucio (R) Anna Nevenic (I) https://www.annanevenicforcongress.com/ Will Rollins (D) https://willrollinsforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 42 Joaquín Beltrán (D) https://www.joaquinbeltran.com/ John Briscoe (R) https://johnbriscoe.us/ Julio Cesar Flores (Green) https://juliocesar4congress.com/ Cristina Garcia (D) https://cristina4congress.com/ Robert Garcia (D) https://robertgarcia.com/ Nicole López (D) https://www.nicolelopezforcongress.com/ Peter Mathews (D) https://www.petermathewsforcongress.org/home William Summerville (D) https://summervilleforcongress.com/
Maxine Waters (D) - District 43 https://maxinewatersforcongress.com/ Jean M. Monestime (D) Omar Navarro (R) https://www.facebook.com/RealOmarNavarro?refid=52 Allison Pratt (R)
Nanette Diaz Barragan (D) - District 44 https://barraganforcongress.com/ Morris Griffin (D) https://mgriffinforcongress.com/ Paul Jones (R)
Michelle Steel (R)- District 45 https://michellesteelca.com/ Jay Chen (D) https://chenforcongress.com/
Lou Correa (D)- District 46 https://www.loucorrea.com/ Christopher Gonzales (R) https://gonzalesforcongress.com/ Mike Nguyen (R) http://mikenguyen4congress.com/ Michael Ortega (D) https://www.ortegaforcongress.com/ Felix Rocha (R) Ed Rushman (I) https://congress.rushman.org/
Katie Porter (D)- District 47 https://katieporter.com/ Scott Baugh (R) https://baughforcongress.com/ Brian Burley (R) https://www.brianburley4congress.com/ Amy Phan West (R) "http://www.amyphanwest.com/?fbclid=IwAR1e7YmZFPFVv4y72UmzUbVcCN mqcr7xn-tjncyDMJms0V44ke3s3HQBzew" Errol Webber (R) https://webberforamerica.com/
Darrell Issa (R)- District 48 https://darrellissa.com/ Stephen Houlahan (D) https://electhoulahan.com/ Lucinda Jahn (I) https://lucindakwhjahn.com/index.html Matthew Rascon (D) https://www.matthewrascon2022.com/
Mike Levin (D) - District 49 https://mikelevin.house.gov/ Lisa Bartlett (R) https://lisabartlettforcongress.com/ Brian Maryott (R) https://maryottforcongress.com/ Josiah O'Neil (R) https://www.oneilforcongress.com/ Christopher Rodriguez (R) https://rodriguezforcongress.us/ Nadia Smalley (D)
Scott Peters (D)- District 50 https://scottpeters.com/ David Chiddick (R) https://www.chiddick4congress.com/ Corey Gustafson (R) https://www.coreyforsandiego.com/ Adam Schindler (I) https://www.schindler4congress.com/?fbclid=IwAR391seyekg_PR6RCXvPKjJAb8MATpeCeEoBiIgbmSQgiN0pOxLmXQvD2HE Kylie Taitano (D) https://www.kylietaitano.com/
Sara Jacobs (D)- District 51 https://sarajacobsforca.com/ Stan Caplan (R) https://www.caplanforcongress.com/ Jose Cortes (Peace and Freedom Party of CA) https://cortes4congress.org/ Barrett Holman Leak (D-Write in) https://barrett4congress.com/
Juan Vargas (D)- District 52 https://www.votevargas.com/ Tyler Geffeney (R) https://tyler4congress.com/ Joaquin Vazquez (D) https://www.joaquinvazquez.com/
Michael Bennet (D) https://michaelbennet.com/ Daniel Hendricks (R- Write-in) Joe O'Dea (R) https://www.joeodea.com/ Ron Hanks (R) https://hanksforcolorado.com/ Aaron Trevino (I) Brian Peotter (L) https://www.peotter.com/ Teal'c Anderson (Freedom Party) Frank Atwood (Approval Voting Party) https://www.approvalvotingparty.com/frank-atwood/
Diana DeGette (D) - District 1 https://degette.com/ John Kittleson (L) Dom Waters (Unity Party of Colorado) https://www.facebook.com/domwatersforcongress Neal Walia (D) https://nealwaliaforcongress.com/ Jennifer Qualteri (R) https://jq4congressco.com/
Joe Neguse (D) - District 2 https://joeforcolorado.com/ Marshall Dawson (R)
Lauren Boebert (R) - District 3 https://laurenforcolorado.com/ Kristin Skowronski (I) https://twitter.com/kristinforco?lang=en Marina Zimmerman (R- Write in) https://www.marinazimmerman.com/ Adam Frisch (D) https://www.adamforcolorado.com/ Sol Sandoval (D) https://www.sandovalforcolorado.com/ Alex Walker (D) https://www.walkerforcolorado.com/ Don Coram (R) https://www.coramforcongress.com/
Ken Buck (R) - District 4 https://buckforcolorado.com/ Ryan McGonigal (I) https://www.ryan4congress.com/ Donna Windholz (I) https://vote4windholzcd4.com/ Isaac McCorkle (D) https://ike4co.com/ Robert Lewis (R)
Doug Lamborn (R) - District 5 https://www.lambornforcongress.org/ Brian Flanagan (L) Matthew Feigenbaum (Nonpartisan) Ryan Thompson (Nonpartisan) Alax Jones (I) https://www.alaxjonesforcongress.com/ Michael Colombe (D) https://michaelcolombe.com/ Santiago Goenaga-Torres (D) https://www.davidtorres4congress.com/ Andrew Heaton (R) https://heatonforcongress.com/ Rebecca Keltie (R) https://rebeccakeltie.com/ Dave Williams (R) https://daveforcolorado.com/
Jason Crow (D) - District 6 https://jasoncrowforcongress.com/ Eric Mulder (L) https://www.mulderforco.com/ Andrew Forrest White (I) https://andrewforcolorado.us/ Steve Monahan (R) https://www.monahanforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 7 Ross Klopf (L) Brittany Pettersen (D) https://brittanypettersen.com/ Erik Aadland (R) https://aadlandforcolorado.com/ Laurel Imer (R) https://www.laurelimerforcongress.com/ Tim Reichert (R) https://reichertforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT (New District)- District 8 Richard Ward (L) Matthew Payette (I) Steve Zorn (I) https://www.stevezornforcongress.com/ Yadira Caraveo (D) https://www.caraveoforcongress.com/ Tyler Allcorn (R) https://allcornforcolorado.com/ Barbara Kirkmeyer (R) https://www.kirkmeyerforcongress.com/ Jan Kulmann (R) https://www.janforcolorado.com/ Lori Saine (R) https://loriforfreedom.com/
Richard Blumenthal (D) https://richardblumenthal.com/ Andrew Hyduchak (I) John Flynn (R) https://www.flynn2022ussenate.com/ Robert Hyde (R) https://hydeforsenate.com/ Themis Klarides (R) https://www.themis2022.com/ Leora Levy (R) https://leoraforct.com/ Peter Lumaj (R) https://peterlumaj.com/
John Larson (D) - District 1 https://larsonforcongress.org/ Muad Hrezi (D) https://hrezi.com/ James P. Griffin (R) Larry Lazor (R) https://lazorforcongress.com/
Joe Courtney (D) - District 2 http://www.joecourtney.com/ Anthony DiLizia (D) https://www.facebook.com/DiLiziaForCT Mike France (R) https://votemikefrance.com/
Rosa DeLauro (D) - District 3 https://rosadelauro.com/ Lesley DeNardis (R) https://lesleyforcongress.com/
James Himes (D) - District 4 https://www.himesforcongress.com/ Michael Goldstein (R) https://goldsteinforcongress.com/ Jayme Stevenson (R) https://jaymestevensonforcongress.com/
Jahana Hayes (D) - District 5 https://jahanahayes.com/ Marcus Furze (D) https://furzeforconnecticut.com/ Michelle Botelho (R) https://www.michelleforconnecticut.com/ George Logan (R) https://www.georgeloganforcongress.com/
Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) - AT LARGE https://lisabluntrochester.com/ Lee Murphy (R) https://gomurph.com/ Christopher Hill (R) https://www.christopherhillforcongress.com/
Marco Rubio (R) https://marcorubio.com/ Carlos Barberena (Nonpartisan) https://www.carlosforsenate.com/ Shantele Bennett (Nonpartisan) Grace Granda (Nonpartisan) Steven B. Grant (Nonpartisan) https://stevenbgrant.com/ Tuan Nguyen (Nonpartisan) https://www.letsbe-american.com/ Ahmad Saide (Nonpartisan) Timothy Devine (Nonpartisan Write-in) Edward Abud (D) https://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Abud-for-US-Senate/100068940768395/ Val Demings (D) https://valdemings.com/ Allen Ellison (D) https://allenellison.com/ Albert Fox (D) https://albertfox.com/ William Sanchez (D) https://sanchezforsenate.com/ Coleman Watson (D) Joshua Weil (D) https://www.joshweil.org/ Kevin DePuy (R) Calvin Driggers (R) https://mrlogisticsforcongress.com/ Ervan Katari Miller (R) Josue Larose (R) Jake Loubriel (R) Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser (R) Dennis Misigoy (L) https://www.misigoy.com/
Matt Gaetz (R) - District 1 https://www.mattgaetz.com/ Rebekah Jones (D) https://www.rebekahjonescampaign.com/ Margaret Schiller (D) https://peggyforthepanhandle.com/ Bryan Jones (R) https://www.bryanjonesforcongress.com/ Jeremy Kelly (R) https://www.facebook.com/JeremyKelly4Congress/ William McPhillips (R)
Neal Dunn (R) - District 2 https://www.nealdunn.com/ Linda Brooks (Nonpartisan) https://linda-brooks.com/home
Kat Cammack (R) - District 3 https://www.katforcongress.com/ Danielle Hawk (D) https://www.daniellehawk.com/ Manuel Asensio (R) https://www.asensio4congress.com/ Justin Waters (R) https://www.justinwatersforcongress.com/
John Rutherford (R) - District 4 https://johnrutherfordforcongress.com/ Anthony Hill (D) https://www.facebook.com/LJHolloway Lashonda Holloway (D) Al Robertson (D) https://erickforcongress.com/ Erick Aguilar (R) Michael Alan Davis (R) https://www.votealandavis.com/ Jason Fischer (R) https://www.votejasonfischer.com/ Leigha Garner-Lopez (R) https://www.lunalopezforcongress.com/ Mara Macie (R)
Al Lawson (D) - District 5 http://www.allawson.com/ Connell Crooms (D) https://www.connellcrooms.com/ Jonathan Marc (D) Jon Chuba (R) https://www.votechuba.com/ Tom Lister (R)
Michael Waltz (R) - District 6 https://mikewaltz.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
OPEN SEAT- District 7 Al Krulick (D) https://krulickforcongress.com/ Allek Pastrana (D) https://voteallek.com/ Erika Benfield (R) https://www.erikabenfieldforcongress.com/ Joe Cavagna (R) https://joecavagnaforcongress.com/ Brady Duke (R) https://bradyduke.com/ Jeremy Liggett (R) Cory Mills (R) https://millsforflorida.com/ Lee Ogilvie (R) https://leeogilvie.com/ Russell Roberts (R) Anthony Sabatini (R) https://www.sabatiniforcongress.com/?fbclid=IwAR0cXXDVHhlJwf0wGq9gHxc2p7diKj79_lTFSodF1ai69klBKvjUsKwPfVY Al Santos (R) https://alsantos.org/ Kristopher Stark (R) http://www.krisstarkforcongress.com/ Scott Sturgill (R) https://www.scottsturgillforcongress.com/
Bill Posey (R) - District 8 https://billposey.com/ Danelle Dodge (D) https://www.votedodge.com/ Karen Green (D) https://www.karengreenforflorida.com/ Perry Gregg (D) Joanne Terry (D) https://www.joanneterry.com/home Patrick Wells (R) https://patrickwellsforcongress.com/
Darren Soto (D) - District 9 https://www.darrensoto.com/ Kevin Parker (D) https://kevinparkerforcongress.com/ Daniel Anthony (R) https://www.danielanthonyforcongress.com/ Alycia Barnard (R) https://www.alyciabarnardforcongress.com/ Jose Castillo (R) https://joseforflorida.com/ Sam Farber (R) Kenneth Hartpence (R) https://votehartpence.com/ Scotty Moore (R) https://www.scottymooreforcongress.com/ Bill Olson (R) https://billolsonfl.com/ Sergio Ortiz (R) https://www.ortizforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 10 Usha Jain (I) https://electdoctorjain.com/ Jack Achenbach (D) https://www.achenbachforcongress.com/ Eric Atkinson (D) https://sites.google.com/view/atkinsonforcongress/home/ Jeffrey Boone (D) https://jeffbooneforcongress.com/ Randolph Bracy III (D) https://bracyforcongress.com/ Maxwell Alejandro Frost (D) https://www.frostforcongress.com/ Terence Gray (D) https://terencegray.org/ Natalie Jackson (D) https://nataliejacksonforcongress.com/ Teresa Tachon (D) https://teresatachon.com/ William King (R) Tuan Le (R) https://tuanleforcongress.com/ Thuy Lowe (R) Willie Montague (R) https://www.teamwillie.com/ Carter Morgan (R) Troy Rambaransingh (R) https://troy4congress.us/ Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser (R) Peter Weed (R) https://weed4congress.com/ Calvin Wimbish (R) https://www.votecal2022.org/
Daniel Webster (R) - District 11 https://www.electwebster.com/ Antonio Rosado (Nonpartisan) Christopher Manuel Alcantara (R) https://manuelforcongress.com/ Al Deno (R) https://al-deno-for-congress.ueniweb.com/ Steve Farley (R) Lateresa Jones (R) https://www.facebook.com/lateresajonesforcongress Laura Loomer (R) https://lauraloomerforcongress.com/ Jeannette Skinner (R) https://www.jointhefightforamerica.com/
Gus Bilirakis (R) - District 12 https://bilirakisforcongress.com/ Kimberly Walker (D) https://kimberlyforcongress.com/ Michael Carnevale (R) https://www.mikecarnevale.com/ Jack Martin (R) https://jackmartin4congress.com/ Brian Perras (R) https://perras4congress.com/ Sid Preskitt (R) https://preskittforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 13 Frank Craft (L) https://www.frankforcongress.com/ Christian Hotchkiss (D) https://twitter.com/chotchkissforfl?lang=en Eric Lynn (D) https://ericlynnforcongress.com/ Jim Davis (R) Kevin Hayslett (R) https://hayslettforcongress.com/ Audrey Henson (R) https://audreyhenson.com/ Moneer Kheireddine (R) https://votemoneer.com/ Anna Paulina Luna (R) https://www.voteannapaulina.com/ Amanda Makki (R) https://www.amandamakki.com/ Christine Quinn (R) https://win-quinn.com/
Kathy Castor (D) - District 14 https://www.castorforcongress.com/ Christopher Bradley (D) https://www.bradleyforcongress.com/ Anthony Eldon (D) Angel Urbina (R) https://www.urbinaforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 15 Brian Bertges (Nonpartisan) https://brianforuscongress.com/ Josue Vazquez (Nonpartisan) https://www.jvazquezforcongress.com/ Gavin Brown (D) https://www.gavinbrownforcongress.com/ Eddie Geller (D) https://www.eddiegeller.com/ Jesse Philippe (D) https://jessephilippe.com/ Lily Ramcharran (D) Jay Collins (R) https://www.jaycollinsforcongress.com/ Demetries Grimes (R) https://grimes.gop/ Laurel Lee (R) Kevin McGovern (R) https://mcgovernforflorida.com/ Dennis A. Ross (R) Wendy Schmeling (R) https://wendyschmeling.org/ Kelli Stargel (R) Jackie Toledo (R)
Vern Buchanan (R) - District 16 https://www.vernbuchanan.com/ Benjamin Miranda-Padilla (D) Martin Hyde (R) https://martinhyde.us/
Gregory Steube (R) - District 17 https://www.electgregsteube.com/ Daniel Lambert (D)
Brian Mast (R) - District 18 https://mastforcongress.com/ Scott Franklin (R) https://www.votescottfranklin.com/ George Shepherd (R) https://www.shepherdforuscongress.com/ Eddie Tarzona (R) https://www.tarazonafl.com/
Byron Donalds (R) - District 19 https://www.byrondonalds.com/ Cindy Banyai (D) https://www.cindybanyai.com/ Jim Huff (R) https://www.jimhuff4congress.com/
Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D)- District 20 https://www.sheilafordistrict20.com/ Jim Flynn (Nonpartisan) Leonard Serratore (Nonpartisan) https://www.electleonardserratore.com/ Matt Boswell (D) Elvin Dowling (D) https://dowlingforthepeople.com/ Dale Holness (D) https://holnessforcongress.com/ Phil Jackson (D) https://www.philjacksonforcongress.com/ Marlon Onias (D) Imran Siddiqui (D)
Lois Frankel (D) - District 21 https://loisfrankelforcongress.com/ Stephen Canton (I) https://stepheng.info/ Deborah Adeimy (R) https://debadeimy4congress.com/ Peter Arianas (R) https://www.arianastocongress.com/ Jeffrey Buongiorno (R) https://votebongi.com/ Rod Dorilas (R) https://roddorilas.com/ Dan Franzese (R) https://danforfl.com/ Carrie Lawlor (R) https://lawlorforcongress.com/ Martin Marks (R) https://www.martinmarksforcongress.com/ Melissa Martz (R) https://melissamartz.com/ Ljubo Skrbic (R) https://www.livinginharmony.online/ William Wheelen (R) https://billwheelenforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 22 Michael Bianchi (Nonpartisan) Mark Napier (Nonpartisan) https://www.napierforcongress2022.org/ Curtis Calabrese (D) https://curtisforcongress.com/ Hava Holzhauer (D) https://havaholzhauer.com/ Jared Evan Moskowitz (D) https://jaredforflorida.com/ Ben Sorensen (D) https://bensorensen.com/ Steve Chess (R) https://chessforcongress.com/ D.B. Fugate (R) https://ourdemocracy2020.org/people/d-b-fugate/ Christy McLaughlin (R) https://christyforcongress.com/home James Pruden (R) https://www.jimprudenforcongress.com/
Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D) - District 23 https://debbiewassermanschultz.com/ Christine Scott (Nonpartisan) https://christinescottforcongress2022.wordpress.com/ Melinda Almonte (R) https://www.melindaalmonteforcongress.com/ Jeff Olson (R) Carla Spalding (R) https://carlaforcongress.com/ Saad Suleman (R) Darlene Swaffar (R) https://swaffarforcongress.com/ Rubin Young (R) https://www.ryoungforcongress.com/
Frederica Wilson (D) - District 24 http://www.fredericawilsonforcongress.com/ Audrey Edmonson (D) Kevin Harris (D) https://www.kevinforflorida.com/ Christine Alexandria Olivo (D) https://www.christineforcongress.org/ Patricia Gonzalez (R)
Mario Diaz-Balart (R) - District 25 https://mariodiazbalart.org/ Adam Gentle (D) https://www.adamfordemocracy.com/ Ian Medina (D) https://www.ianmedinaforamerica.com/ Darren Dione Aquino (R) https://aquino4congress.com/ Drew-Montez Clark (R) https://drewmontezclark.com/
Carlos Gimenez (R) - District 26 https://carlosgimenezforcongress.com/ Juan Parades (D) https://www.juan4congress.com/ Jeremiah Schaffer (R) https://jeremiahschafferforcongress.com/ Ruth Swanson (R)
Maria Salazar (R) - District 27 https://mariaelvirasalazar.com/ Angel Motalvo (D) https://www.montalvoforcongress.com/ Ken Russell (D) https://kenrussellforflorida.com/ Frank Polo Sr. (R) https://frankpolo.com/en/home/
OPEN SEAT (New District)- District 28 K.W. Miller (R)
Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) https://warnockforgeorgia.com/ Herschel Walker (R) https://www.teamherschel.com/ George Litchfield Chase Oliver
Buddy Carter (R) - District 1 https://buddycarterforcongress.com/ Joyce Marie Griggs (D) https://joycegriggs2022.com/ Wader Herring (D) https://www.wadeherringforcongress.com/ Michelle Munroe (D) https://www.munroeforcongress.com/
Sanford Bishop (D) - District 2 https://sanfordbishop.com/ Joseph O'Hara (D) Vivian Childs (R) https://vivianchilds.com/ Jeremy Hunt (R) https://jeremyforgeorgia.com/ A. Wayne Johnson (R) https://www.johnsoncongress.com/ Richard Robertson (R) https://richrobertsonforcongress.com/ Chris West (R) https://chriswestga.com/ Paul Whitehead (R) https://www.thatwhitehead.com/
Drew Ferguson (R) - District 3 https://fergusonforgeorgia.com/ Val Almonord (D) https://almonordforcongress.com/
Hank Johnson (D) - District 4 https://hankforcongress.com/ Jonathan Chavez (R) https://www.jonathanchavezforcongress.com/ Surrea Ivy (R) https://www.ivy4ga.com/
Nikema Williams (D) - District 5 https://www.nikemaforcongress.com/ Christian Zimm (R) https://www.christianzimm.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 6 Jake Evans (R) https://jakeevans.org/ Rich McCormick (R) https://www.richmccormick.us/ Bob Christian (D) https://christianforga6.com/
Lucy McBath (D)- District 7 https://lucyforcongress.com/ Michael Corbin (R) https://www.corbin4congress.com/ Mark Gonsalves (R) https://markforgeorgia.com/
Austin Scott (R) - District 8 http://scottforga.com/ Darrius Butler (D) https://www.darriusbutler.com/
Andrew Clyde (R) - District 9 https://www.clyde4congress.com/ Michael Ford (D) https://mike4georgia.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 10 Mike Collins (R) https://mikecollinsga.com/ Vernon Jones (R) https://www.jonesforgeorgia.com/ Jessica Fore (D) https://www.jessicaforega.com/ Phyllis Hatcher (D) https://www.hatcherforcongress.com/ Tabitha Johnson-Green (D) https://www.tabithaforcongress.com/ Femi Oduwole (D) http://www.femiforgeorgia.com/ Paul Walton (D) https://waltonforcongress.com/
Barry Loudermilk (R) - District 11 https://standwithbarry.com/ Antonio Daza-Fernandez (D) https://votedaza.com/ Angela Davis (I)
Rick Allen (R) - District 12 https://www.rickwallen.com/ Liz Johnson (D) https://www.lizjohnsonforus.com/
David Scott (D) - District 13 http://votedavidscott.com/ Caesar Gonzales (R) https://caesargonzalesforcongress.us/
Marjorie Taylor Green (R) - District 14 https://www.mtgforamerica.com/ Marcus Flowers (D) https://marcusforgeorgia.com/ Angela Pence (L) https://angelapence.com/
Brian Schatz (D) https://brianschatz.com/ Bob McDermott (R) https://votemcdermott.com/ Feena Bonoan (L) https://feena4district20.com/ Charles Collins (R)
Ed Case (D) - District 1 https://www.edcase.com/ Joseph Gilmore (I) Sergio Alcubilla (D) https://www.sergio4hawaii.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 2 Patrick Branco (D) https://www.patrickbranco.com/ Jill Tokuda (D) https://tokudaforhawaii.com/ Tommy Watters (D) https://www.tommy-waters.com/contact/ Conrad Kress (R) https://conradkressforhawaii.com/
Mike Crapo (R) https://crapoforsenate.com/ David Roth (D) https://rothforidaho.org/ Ray Writz (Constitution Party) https://www.facebook.com/ray.writz Idaho Law (L) Scott Cleveland (I) https://www.clevelandforsenate.com/
Russ Fulcher (R) - District 1 https://russfulcher.com/ Kaylee Peterson (D) https://kayleeforcongress.com/ Joe Evans (L) https://idahojoe4congress.org/
Mike Simpson (R) - District 2 https://simpsonforcongress.com/ Wendy Norman (D) https://wendyforidaho.com/
Tammy Duckworth (D) https://tammyduckworth.com/ Anthony Williams (R) Jimmy Lee Tillman II (R) https://www.jimmylee2dc.com/ Kathy Salvi (R) https://www.kathysalvi.com/ Bobby Piton (R) https://www.bobbypiton.com/ Maryann Mahlen (R) https://wearethepeopleillinois.com/?Name=IyZnmKmIOqAeZ0%2fWL%2fvdYQkppYm8SGGt&T=637834902128180509 Peggy Hubbard (R) https://peggyhubbardforsenate.com/ Matthew Dubiel (R) https://www.mattdubiel.com/ Casey Chlebek (R) https://caseyforsenate.com/ Bill Redpath (L) https://billredpath.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 1 Kirby Birgans (D) https://www.kirbybirgansforcongress.com/ Chris Butler (D) https://www.electchrisbutler.com/ Jahmal Cole (D) https://www.cole2022.com/ Jacqueline Collins (D) https://www.senatorjacquelinecollins.com/ Steven DeJoie (D) https://dejoieforcongress.com/ Pat Dowell (D) https://www.illinoisfordowell.com/ Cassandra Goodrum (D) https://www.goodrumforcongress.com/ Jonathan Jackson (D) https://jonathanjacksonforcongress.com/ Michael Thompson (D) https://www.votethompson2022.com/ Charise Williams (D) https://www.chariseforcongress.com/ Eric Carlson (R) https://www.ericcarlsonforcongress.com/ Jeff Regnier (R) https://regnierforcongress.com/ Philanise White (R) https://philaniseforcongress.com/home Geno Young (R) https://genoyoung.com/
Robin Kelly (D) - District 2 http://www.robinkellyforcongress.org/ Shane Cultra (R) https://cultraforcongress.com/ Thomas Lynch (R) Ashely Ramos (R) https://www.electashleyramos.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Juan Aguirre (D) https://aguirreforcongress.com/ Iymen Chehade (D) https://www.iymenchehadeforcongress.com/ Delia Ramirez (D) https://www.deliaforcongress.com/ Gilbert Villegas (R) https://www.gilforcongress.com/ Justin Burau (R) https://www.burauforcongress.com/
Jesus Garcia (D) - District 4 https://chuyforcongress.com/ James Falakos (R)
Mike Quigley (D) - District 5 https://quigleyforcongress.com/ Jerico Matias Cruz (I) https://cruzforuscongress.org/ Tom Hanson (R) Malgorzata McGonigal (R) http://www.mcgonigalforcongress.com/index.html
Sean Casten (D) - District 6 https://castenforcongress.com/homepage/ Charles Hughes (D) Niki Conforti (R) https://conforti4congress.com/ Rob Cruz (R) https://www.robcruzforcongress.com/ Gary Grasso (R) https://garygrasso.com/ Scott Kaspar (R) https://kasparforcongress.com/ Catherine A. O'Shea (R) https://osheaforcongress.com/ Keith Pekau (R) https://www.keithpekau.com/
Danny Davis (D) - District 7 https://www.dannykdavis.com/home Kina Collins (D) https://www.kinacollins.com/home/ Denarvis Mendenhall (D) https://105680.campaignpartner.net/
Raja Krishnamoorthi (D) - District 8 https://rajaforcongress.com/ Mohammed Faheem (I) https://faheemforcongress.com/ Junaid Ahmed (D) https://www.junaidforcongress.com/ Chris Dargis (R) https://www.votedargis.com/ Karen Kolodziej (R) https://www.karenkolodziejforcongress.com/ Chad Koppie (R) http://www.chadkoppie.com/ Peter Kopsaftis (R) https://peterkforcongress.com/ Phillip Wood (R) https://www.philwoodforcongress.com/
Janice Schakowsky (D) - District 9 http://www.janschakowsky.org/ Max Rice (R) https://www.maxriceforcongress.com/
Bradley Scott Schneider (D) - District 10 https://schneider.house.gov/ Joseph Severino (R) https://www.severinoforcongress.com/
Bill Foster (D) - District 11 https://billfoster.com/ Mark Carroll (R) https://www.markcarrollforcongress.com/ Jerry Evans (R) https://jerryforcongress.com/ Susan Hathaway-Altman (R) https://susan4congress.com/ Andrea Heeg (R) https://www.andreaheegforcongress.com/ Catalina Lauf (R) https://www.catalinaforcongress.com/ Cassandra Tanner Miller (R) https://cassandraforcongress.com/
Mike Bost (R) - District 12 http://bostforcongress.com/ Homer Markel (D) Joshua Qualls (D)
OPEN SEAT- District 13 Nikki Budzinski (D) https://nikkiforcongress.com/ David Palmer (D) https://palmerforillinois.com/ Regan Deering (R) https://regan4congress.com/ Matt Hausman (R) https://hausmanforcongress.com/ Terry Martin (R) https://terrymartinforcongress.com/ Jesse Reising (R) https://jessereising.com/
Lauren Underwood (D) - District 14 https://underwoodforcongress.com/ Barry Wilson (I) https://bwilsonforcongress.com/ Scott Gryder (R) https://www.scottgryder.com/ Mike Koolidge (R) https://www.koolidge.com/ Jack Lombardi II (R) https://lombardiforcongress.com/ James Marter (R) https://marter4congress.us/ Jamie Milton (R) https://kingdomconservativeparty.com/jaime-lynn-milton/
Mary Miller (R) - District 15 https://www.marymillerforcongress.com/ Paul Lange (D) Rodney Davis (R) https://electrodney.com/
Darin LaHood (R)- District 16 https://lahoodforcongress.com/ JoAnne Guillemette (R) https://guillemetteforcongress.com/ Walt Peters (R) https://www.waltpetersforcongress.com/ Michael Rebresh (R) https://rebreshforcongress.org/
OPEN SEAT- District 17 Jonathan Logemann (D) https://www.jonathanlogemann.com/ Jacqueline McGowan (D) https://www.jackiemcgowan.com/ Angie Normoyle (D) https://www.normoyleforcongress.com/ Eric Sorensen (D) https://www.ericforillinois.com/ Litesa Wallace (D) https://www.litesawallaceforcongress.com/ Marsha Williams (D) https://marshawilliamsforcongress.com/ Charlie Helmick (R) https://www.helmickforcongress.com/home Esther Joy King (R) https://estherforcongress.com/
Todd Young (R) https://toddyoung.org/ Thomas McDermott Jr. (D) https://www.gomcdermott.com/about/ James Sceniak (L) https://www.sceniakforsenate.com/ Jason Gabehart (I) Ellen Kizik (I)
Frank Mrvan (D) - District 1 https://mrvanforcongress.com/ Jennifer-Ruth Green (R) https://jennifer-ruthgreen.com/
Jackie Walorski (R) - District 2 https://www.standwithjackie.com/ Paul Steury (D) https://paulforall2022.com/
Jim Banks (R) - District 3 https://jimbanks.us/ Gary Snyder (D) https://www.snyderforcongress.com/
James Baird (R) - District 4 http://www.electjimbaird.com/ Roger Day (D)
Victoria Spartz (R) - District 5 https://www.spartzforcongress.com/ Jeannine Lee Lake (D) https://jeannineleelakeforcongress.com/
Greg Pence (R) - District 6 https://gregpenceforcongress.com/ Cynthia Wirth (D) https://wirth4congress.com/
André Carson (D) - District 7 https://andrecarson.com/ Angela Grabovsky (R) https://angelaforindiana.com/ Gavin Maple (L)
Larry Bucshon (R) - District 8 https://www.bucshonforcongress.com/ Ray McCormick (D) https://www.raymccormickforcongress.com/ Andy Horning (L) https://horning4congress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 9 Matthew Fyfe (D) https://mattfyfe.com/ Erin Houchin (R) https://www.erinhouchin.com/ Tonya Millis (L) https://tonyaforcongress.com/
Chuck Grassley (R) https://www.grassley.senate.gov/ Abby Finkenauer (D) https://abbyfinkenauer.com/ Michael Franken (D) https://frankenforiowa.com/ Glenn Hurst (D) https://hurstforiowa.com/ Jim Carlin (R) https://carlinforussenate.com/
Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R)- District 1 https://drmillermeeks.com/ Christina Bohannan (D) https://bohannanforcongress.com/
Ashley Hinson (R)- District 2 https://ashleyhinson.com/home/ Liz Mathis (D) https://lizmathis.com/
Cindy Axne (D) - District 3 https://cindyaxneforcongress.com/ Nicole Hasso (R) https://www.nicolehasso.com/ Gary Leffler (R) https://www.lefflerforcongress.com/ Zach Nunn (R) https://zachnunn.com/
Randy Feenstra (R) - District 4 https://www.feenstraforcongress.com/ Kyle Grossman (L) Bryan Holder (Liberty Caucus) Ryan O'Leary (I) Ryan Melton (D) https://www.meltonforiowa.com/
Jerry Moran (R) https://www.moran.senate.gov/ Mark R. Holland (D) https://www.hollandforkansas.com/ Robert Klingenberg (D) https://www.robertforussenate.com/ Michael Soetaert (D) https://michaelsoetaertforcongress.com/ Joan Farr (R) https://joanfarr.com/index.html
Tracey Mann (R) - District 1 https://www.traceymann.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Jacob LaTurner (R) - District 2 https://www.jakelaturner.com/ Patrick Schmidt (D) https://patrickforkansas.com/ Justin Cabral (R)
Sharice Davids (D) - District 3 https://shariceforcongress.com/ Amanda Adkins (R) https://www.amandaadkins.com/ John McCaughrean (R) https://johnforkansas3.com/ Mark Tallent (R) https://www.marktfor3.com/
Ron Estes (R) - District 4 https://estesforcongress.com/ Kyle Jacobs (I)
Rand Paul (R) https://www.paul.senate.gov/ Charles Booker (D) https://charlesbooker.org/ David Biery (L) https://www.facebook.com/davidbieryforcongress
James Comer (R) - District 1 https://jamescomer.com/ Jimmy Ausbrooks (D) https://jimmy4ky.com/
Brett Gutherie (R) - District 2 https://brettguthrie.com/?no_popup=1 Hank Linderman (D) https://hank4ky.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Morgan McGarvey (D) https://www.morganmcgarvey.com/ Stuart Ray (R) https://www.stuartrayforcongress.com/ Rhonda Palazzo (R) https://rhondaforcongress.com/
Thomas Massie (R) - District 4 https://www.thomasmassie.com/ Matthew Lehman (D) https://lehman4kentucky.org/ Ethan Osborne (I) https://oz2022.us/
Harold Rogers (R) - District 5 https://congressmanhalrogers.com/ Conor Halbleib (D) https://conorhalbleib.com/
Andy Barr (R) - District 6 https://andybarrforcongress.com/ Geoff Young (D) https://www.young4ky.com/
John Kennedy (R) https://www.kennedy.senate.gov/ Gary Chambers (D) https://chambersforlouisiana.com/ Luke Mixon (D) https://www.lukemixon.com/ Syrita Steib (D) https://syritasteib.com/
Steve Scalise (R) - District 1 https://stevescalise.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Troy Carter (D)- District 2 https://troycarter4congress.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Clay Higgins (R) - District 3 https://captainhiggins.com/ Jake Shaheen (R) http://www.jacobshaheen.com/
Mike Johnson (R) - District 4 https://mikejohnsonforlouisiana.com/ Brandon Sandage (R)
Julia Letlow (R)- District 5 https://www.julialetlow.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Garret Graves (R) - District 6 https://www.garretgraves.com/ Jacqueline Blaney (D) Scott Sonnier (R)
Chellie Pingree (D) - District 1 https://www.chelliepingree.com/ Ed Thelander (R) https://thelanderforcongress.com/
Jared Golden (D) - District 2 https://jaredgoldenforcongress.com/ Elizabeth Caruso (R) https://www.lizformaine.com/ Bruce Poliquin (R) https://poliquinforcongress.com/
Chris Van Hollen (D) https://vanhollen.org/ Michelle Smith (D) https://www.michellesmithforsenate.org/ Chris Chaffee (R) George Davis (R) https://electgeorgedavis.org/ Nnabu Eze (R) http://www.eze4senate.com/ Lorie Friend (R) Reba Hawkins (R) Jon McGreevey (R) https://mcgreeveyforsenate.org/ Joseph Perez (R) Todd Puglisi (R) https://m.facebook.com/people/Todd-Puglisi-for-US-Senate-Republican/100076998745428/ James Tarantin (R) https://www.jamestarantin.com/ John Thormann (R)
Andy Harris (R) - District 1 https://www.andyharris.com/ Daniel Thibeault (L) Dave Harden (D) https://www.hardenforcongress.com/ Heather Mizeur (D) https://heathermizeur.com/
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D) - District 2 https://www.dutchforcongress.com/ George Croom (D) https://croomforcongress.com/ Marques Dent (D) https://marquesdent.com/ Liri Fusha (D) https://liriforcongress.com/ Nicolee Ambrose (R) https://ambroseforcongress.com/ Bernard Flowers (R) https://berneyflowers.com/ Michael Geppi (R) Lance Griffin (R) https://www.lancegriffinforcongress.com/ Ellen McNulty (R) https://www.ejmcnulty.com/ Dave Wallace (R) https://wallaceforamerica.com/
John Sarbanes (D) - District 3 https://www.johnsarbanes.com/ Ben Beardsley (D) Jake Pretot (D) https://jakepretot.vote/ Thomas Harris (R) Joe Kelley (R) Yuripzy Morgan (R) https://www.ymorgan.com/ Antonio Pitocco (R) https://www.pitoccoforcongress.com/ Amal Torres (R) https://www.amalforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 https://anthonybrown.house.gov/ Tammy Allison (D) Angela Angel (D) https://www.angelaforcongress.com/ James Curtis (D) https://www.curtis4congress.com/ Donna Edwards (D) http://www.donnaedwards4congress.com/ Matthew Fogg (D) Greg Holmes (D) https://gregoryholmesforcongress.com/ Glenn Ivey (D) https://glennivey.com/ Robert McGhee (D) Kim Shelton (D) Eric Loeb (R) https://more4md4.org/ George McDermott (R) http://www.georgemcdermott.com/ Jeff Warner (R) https://www.jeffwarnerforcongress.com/
Steny Hoyer (D) - District 5 https://www.hoyerforcongress.com/ Keith Washington (D) https://www.keithwashingtonforcongress.com/ Mckayla Wilkes (D) https://mckaylawilkes.com/ Bryan Duval Cubero (R) Vanessa Marie Hoffman (R) https://vanessahoffman4mds5thdistrict.com/ Toni Jarboe-Duley (R) Michael Lemon (R) Chris Palombi (R) https://www.chrispalombi.com/ Patrick Stevens (R) Tannis Villanova (R)
David Trone (D) - District 6 https://www.davidtrone.com/ David August (D) George Gluck (D) http://www.bridgesights.com/georgegluck/index.html Ben Smilowitz (D) https://www.bensmilowitz.com/ Heba Zayas (D) Colt Black (R) https://www.coltblackforcongress.com/ Matthew Foldi (R) https://matthewfoldi.com/ Jonathan Jenkins (R) https://vote4jenkins.us/ Neil Parrott (R) https://www.neilparrott.org/ Robert Poissonnier (R) https://poissonnierforcongress.org/ Mariela Roca (R) https://rocaforcongress.com/
Kweisi Mfume (D) - District 7 http://mfumeforcongress.com/ Tashi Davis (D) https://www.tashidavisforcongress.org/ Elihu Eli El (D) Wayne McNeal (D) https://waynemcnealforcongress.com/ Ray Bly (R) http://www.raybly.com/ Scott M. Collier (R) Michael Pearson (R) Lorrie Sigley (R)
Jamie Raskin (D) - District 8 https://jamieraskin.com/ Andrés Garcia (L) https://www.andresforcongress.com/ Andalib Odulate (D) https://www.andalibodulate2022.com/ Gregory Coll (R) https://www.gregorycoll.com/ Michael Yadeta (R) https://michaelyadetaformdcongress.com/
Richard Neal (D) - District 1 https://www.nealforcongress.com/ Louis Marino (R)
James McGovern (D) - District 2 https://www.jimmcgovern.com/ Nicholas Barassi (R) https://www.nickbarassi4ma.com/ Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette (R) https://jeffrey4congress.com/
Lori Trahan (D) - District 3 https://loritrahan.com/ Miranda Tozier-Robbins (D) https://electtozierrobbins.godaddysites.com/ Dean Tran (R) https://www.deantran.com/
Jake Auchincloss (D) - District 4 https://www.jakeforma.com/ Julie Hall (R) https://hallforcongress.com/
Katherine Clark (D) - District 5 https://katherineclark.org/ Washington Blask (I) Caroline Colarusso (R) https://www.colarussoforcongress.com/
Seth Moulton (D) - District 6 https://sethmoulton.com/ Robert May Jr. (R) https://www.may4congress.com/
Ayanna Pressley (D) - District 7 https://ayannapressley.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Stephen Lynch (D) - District 8 https://www.stephenflynch.com/ Michael Ruiz (D) http://ww25.michaelruizforcongress.com/?subid1=20220528-0824-10c9-b5fd-fe43a7cba03a Ray Alongi (R) https://www.rayalongiforcongress.com/ Hamilton Soares Rodrigues (R) https://www.rodriguesforcongress.com/
Bill Keating (D) - District 9 http://keatingforcongress.com/ Grant Smith Ellis (D) https://www.grantsmithellis.com/ Jesse Brown (R) https://www.jessebrownforcongress.com/ Mark Littles (R)
Jack Bergman (R) - District 1 https://www.bergmanforcongress.com/ Robert Lorinser (D) https://www.votedrbob.com/
John Moolenaar (R)- District 2 https://www.johnmoolenaarforcongress.com/ Jerry Hilliard (D) Tom Norton (R) https://www.tom.gop/ Jericho Gonzales (R- Write in) https://votegonzales.poliengine.com/
Peter Meijer (R) - District 3 https://www.votemeijer.com/ Hillary Scholten (D) https://hillaryscholten.com/ John Gibbs (R) https://www.votejohngibbs.com/ Gabriella Manolache (R) http://www.vote4gabi.com/
Bill Huizenga (R)- District 4 https://huizengaforcongress.com/ Joseph Alfonso (D)
Tim Walberg (R)- District 5 https://walbergforcongress.com/ Ethan Hobson (U.S. Taxpayers Party) https://www.hobsonforboard.com/ Ezra Scott (I) https://ezrascottforcongress.com/ Bart Goldberg (D) https://www.bart4mi.com/ Elizabeth Ferszt (R) https://elizabethferszt.wordpress.com/2021/01/15/elizabeth-ferszt-u-s-rep-michigan-7th-district-2022/ Sherry O'Donnell (R) https://docsherry4congress.com/
Debbie Dingell (D)- District 6 https://debbiedingellforcongress.com/ Hima Kolanagireddy (R) https://himaforcongress.com/ Whittney Williams (R) https://www.winwithwhittney.com/
Elissa Slotkin (D)- District 7 https://elissaforcongress.com/ Tom Barrett (R) https://www.tombarrettforcongress.com/ Jacob Hagg (R) https://www.jakehagg.com/
Dan Kildee (D)- District 8 Paul Junge (R) https://pauljunge.com/ Candice Miller (R) Matthew Seely (R) https://www.seelyforcongress.com/
Lisa McClain (R)- District 9 https://lisamcclainforcongress.com/ Brian Steven Jaye (D) https://www.brianjayeformichigan.com/ Michelle Donovan (R) https://michelledonovanforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 10 Huwaida Arraf (D) https://www.huwaidaforcongress.com/ Carl Marlinga (D) https://www.marlinga4congress.com/ Rhonda Powell (D) https://www.rhondapowellforcongress.com/ Angela Rogensues (D) https://www.angelaforuscongress.com/team-1 Henry Yanez (D) https://henryyanezforcongress.com/ John James (R) https://johnjamesmi.com/ Tony Marcinkewciz (R) https://marcinkewciz4michigan.com/
Haley Stevens (D) - District 11 https://haleystevensforcongress.com/ Andy Levin (D) https://www.andylevinforcongress.com/ Mark Ambrose (R) https://voteambrose.com/ Matthew DenOtter (R) https://www.denotterforcongress.com/ Gabi Grossbard (R) https://votegabi.com/
Rashida Tlaib (D) - District 12 https://rashidaforcongress.com/ Kelly Garrett (D) https://voteforkellygarrett.com/ Shanelle Jackson (D) https://shanelle.us/ Janice Winfrey (D) https://janiceforcongress.com/ Steven Elliott (R) https://stevenelliottforcongress.com/ James Hooper (R) Hassan Nehme (R)
OPEN SEAT- District 13 John Conyers III (D) Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D) https://sherryforcongress.com/ Michael Griffie (D) https://www.michaelgriffie.com/ Adam Hollier (D) https://www.adamhollierforcongress.com/ Sharon McPhail (D) https://sharonmcphailforcongress.com/ Sam Riddle (D) Portia Roberson (D) https://www.portiaforcongress.com/ Lorrie Rutledge (D) Shri Thanedar (D) https://shriforcongress.com/ Martell Bivings (R) https://bivingsforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 1 Richard Painter (D) https://painterforcongress.org/ Matthew Benda (R) https://bendaforcongress.com/ Michael Hastings (R)
Angie Craig (D) - District 2 https://angiecraig.com/ Tyler Kistner (R) https://www.tylerkistnerforcongress.com/
Dean Phillips (D) - District 3 https://phillipsforcongress.org/ Lily Joy Erickson (D) Mark Blaxill (R) https://www.markblaxillforcongress.com/ Tom Weiler (R) https://vote.weilerforcongress.com/
Betty McCollum (D) - District 4 https://www.mccollumforcongress.com/ Amane Badhasso (D) https://www.amaneforcongress.com/ Evan Kail (D) Mikki Murray (R)
Ilhan Omar (D) - District 5 https://ilhanomar.com/ Don Samuels (D) https://donsamuels.com/ Khanh Tran (D) Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman (R) https://shuforcongress.com/ Cicely Davis (R) https://www.cicelydavis.com/ Royce White (R) https://roycewhite.us/
Tom Emmer (R) - District 6 https://emmerforcongress.com/ Jeanne Hendricks (D) https://www.jeannehendricks.com/
Michelle Fischbach (R) - District 7 https://fischbachforcongress.com/ Travis Johnson (L) https://bulljohnsonforcongress.us/ Annette Watson (R) https://www.watson4mn.com/
Pete Stauber (R) - District 8 https://petestauberforcongress.com/ Ernest Oppegaard-Peltier (D) https://www.ejop3.com/ Jennifer Schultz (D) https://www.schultzformnrep.com/
Trent Kelly (R) - District 1 https://kellyformississippi.com/ Hunter Avery (D) https://hunteravery94.wixsite.com/avoiceforyou2022 Dianne Black (D) https://www.diannedodsonblackforcongress.com/ Mark Strauss (R) https://www.straussforhouse.com/
Bennie Thompson (D) - District 2 https://benniethompson.com/ Jerry Kerner (D) https://kerner4congress.com/ Michael Carson (R) https://www.votemichaelcarson.com/ Ronald Eller (R) https://voteroneller.com/ Brian Flowers (R) https://flowersforcongress.com/ Stanford Johnson (R)
Michael Guest (R) - District 3 https://michaelguest.ms/ Shuwaski Young (D) https://www.shuwaskiyoung.com/ Michael Cassidy (R) https://www.votecassidy.com/ Thomas Griffin (R) https://thomasgriffin4congress.com/
Steven Palazzo (R) - District 4 https://palazzoforcongress.com/ Carl Boyanton (R) https://www.carl4congress.com/ Raymond Brooks (R) https://raymondbrooks4congress.com/ Mike Ezell (R) https://www.mikeezell.ms/ Kidron Peterson (R) https://www.kidron4congress.com/ Clay Wagner (R) https://claywagner.ms/ Brice Wiggins (R) https://bricewiggins.ms/
OPEN SEAT Curtis D. Vaughn (R) https://twitter.com/Curtis4Missouri Hartford Tunnell (R) https://tunnellforsenate.com/ Dave Sims (R) https://www.conservativesmatter.org/elect-dave-sims.html Eric Schmitt (R) https://schmittforsenate.com/ Kevin Schepers (R) https://twitter.com/KevinSchepers5 Dave Schatz (R) https://www.schatzforsenate.com/ Deshon Porter (R) https://deshonporterforsenate.com/ Russel Pealer Breyfogle Jr. (R) Robert Olson (R) Bernie Mowinski (R) https://www.berniemowinski.com/ Eric McElroy (R) Mark McCloskey (R) https://www.mccloskeyforsenate.com/ Darrell Leon McClanahan III (R) https://twitter.com/MBattleflag Billy Long (R) https://www.billylong.com/ Patrick Lewis (R) https://www.facebook.com/Patricklewisforussenate2022 Dennis Lee Chilton (R) Rickey Joiner (R) Vicky Hartzler (R) https://www.vickyhartzler.com/ Eric Greitens (R) https://www.ericgreitens.com/ C.W. Gardner (R) https://twitter.com/cwg18 Robert Allen (R) Carla Wright (D) http://www.coffeewrightussenate.com/ Spencer Toder (D) https://spencertoder.com/ Clarence Taylor (D) Joshua Shipp (D) https://only1shipp.wixsite.com/joshshippforsenate Gena Ross (D) https://www.rossforussenate.com/ Lewis Rolen (D) https://www.lewisrolen.com/ Lucas Kunce (D) https://lucaskunce.com/ Pat Kelly (D) Jewel Kelly, Jr. (D) https://jewelkelly.com/ Ronald William Harris (D) Trudy Busch Valentine (D) https://www.trudybuschvalentine.com/ Nicholas Strauss (I) https://nick-strauss.com/?cat=38 Steve Price (I) https://www.mosenator2022.com/ Ronald Deet (I) https://deetson.net/
Cori Bush (D) - District 1 https://coribush.org/ Earl Chidress (D) https://www.childressforcongress.com/ Michael Daniels (D) https://michaeldanielsforcongress.com/ Ronald Harshaw (D) Steve Roberts (D) https://www.robertsforcongress.com/ Andrew Jones Jr. (R) https://www.andrewjonesforcongress.com/ Steven Jordan (R) Laura Mitchell-Riley (R) George Zsidisin (L)
Ann Wagner (R) - District 2 https://annwagner.com/ Trish Gunby (D) https://www.trishgunby.com/ Raymond Reed (D) https://www.reedformissouri.com/ Ben Samuels (D) https://samuelsforcongress.com/ Paul Berry (R) https://berryforusa.com/ Tony Salvatore (R) https://tonysalvatoreforcongress.com/ Wesley Smith (R) https://www.thewolfofwashington.org/ Bill Slantz (L) https://billslantz.com/
Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) - District 3 https://www.blaineforcongress.com/ Andrew Daly (D) https://andrewodaly.com/ Dylan Durrwachter (D) Jon Karlen (D) https://www.karlen4missouri.com/ Bethany Mann (D) https://www.bethanymannforcongress.com/ John Ciskowski (R) Dustin Hill (R) Richard Skwira (R) Brandon Wilkinson (R) https://www.brandon4missouri.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 Jack Truman (D) http://trumanforcongress.blogspot.com/ Mark Alford (R) https://alfordforcongress.com/ Rick Brattin (R) https://rickbrattinforcongress.com/ Kalena Bruce (R) https://www.kalenabruce.com/ Taylor Burks (R) https://taylorburksforcongress.com/ Jim Campbell (R) William Irwin (R) https://www.irwinforcongress.com/ Kyle LaBrue (R) https://www.kylelabrue.com/
Emanuel Cleaver (D) - District 5 https://www.cleaverforcongress.com/home.php Maite Salazar (D) https://votesalazar.com/ Jerry Barham (R) Jacob Turk (R) Herschel L. Young (R) Robin Dominick (L)
Sam Graves (R) - District 6 https://gravesforcongress.com/ Michael Howard (D) https://www.michaelhowardmn.com/ Henry Martin (D) https://henrymartinforcongress.com/ Charles West (D) https://www.charleswestforcongress.org/ John Dady (R) Brandon Kleinmeyer (R) Christopher Ryan (R) https://chrisryanphd.com/ Dakota Shultz (R) https://shultzforcongress.com/ Edward Anders Maidment (L)
OPEN SEAT- District 7 Bryce Lockwood (D) Kristen Radaker-Sheafer (D) https://www.kristenforcongress.com/ John Woodman (D) https://woodman2022.com/ Sam Alexander (R) https://www.drsamforcongress.com/ Alex Bryant (R) https://alexbryantforcongress.com/ Eric Burlison (R) https://www.ericburlisonforcongress.com/ Camille Lombardi-Olive (R) Mike Moon (R) https://mikemoonformissouri.com/ Audrey Richards (R) https://www.audreyformissouri.com/ Paul Walker (R) Jay Wasson (R) https://www.wassonforcongress.com/ Kevin Craig (L) https://www.kevincraig.us/
Jason Smith (R) - District 8 https://electjasonsmith.com/home/ Jacob Turner (R) https://jacobturner.nationbuilder.com/ Jim Higgins (L) https://ourdemocracy2020.org/people/jim-higgins/
OPEN SEAT-District 1 Cora Neumann (D) https://coraformontana.com/ Monica Tranel (D) https://monicatranel.com/ Tom Winter (D) https://www.winterformontana.com/ Mitch Heuer (R) https://www.heuerforcongress.com/ Matt Jette (R) https://www.jette4montana.com/ Albert Olszewski (R) https://www.alformontana.com/ Mary Todd (R) https://www.marytoddformt.com/ Ryan Zinke (R) https://www.ryanzinke.com/ John Lamb (L)
Matt Rosendale (R)- District 2 https://mattformontana.com/ Gary Buchanan (I) https://www.buchananformontana.com/ Penny Ronning (D) https://www.pennyronning.com/ Skylar Williams (D) https://skylarforuscongress.com/ Kyle Austin (R) James Boyette (R) https://www.boyetteforcongress.com/ Charles A. Walking Child (R) Sam Rankin (L) https://rankinforcongress.com/ Roger Roots (L) https://rogerroots.com/ Samuel Thomas (L)
OPEN SEAT- District 1 Patty Pansing Brooks (D) https://pattyforcongress.com/ Mike Flood (R) https://mikefloodfornebraska.com/
Don Bacon (R) - District 2 https://donjbacon.com/ Tony Vargas (D) https://www.vargasfornebraska.com/
Adrian Smith (R) - District 3 http://www.joinadrian.com/ David Else (D) Mark Elworth Jr. (Legal Marijuana Now Party)
Catherine Cortez-Masto (D) https://www.cortezmasto.senate.gov/ Barry Rubinson (Independent American Party) Neil Scott (L) Joseph Destin (I) https://jjdestinfixescongress.com/ Barry Linderman (I) Stephanie Kasheta (D) Corey Reid (D) https://reid4senate22.wixsite.com/reid4senate22 Allen Rheinhart (D) https://www.allenrheinhart.com/ Sam Brown (R) https://captainsambrown.com/ William Conrad (R) https://billconrad.us/ William Hockstedler (R) https://victory2022.com/ Adam Laxalt (R) https://www.adamlaxalt.com/ Sharelle Mendenhall (R) https://www.sharelle4senate.com/ Tyler Perkins (R) Carlo Poliak (R) Paul Rodriguez (R)
Dina Titus (D) - District 1 https://www.dinatitus.com/ Ken Cavanaugh (L) https://www.electkencavanaugh.com/ Comiesha Lenoir (I) Amy Vilela (D) https://www.amyvilela.org/ Jane Adams (R) https://janeadams.us/ David Brog (R) https://www.brogfornevada.com/ Cresent Hardy (R) https://cresenthardyforcongress.com/about/ Mark Robertson (R) https://robertsonforcongress.com/ Carolina Serrano (R) https://www.carolinaforcongress.com/ Morgun Sholty (R) https://www.morgunsholty.com/ Cynthia Diane Steel (R) Jessie Turner (R) https://jessieturnerfornvdistrict1.com/
Mark Amodei (R) - District 2 https://amodeifornevada.com/ Russell Best (Independent American Party) Darryl Baber (L) https://www.darrylbaberforuscongress.com/ Joseph Afzal (D) https://www.joeyafzal.com/ Michael Doucette (D) https://doucette4congress.com/ Gerold Lee Gorman (D) Timothy Hanifan (D) https://www.timhanifan.com/ Brian Hansen (D) Rahul Joshi (D) https://www.joshifornv2.com/ Elizabeth Mercedes Krause (D) https://mercedes4nevada.com/ Mark Amodei (R) https://amodeifornevada.com/ Joel Beck (R) http://beckforcongress.us/ Brian Nadell (R) https://nadell4nevada.com/ Catherine Sampson (R) https://csampsonforcongress.com/ Danny Tarkanian (R) https://www.tarkfornv.com/
Susie Lee (D) - District 3 https://susieleeforcongress.com/ Robert Bruce Morris (I) Randell S. Hynes (D) https://randell.hynes.com/ April Becker (R) https://voteaprilbecker.com/ Clark Bossert (R) https://www.clarkbossert.com/ Albert Maxwell Goldberg (R) https://www.albertgoldbergforcongress.com/ John Kovacs (R) kovacsforcongress.com Noah Malgeri (R) https://noah4nv.com/
Steven Horsford (D) - District 4 https://www.stevenhorsford.com/ Annie Black (R) https://anniefornevada.com/ Chance Bonaventura (R) https://www.chancefornv.com/ Sam Peters (R) https://www.sampeters4congress.com/
Maggie Hassan (D) https://www.hassan.senate.gov/ Jeremy Kauffman (L) https://jeremy4nh.com/ Thomas Sharpe V (I) Don Bolduc (R) https://donbolduc.com/ Dennis Lamare (R) https://lamare2022.com/ Edmond Laplante (R) https://voteedlaplante4nh.com/ Vikram Mansharamani (R) Andy Martin (R) http://andymartin.com/ Chuck Morse (R) https://www.chuckmorsefornh.com/ Tejasinha Sivalingam (R) https://sivalingamforsenate.org/ Kevin Smith (R) https://kevinsmithforsenate.com/
Chris Pappas (D) - District 1 https://www.chrispappas.org/ Julian Acciard (R) https://julian4nh.com/ Tim Baxter (R) https://www.baxterforcongress.com/ Gail Huff Brown (R) https://gailhuffbrownforcongress.com/ Mark Kilbane (R) https://www.kilbanewins.com/ Karoline Leavitt (R) https://www.karolineforcongress.com/ Matt Mowers (R) https://mattmowers.com/ Gilead Towne (R) https://gileadtowneforcongressnh.com/
Ann Kuster (D) - District 2 https://www.kusterforcongress.com/ Scott Black (R) Bob Burns (R) https://www.burns4nh.com/ Jeffrey Greeson (R) Dean Poirier (R) https://www.deanpoirier4congress.com/ Jason Riddle (R) Lily Williams (R) https://www.lilytangwilliams.com/congress/
Donald Norcross (D) - District 1 https://www.donaldnorcrossforcongress.com/ Isaiah Fletcher (L) https://www.fletcherforcongress.com/ Claire Gustafson (R) https://clairegustafson.com/
Jefferson Van Drew (R) - District 2 https://vandrewforcongress.com/ Michael Gallo (L) Tim Alexander (D) https://www.timalexanderforcongress.com/
Andy Kim (D) - District 3 https://www.andykim.com/ Christopher Russomanno (L) Bob Healey (R) https://www.bobhealeyfornj.com/about/
Chris Smith (R) - District 4 https://smith4nj.com/ Jason Cullen (L) Matthew Jenkins (D) https://mattjenkinsforcongress.com/
Josh Gottheimer (D) - District 5 https://josh4congress.com/ Frank Pallotta (R) https://pallottaforcongress.com/about/
Frank Pallone (D) - District 6 https://pallottaforcongress.com/about/ Tara Fisher (L) Susan Kiley (R) https://suekiley.com/
Tom Malinowski (D) - District 7 https://malinowskifornj.com/ Clayton Pajunas (L) Thomas Kean Jr. (R) https://tomkean.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 8 Dan Delaney (L) https://www.facebook.com/dandelaneyforcongress Robert Menendez Jr. (D) https://robmenendez.com/ Marcos Arroyo (R)
Bill Pascrell (D) - District 9 https://billpascrell.com/ Sean Armstrong (L) https://www.sean-armstrong.com/ Billy Prempeh (R) https://www.billyprempeh.com/
Donald Payne (D) - District 10 https://www.paynejr4congress.com/ Kendal Ludden (L) David Pinckney (R)
Mikie Sherrill (D) - District 11 https://mikiesherrill.com/ Kevin McCormick (L) Paul DeGroot (R) https://pauldegrootcares.com/
Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) - District 12 https://www.bonnieforcongress.com/ Darius Mayfield (R) https://www.dariusmayfieldforamerica.com/
Melanie Ann Stansbury (D)- District 1 https://melaniefornm.com/ Cameron Chick (I) chick4congress2022.com Michelle Garcia Holmes (R) https://www.votemgh.com/ Louie Sanchez (R) https://sanchezfornm.com/
Yvette Herrell (R) - District 2 https://www.yvetteherrell.com/ Darshan Patel (D) https://patelfornm.com/ Gabriel Vasquez (D) https://gabeforcongress.com/ Yvette Herrell (R) https://www.yvetteherrell.com/
Teresa Legar Fernandez (D) - District 3 https://www.teresaforall.com/ Alexis Martinez Johnson (R) https://electalexis.com/
Chuck Schumer (D) https://www.schumer.senate.gov/ Vivika Alexander (Nonpartisan) Mohammad Ahmed (Veterans Party of America) Joel Anabilah-Azumah (I) https://www.facebook.com/AmericanJoel/ Nicholas Mantanona (I) Walter Masterson (I) Luca Nascimbene (I) Diane Sare (I) https://www.sareforsenate.com/ Moses Mugulusi (D) https://mmugulusi4senate.com/ Khaled Salem (D) https://www.khaled4senate.com/ Tyrrell Lev Sharif Ben-Avi (R) Joshua Eisen (R) Pat Hahn (R) https://www.hahn-ussenate2022.com/ Alex Mici (R) https://miciforsenate.com/ Joe Pinion (R) https://joepinion.com/ Mark Szuszkiewicz (R) https://www.mark4ny.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 1 David Barsky (D) Gregory-John Fischer (D) http://voteforgreg.org/ Bridget M. Fleming (D) https://www.bridgetforcongress.com/ Austin Smith (D) Yan Xiong (D) https://www.yanxiongforcongress2022.com/ Alex Zajic (D) Cait Corrigan (R) https://www.caitcorrigan.com/ Anthony Figliola (R) https://figliolaforcongress.com/ Dean Gandley (R) https://gandleyforcongress.wixsite.com/website Pat Hahn (R) https://www.hahn-ussenate2022.com/?fbclid=IwAR32JyoVQ6VY7gnord8UNruPRNg7EmEiX77udmPBrjxnOZr4t1vsrC-oCaY Nicholas J. LaLota (R) https://www.nicklalota.com/ Edward Moore (R)
Andrew Garbarino (R) - District 2 https://www.garbarinoforny.com/ Jackie Gordon (D) https://jackiegordonforcongress.com/ William Hoist (D) Mike Sax (D) Robert Cornicelli (R) https://www.cornicelliforcongress.com/ Mike Rakebrandt (R) https://www.mikerakebrandtforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Melanie D'Arrigo (D) https://darrigo2022.com/ Jon Kaiman (D) https://kaimanforcongress.com/ Navjot Kaur (D) Joshua Lafazan (D) https://www.joshlafazan.com/ Reema Rasool (D) https://www.reemaforcongress.com/ Fracisco Spies (D) Robert Zimmerman (D) https://zimmermanforcongress.com/ George Devolder-Santos (R) https://georgeforny.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 Siela Bynoe (D) https://www.bynoeforcongress.com/ Keith Corbett (D) https://corbettforcongress.com/ Laura Gillen (D) https://www.lauragillenforcongress.com/ Muzib Huq (D) https://muzibulhuq.com/ Kevin Bryan Shakil (D) Carrie Solages (D) https://www.solagesforcongress.com/ Bill Staniford (R)
Gregory Meeks (D) - District 5 https://www.congressmangregorymeeks.com/ Nader Akhlaghy (Peace and Freedom Party) Paul King (R) https://paulkingforcongress.com/ Amit Lal (R) https://www.lalforcongress.com/
Grace Meng (D) - District 6 https://www.gracefornewyork.com/ Christopher Fuentes-Padilla (L) Jesus Gonzalez (R)
Nydia Velazquez (D) - District 7 https://www.reelectnydiavelazquez.com/ Juan Pagan (R) https://www.paganforcongress.org/
Hakeem Jeffries (D) - District 8 https://hakeemjeffries.com/ Brian Mannix (I) https://mannixforcongress.com/ Queen Johnson (D) https://www.queenforcongress.com/ Clementine Vasquez (D)
Yvette Clarke (D) - District 9 https://voteyvette.com/ Steven Green (D)
Mondaire Jones (D)- District 10 https://mondaireforcongress.com/ Patrick Dooley (D) Brad Hoylman (D) https://www.bradhoylman.com/ Elizabeth Kim (D) https://www.elizabethkimforcongress.com/ Ian Medina (D) https://www.ianmedinaforamerica.com/ Yuh-Line Niou (D) https://www.nioufornewyork.com/ Brian Robinson (D) https://www.votebriannyc.com/ Ashmi Sheth (D) https://ashmiforcongress.com/ Bill de Blasio (D) https://billdeblasio.com/ Benine Hamdan (R) https://www.beninehamdan.com/ Michael Ragusa (R)
Nicole Malliotakis (R) - District 11 https://nicolemalliotakis.com/ Komi Agoda-Koussema (D) https://agoda4congress.com/ Brittany Ramos DeBarros (D) https://brittanyforcongress.org/ Max Rose (D) https://maxroseforcongress.com/ John Matland (R) https://www.johnmatlandforcongress.com/ Andrew Wolfe (R)
Carolyn Maloney (D) - District 12 https://www.carolynmaloney.com/ Jerrold Nadler (D) https://jerrynadler.com/ Rana Abdelhamid (D) https://www.ranaforcongress.com/ Jesse Cerrotti (D) http://jessefornewyork.com/?fbclid=IwAR2KkzCBHWXn7EQXk876EqEaOSABoxyXDF5XAcyZsfIY1PxL1Zr9H6cUa-s Mike Fitzgerald (D) Vladimy Joseph (D) https://www.vladimyjosephforcongress.com/ Maud Maron (D) https://maudmaron.com/ Suraj Patel (D) https://www.surajpatel.nyc/ Mike Zumbluskas (R) https://www.electmikez.us/
Adriano Espaillat (D) - District 13 https://adrianoespaillat.com/ Nicholas Mantanona (I) Lindsey Williams (D)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D/Working Families Party)) - District 14 https://www.ocasiocortez.com/splash Edgardo Marrero (D) Desi Cuellar (R) https://www.desicuellar.com/ Pura De Jesus-Coniglio (R) https://puraforcongress.com/ Tina Forte (R) https://tinaforteforcongress.com/ Miguel Hernandez (R)
Ritchie Torres (D) - District 15 https://torres.nyc/ NO CHALLENGERS
Jamaal Bowman (D)- District 16 https://bowmanforcongress.com/ Vedat Gashi (D) https://www.vedatgashi.com/ Patrick Delices (R) https://www.voteforpatrickdelices.com/ William Faulkner (R) https://faulkner4congress.com/
Sean Maloney (D)- District 17 https://seanmaloney.house.gov/ Alessandra Biaggi (D) https://alessandrabiaggi.com/ Michael Parietti (D) Charles Falciglia (R) Michael Lawler (R) https://www.lawlerforcongress.com/ Jack Schrepel (R) http://schrepelforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 18 Michael Berean (D) Pat Ryan (D) https://www.patryanforcongress.com/ Colin Schmitt (R) https://colinschmitt.com/
Antonio Delgado (D) - District 19 https://delgadoforny.com/ Josh Riley (D/Working Families Party) https://joshrileyforcongress.com/ Brandon Buccola (R) Marcus Molinaro (R) https://www.marcforus.com/
Paul Tonko (D) - District 20 https://paultonko.com/ Jack Fallon-Underwood (D) Cole Matthews (D) Rontislav Rar (D) https://www.rarforcongress.com/ Elizabeth Joy (R) https://joyfornewyork.com/
Elise Stefanik (R) - District 21 https://eliseforcongress.com/ Matt Castelli (D) https://www.castelliforcongress.com/ Matthew Putorti (D) https://putortiforcongress.com/ Keith Sherrill (D)
OPEN SEAT- District 22 Hal Stewart (I) Francis Conole (D) https://conoleforcongress.com/ Vanessa Fajans-Turner (D) https://vanessaforcongress.com/ Sarah Klee Hood (D) https://sarahkleehoodny.com/ Chol Majok (D) https://www.cholforcongress.com/ Mikayla Ridley (D) Sam Roberts (D) https://www.samrobertsforcongress.com/ Mike Sigler (R) https://www.votemikesigler.com/ Steven Wells (R) Brandon Williams (R) https://brandonforcongressny22.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 23 Max Della Pia (D/Working Families Party) https://www.dellapiaforny23.com/ Christopher Jacobs (R) https://www.jacobs4congress.com/ Hugh Bahar (R) George Burns (R) Raymond Juliano (R) https://www.julianoforcongress.com/ Richard Moon (R) https://www.richmoon4congress.com/ George Phillips (R)
Claudia Tenney (R)- District 24 https://claudiaforcongress.com/ Steven Holden (D) https://www.nystevenholden.com/ Shelley Skellington (D) Mario Fratto (R) https://marioforcongress.com/ Tim Ko (R) https://www.koforcongress.com/ Andrew McCarthy (R) https://www.andrewmccarthyny.com/ John Murtari (R) https://votecitizenjohn.com/
Joseph Morelle (D/Working Families Party) - District 25 https://www.votemorelle.com/ La'Ron Singletary (R) singletary4congress.com
Brian Higgins (D) - District 26 https://www.higginsforcongress.com/ Emin Eddie Egriu (D) https://www.egriu.com/ Steven Sams (R) https://www.samsforthepeople.com/home
OPEN SEAT Ted Budd (R) https://tedbudd.com/ Cheri Beasley (D) https://cheribeasley.com
OPEN SEAT- District 1 Donald Davis (D) https://votedondavis.com/ Sandy Smith (R) https://sandysmithnc.com/ Eshan Patel (I)
Deborah K. Ross (D) - District 2 https://deborahross.com/ Christine Villaverde (R) https://votevillaverde.com/
Gregory Murphy (R) - District 3 https://murphy4congress.com/ Barabara Gaskins (D) https://www.barbara4congress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 Valerie Foushee (D) https://valeriefoushee.com/ Courtney Geels (R) https://courtneygeelsforcongress.com/
Virginia Foxx (R) - District 5 https://virginiafoxx.com/ Kyle Parrish (D) https://kyleparrishforcongress.com/
Kathy Manning (D) - District 6 https://www.kathymanningfornc.com/ Christian Castelli (R) https://www.castelliforcongress2022.com/ Thomas Watercott (L)
David Rouzer (R) - District 7 https://davidrouzer.com/ Charles Graham (D) https://votecharlesgraham.com/ Charles E. Evans (D) https://www.charlesevansforcongress2022.com/
Dan Bishop (R) - District 8 https://votedanbishop.com/ Scott Huffman (D) https://www.scotthuffman.com/
Richard Hudson (R)- District 9 https://richardhudson.org/ Ben Clark (D) https://www.benclarknc.com/
Patrick McHenry (R) - District 10 https://mchenryforcongress.com/ Pamela Genant (D) https://pamgenant.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 11 Jasmine Beach-Ferrara (D) https://www.jasmineforcongress.com/ Chuck Edwards (R) https://www.chuckedwardsforcongress.com/ David Coatney (L) https://coatneyforcongress.com/
Alma Adams (D) - District 12 https://almaadamsforcongress.com/ Tyler Lee (R) https://votetylerlee.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 13 Wiley Nickel (D) https://www.wileynickelforcongress.com/ Bo Hines (R) https://www.bo4nc.com/
OPEN SEAT (New District)- District 14 Jeff Jackson (D) https://www.jeffjacksonnc.com/ Pat Harrigan (R) https://www.harriganforcongress.com/
Joe Hoeven (R) https://www.hoeven.senate.gov/ Katrina Christiansen (D) https://www.katrinaforussenate.com Michael Steele (D) https://www.michaeljsteeleforsenate.com Riley Kuntz (R) https://rileykuntz.me
Kelly Armstrong (R) - AT LARGE https://www.armstrongnd.com/ Mark Haugen (D) https://markhaugenforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT Tim Ryan (D) https://timforoh.com/ J.D. Vance (R) https://jdvance.com/ Kelli Prather (I)
Steve Chabot (R) - District 1 https://stevechabot.com/ Greg Landsman (D) https://landsmanforcongress.com/
Brad Wenstrup (R) - District 2 https://usabrad.com/ Samantha Meadows (D) https://www.samanthameadowsforcongress.com/
Joyce Beatty (D) - District 3 https://beattyforcongress.com/ Lee Stahley (R) https://www.stahleyforcongress.com/
Jim Jordan (R) - District 4 https://www.jimjordanforcongress.com/ Tamie Wilson (D) https://www.tamiewilson.com/
Robert Latta (R) - District 5 https://lattaforcongress.com/ Craig Swartz (D) https://www.swartzforohio.com/
Bill Johnson (R) - District 6 https://billjohnsonleads.com/ Lou Lyras (D) https://louislyras.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 7 Matthew Diemer (D) https://www.diemerforcongress.com/ Max Miller (R) https://www.votemaxmiller.com/
Warren Davidson (R) - District 8 https://www.davidsonforcongress.com/ Vanessa Enoch (D)
Marcy Kaptur (D) - District 9 https://marcykaptur.com/ J.R. Majewski (R) https://jrmajewski4congress.com/ Youseff Baddar (I) https://www.baddarforthepeople.org/
Michael Turner (R) - District 10 https://www.miketurner.com/ David Esrati (D) https://electesrati.com/
Shontel Brown (D)- District 11 https://shontelbrown.com/ Eric Brewer (R)
Troy Balderson (R) - District 12 https://baldersonforcongress.com/ Amy Rippel-Elton (D) arippelmakeschange.com
OPEN SEAT- District 13 Emilia Sykes (D) https://www.emiliasykesforcongress.com/ Madison Gesiotto Gilbert (R) https://www.madisongesiottogilbert.com/?fbclid=IwAR1YdExRRbdNO4rup5A2oN7Vz6ay0PYR-e8vCkGszpYCTFEL_Wtt171rG94
David Joyce (R) - District 14 https://joyceforcongress.com/ Matt Kilboy (D) https://www.kilboy4ohio.com/
Mike Carey (R)- District 15 https://www.careyforcongress.com/ Gary Josephson (D) Elizabeth McKenzie (I)
James Lankford (R) https://jameslankford.com/ Arya Azma (D) Dennis Baker (D) https://dennislbaker.com/ Jason Bollinger (D) https://jasonforoklahoma.com/ Jo Glenn (D) https://www.joglennforsenate.com/ Madison Horn (D) https://www.madisonhorn.com/ Brandon Wade (D) https://www.brandonwadeussenate22.com/ Joan Farr (R) https://joanfarr.com/ Jackson Lahmeyer (R) https://www.jacksonlahmeyer.com/ Kenneth Blevins (L)
Kevin Hern (R) - District 1 https://hernforcongress.com/ Evelyn Rogers (I) Adam Martin (D) https://www.martinforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 2 Ben Robinson (I) Naomi Andrews (D) https://www.naomiforok.com/ Guy Barker (R) https://barkerforcongress.com/ John R. Bennett (R) https://johnbennettforcongress.com/ Josh Brecheen (R) https://joshbrecheen.com/ David Derby (R) https://www.derbyforcongress.com/ Avery Carl Frix (R) https://averyfrix.com/ Pamela Gordon (R) https://votepamgordon.com/ Rhonda Hopkins (R) Clint Johnson (R) https://www.clintjohnsonforcongress.com/ Wes Nofire (R) https://www.wesnofire.com/ Marty Quinn (R) https://www.quinnforok.com/ Dustin Roberts (R) https://dustinrobertsforcongress.com/ Chris Schiller (R) https://schillerforcongress.com/ Johnny Teehee (R) https://www.johnnyteehee.com/ Erick Wyatt (R) erickwyatt.com
Frank Lucas (R) - District 3 https://frankdlucas.com/ Jeremiah Ross (D) Wade Burleson (R) https://burlesonforcongress.com/ Stephen Butler (R)
Tom Cole (R) - District 4 https://tomcoleforcongress.com/ Mary Brannon (R) Frank Blacke (R) James Taylor (R) https://www.taylor4ok.com/
Stephanie Bice (R) - District 5 https://biceforcongress.com/ David Frosch (I) Joshua Harris-Till (D) https://www.jhtforcongress.com/ Subrina Banks (R) https://www.subrina45congress.us/
Ron Wyden (D) https://www.standtallforamerica.com/ Michael Stettler (Constitution Party) https://stetty4senate.us/ Dan Pulju (Green Party) Bret Westwood (I) Thomas Verde (I) Jo Rae Perkins (R) https://perkinsforussenate.vote/ Darin Harbick (R) https://harbickforussenate.com/
Suzanne Bonamici (D) - District 1 https://www.bonamiciforcongress.com/ Chris Mann (R) https://www.chrismannspeaks.com/ Nicholas Rascon (I)
Cliff Bentz (R) - District 2 https://cliffbentz.com/ Joseph Yetter (R) https://cliffbentz.com/
Earl Blumenauer (D) - District 3 https://www.earlblumenauer.com/ Joanna Harbour (R) https://joanna4oregon.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 4 Val Hoyle (D) https://valhoyle.com/ Alek Skarlatos (R) https://www.alekfororegon.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 5 Jamie McLeod-Skinner (D) http://jamiefororegon.com/ Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R) https://www.lorichavezderemer.com/
OPEN SEAT (New District)- District 6 Andrea Salinas (D) https://www.andreasalinasfororegon.com/ Mike Erickson (R) https://mikeericksonforcongress.org/
OPEN SEAT John Fetterman (D) https://johnfetterman.com/ Mehmet Oz (R) https://doctoroz.com
Brian Fitzpatrick (R) - District 1 https://www.brianfitzpatrick.com/ Ashley Ehasz (D) https://www.ehaszforcongress.com/ Henry Conoly (Green) https://www.facebook.com/henryc4ushouse/ Caroline Avery (L) https://www.carolineforcongress.us/
Brendan Boyle (D) - District 2 https://voteboyle.com/ Aaron Bashir (R) https://bashirforcongress.com/
Dwight Evans (D) - District 3 https://www.dwightevans.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Madeleine Dean (D) - District 4 https://mad4pa.com/ Christian Nascimento (R) https://www.cn4pa.com/ Juriss Kallatar (L)
Mary Gay Scanlon (D) - District 5 https://www.scanlonforcongress.com/ David Galluch(R) https://galluchforcongress.com/ Robert Margus(L)
Chrissy Houlahan (D) - District 6 https://www.chrissyhoulahanforcongress.com/ Guy Ciarrocchi( R) https://ourguyforcongress.com/
Susan Wild (D) - District 7 https://wildforcongress.com/ Lisa Scheller( R) https://lisaschellerpa.com/
Matt Cartwright (D) - District 8 https://cartwrightcongress.com/ Jim Bognet ( R) https://www.bognetforcongress.com/
Daniel Meuser (R) - District 9 https://www.meuserforcongress.com/ Amanda Waldman ( D) https://waldman4pa.com/
Scott Perry (R) - District 10 https://patriotsforperry.com/ Shamaine Daniels (D) https://danielsforcongress.org/?fbclid=IwAR3kU9Art7WrBLl86Xj-Jn0WMZELx8DK2t8gKQ0MGKvFzBZZDHUm3SDONjI
Lloyd Smucker (R) - District 11 ElectSmuckerPA.com Robert Hollister (D) https://summerforpa.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 12 Summer Lee(D) https://summerforpa.com/ Michael Doyle (R)
John Joyce (R) - District 13 https://www.johnjoyceforcongress.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Guy Reschenthaler (R) - District 14 https://www.guyforpa.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Glenn Thompson (R) - District 15 https://www.friendsofglennthompson.com/ Ronnie Ray Jenkins (D)
Mike Kelly (R) - District 16 https://www.mikekellyforcongress.com/ Dan Pastore (D) https://www.danpastore.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 17 https://lamb.house.gov/ Christopher Deluzio (D) https://chrisforpa.com/ Jeremy Shaffer ( R) https://jeremyshaffer.com/ Walter Sluzynsky (I)
David Cicilline (D) - District 1 https://www.cicilline.com/ Allen Waters (R) https://www.allenrwaters.com/slash?splash=1
OPEN SEAT- District 2 Omar Bah (D) info@bahforcongress.com Joy Fox ( D) info@joyfoxcongress.com Seth Magaziner (D) INFO@SETHMAGAZINER.COM Cameron Moquin (D) info@moquin4ri.com Sarah Morgenthau (D) info@SarahMorgenthau.com David Segal (D) info@davidsegalri.com Allan Fung ( R) info@allanfung.com Robert Lancia (R) info@lanciaforcongress.com
Tim Scott (R) https://votetimscott.com/ Krystle Matthews (D) https://www.matthewsforsenate.com/ Angela Geter (D) https://www.geterforussenate.com/ Catherine Fleming Bruce (D) https://catherineflemingbruce.com/ Larry Adams Jr. (I)
Nancy Mace (R) - District 1 https://nancymace.org/ Annie Andrews (D) https://www.drannieandrews.com/ Joseph Oddo (AP) Lucus Devan Faulk (Labor Party) https://www.facebook.com/lucus2022usa Katie Arrington ( R) https://www.katieforsc.com/ Lynz Piper-Loomis (R) https://www.lynzsc.com/
Joe Wilson (R) - District 2 https://joemeansjobs.com/ Judd Larkins (D) https://www.juddlarkins.com/
Jeff Duncan (R) - District 3 https://jeffduncan.com/
William Timmons (R) - District 4 https://votetimmons.com/ Ken Hill (D) Michael Chandler (Constitution Party) George Abuzeid (R) https://voteabuzeidforcongress.com/ Mark Burns (R) https://www.markburns.org/ Michael LaPierre (R) https://www.lapierreforhouse.com/
Ralph Norman (R) - District 5 https://www.electralphnorman.com/ Larry Gaither ( Green Party) Kevin Eckert ( D) https://www.kevinforcongresssc.com/ Evangeline Hundley (D) https://www.ehundleyforcongress.com/
Jim Clyburn (D ) - District 6 https://clyburnforcongress.com/
Tom Rice (R) - District 7 https://www.tomrice.com/
John Thune (R) https://www.johnthune.com/ Bruce Whalen (R) https://whalenforussenate.com/ Mark Mowry (R) https://www.mowryforsenate.com/ Tamara Lesnar (L) Brian Bengs (D) https://bengsforsenate.com/
Dusty Johnson (R) - AT LARGE https://www.dustyjohnson.com/ Colin Duprel (L) https://collinforcongress.com/ Taffy Howard (R) https://www.taffyhoward.com/
Diana Harshbarger (R) - District 1 https://www.votediana.com/ Richard Baker (I) Matt Makrom (I) https://mattforcongress.vote/ Cameron Parsons (D) https://www.tn1.us/
Tim Burchett (R) - District 2 https://www.burchettforcongress.com/ Mark Harmon (D) https://markharmonforcongress.com/
Chuck Fleischmann (R) - District 3 https://www.chuckforcongress.com/ Thomas Rumba (I) Rick Tyler (I) http://ricktylerforcongress.com/ Meg Gorman (D) https://www.meg2022.com/home Sandy Casey (R) https://www.sandycasey.com/
Scott DesJarlais (R) - District 4 https://scottdesjarlais.com/ Clyde Benson (I) https://clydebenson.com/ Tharon Chandler (I) https://tharonchandlerforca-09.blogspot.com/ David Leighton Jones (I) Joseph Magyer (I) Mike Winton (I) https://votemikewinton.com/ Wayne Steele (D) https://steele4congress.us/ Arnold White (D)
OPEN SEAT- District 5 Derrick Brantley (I) http://dbfortn.com/ Daniel Cooper (I) Rick Shannon (I) https://www.rickshannonofficial.com/ Heidi Campbell (D) https://www.voteheidicampbell.com/ Geni Batchelor (R) https://batchelorforthehouse.com/ Jeff Beierlein (R) https://www.jbfortn5.com/ Natisha Brooks (R) https://www.natishaforcongress2022.org/ Beth Harwell (R) https://bethharwell.com/ Timothy Lee (R) https://timlee4congress.com/ Andy Ogles (R) https://andyogles.com/ Stewart Parks (R) https://www.stewartparksforcongress.com/ Kurt Winstead (R) https://www.kurtwinstead.com/ Tres Wittum (R) https://www.treswittum.com/
John Rose (R) - District 6 https://johnrose.com/ Randal Cooper (D) Clay Faircloth (D) https://www.clayforcongress.org/
Mark Green (R) - District 7 https://markgreentn.com/ Steven Hooper (I) Odessa Kelly (D) http://odessaforcongress.com/
David Kustoff (R) - District 8 https://www.kustoffforcongress.com/ James Hart (I) https://jameshart4congress.com/ Ronnie Henley (I) Tim McDonald (D) Lynnette Williams (D) Danny Bridger Jr. (R) Dean Clouse (R) https://www.clouseforthehouse2022.com/ Bob Hendry (R) https://www.hendryforcongress.com/
Steve Cohen (D) - District 9 http://cohenforcongress.com/ M. LaTroy Williams (D) Leo AwGoWhat (R) Charlotte Bergmann (R) https://electbergmann.com/ Brown Dudley (R)
OPEN SEAT- District 1 Jrmar Jefferson (D) http://www.jeffersonforcongress.com/ Nathaniel Moran (R) https://nathanielmoran.com/
Dan Crenshaw (R) - District 2 https://crenshawforcongress.com/ Robin Fulford (D) https://www.fulfordforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Sandeep Srivastava (D) https://sandeepfortexas.com/ Keith Self (R) https://keithself.com/ Christopher Claytor (L)
Pat Fallon (R) - District 4 https://www.fallonforcongress.com/ Iroghama Omere (D) https://www.omereforcongress.com/ John Simmons (L) https://www.johnsimmonsforcongress.com/
Lance Gooden (R) - District 5 http://lancegooden.com/ Tartisha Hill (D) https://tartishahillforcongress.com/ Kevin Hale (L) https://givecongresshale.nationbuilder.com/
Jake Ellzey (R)- District 6 https://www.ellzeyfortexas.com/ Takona Scauflaire (I) https://texas4takona.com/
Lizzie Fletcher (D) - District 7 https://lizziefletcher.com/ Johnny Teague (R) https://www.johnnyteague.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 8 Laura Jones (D) https://www.laurajonesforcongress.com/ Morgan Luttrell (R) https://www.morganluttrell.com/ Roy Eriksen (L)
Al Green (D) - District 9 https://algreen.org/ Jimmy Leon (R) Randall Addison (I)
Michael McCaul (R) - District 10 https://michaelmccaul.com/ Linda Nuno (D) https://lindanunoforcongress.com/ Bill Kelsey (L) https://kelseyforcongress.com/
August Pfluger (R) - District 11 https://www.augustpfluger.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Kay Granger (R) - District 12 https://kaygranger.com/ Trey Hunt (D)
Ronny Jackson (R) - District 13 https://ronnyjacksontx.com/ Kathleen Brown (D) https://kathleenfortx.com/
Randy Weber (R) - District 14 https://randyweber.org/ Mikal Williams (D) https://www.electmikalwilliams.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 15 Monica De La Cruz (R) https://www.monicaforcongress.us/ Ross Lynn Leone (L) Ruben Ramirez (D) https://www.voteruben.com/ Michelle Vallejo (D) https://michellefortx15.com/home/
Veronica Escobar (D) - District 16 https://veronicaescobar.com/ Irene Armendariz-Jackson (R) https://irenearmendarizjackson.com/
Pete Sessions (R) - District 17 https://www.petesessions.com/ Mary Jo Woods (D) https://maryjowoodstx17.com/
Sheila Jackson Lee (D) - District 18 https://www.facebook.com/SheilaJacksonLeefor18 Carmen Maria Montiel (R) https://carmenforcongress.com/ Phil Kurtz (L)
Jodey Arrington (R) - District 19 https://www.jodeyarrington.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Joaquin Castro (D) - District 20 https://castroforcongress.com/ Kyle Sinclair (R) https://kylefor20.com/
Chip Roy (R) - District 21 https://chiproy.com/ Claudia Zapata (D) https://www.conclaudia.com/
Troy Nehls (R) - District 22 https://nehlsforcongress.com/ Jamie Jordan (D) Jim Squires (D- Write in) https://www.squiresforcongress.com/
Tony Gonzales (R) - District 23 https://tonygonzalesforcongress.com/ John Lira (D) https://liraforcongress.com/
Beth Van Duyne (R) - District 24 https://bethfortexas.com/ Derrik Gay (D) https://derrikgay.com/ Jan McDowell (D) https://www.janmcdowell.com/
Roger Williams (R) - District 25 https://www.rogerforcongress.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Michael Burgess (R) - District 26 https://burgessforcongress.org/ Mike Kolls (L)
Michael Cloud (R) - District 27 https://www.cloudforcongress.com/ Maclovio Perez Jr. (D) https://www.maclovio4congress.com/
Henry Cueller (D) - District 28 https://www.henrycuellar.com/ Cassy Garcia (R) https://www.cassyforcongress.com/ Jessica Cisneros (D) https://jessicacisnerosforcongress.com/home/
Sylvia Garcia (D) - District 29 https://www.sylviaforcongress.com/ Robert Schafranek (R)
OPEN SEAT- District 30 Jasmine Crockett (D) https://www.jasmineforus.com/ James Rodgers (R) https://jamesrodgersforcongress.com/ Phil Gray (L) https://www.philgray.org/
John Carter (R) - District 31 https://www.johncarterforcongress.com/ NO CHALLENGERS
Colin Allred (D) - District 32 https://www.colinallred.com/ Antonio Swad (R)
Marc Veasey (D) - District 33 https://marcveasey.com/ Patrick Gillespie (R) https://patrickgillespie4congress33.com/ Ken Ashby (L)
Vincente Gonzalez Jr. (D) https://www.vicentegonzalez.com// Mayra Flores (R) https://www.mayrafloresforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 35 Greg Casar (D) https://www.casarforcongress.com/ Dan McQueen (R) http://www.mcqueenforcongress.com/
Brian Babin (R) - District 36 https://www.babinforcongress.com/ Jon Haire (D) https://jonhaireforcongress.com/
Lloyd Doggett (D) https://www.votedoggett.com/ Jenny Garcia Sharon (R) https://jennygarciasharon.com/ Clark Patterson (L) http://www.clarkpforcongress.com/
OPEN SEAT (New District)- District 38 Duncan Klussmann (D) https://duncanfortexas.com/ Wesley Hunt (R) https://wesleyfortexas.com/
Mike Lee (R) https://leeforsenate.com/ Ally Isom (R) https://allyforutah.com/ Becky Edwards (R) https://beckyforutah.com/ Michael Seguin (I-Write-in) Abe Korb (I- Write-in) Evan McMullin (I) https://evanmcmullin.com/ James Arthur Hansen (L) https://www.jimmyforutah.com/ Tommy Williams (Independent American Party of Utah)
Blake Moore (R) - District 1 https://electmoore.com/ Rick Jones (D) Andrew Badger (R) https://www.badger2022.com/ Tina Cannon (R) https://tinacannon.com/
Chris Stewart (R) - District 2 https://www.stewartforutah.com/ Nicholas Mitchell (D) https://nickmitchellforcongress.com/ Cassie Easley (Constitution Party) Jay McFarland (United Utah Party) https://www.jaymcfarland.com/ Erin Rider (R) https://erinrider.com/
John Curtis (R) - District 3 https://johncurtis.org/ Glenn J. Wright (D) Daniel Clyde Cummings (Constitution Party) Aaron Heineman (Independent American Party of Utah) Michael Stoddard (L) Christopher Herrod (R) https://herrodforcongress.com/home
Burgess Owens (R) - District 4 https://burgess4utah.com/ Darlene McDonald (D) https://votedarlene.com/ January Walker (United Utah Party) https://januaryforutah.com/ Jonathan Peterson (I- Write in) https://jlp1997.wixsite.com/instinctlogicresearc?fbclid=IwAR2G9IAITiCcdE6asY5eewXje-hBR0ac8VpxNiZmJYucclw3XrwfcZ0BEno Jake Hunsaker (R) https://jake4congress.com/
OPEN SEAT Justin Tuthill (R) http://www.tuthillforcongress.com/ Christina Nolan (R) https://www.christinanolanforussenate.com/ Gerald Malloy (R) https://www.deploymalloy.com/ Peter Welch (D) https://welchforvermont.com/ Niki Thran (D) https://www.drnikithran2022.com/ Kerry Raheb (I) https://kerryraheb.com/ Brock Pierce (I) https://www.brock.vote/ Christopher Helali (Communist Party) https://www.chrishelali.com/about Mark Coester (American Independent Party) https://mark644304233.wordpress.com/
OPEN SEAT- AT LARGE Becca Balint (D) https://www.beccabalint.com/ Sianay Clifford (D) https://www.sianayclifford.com/ Molly Gray (D) https://mollyforvermont.com/ Louis Meyers (D) https://louismeyersforcongress.com/ Liam Madden (R) https://rebirthdemocracy.com/ Ericka Redic (R) https://erickaredic.com/ Anya Tynio (R) https://anyatynioforcongress.com/ Barbara Nolfi (Vermont Progressive Party)
Robert Wittman (R) - District 1 https://robwittman.com/ Herb Jones (D) https://herbjonesforvirginia.com/ Austin Nichols (I) http://pped.org/
Elaine Luria (D) - District 2 https://elaineforcongress.com/ Garry Hubbard (Green) Tommy Altman (R) https://www.tommy4va.com/ Andy Baan (R) https://andybaan.com/ Jarome Bell (R) https://jaromebellforcongress.com/ Jennifer Kiggans (R) https://jenforcongress.com/
Bobby Scott (D) - District 3 https://www.bobbyscottforcongress.com/ Theodore Engquist (R) https://tedforcongress2022.com/#welcome Terry Namkung (R) https://namkungforvirginia.com/
Donald McEachin (D) - District 4 https://donaldmceachin.com/ Leon Benjamin Sr. (R) https://benjamin4congress.com/
Bob Good (R) - District 5 https://www.bobgoodforcongress.com/ Joshua Throneburg (D) https://joshforvirginia.com/
Ben Cline (R) - District 6 https://bencline.com/ Jennifer Lewis (D) https://www.friendsofjenniferlewis.com/ Danny LeBeau (I) Merritt Hale (R) https://www.merritthaleforcongress.com/
Abigail Spanberger (D) - District 7 https://abigailspanberger.com/ Derrick Anderson (R) https://derrickandersonforva.com/ Gina Ciarcia (R) https://ginaciarcia.com/ Bryce Reeves (R) https://www.brycereeves.com/ David Ross (R) https://daveross4liberty.com/ Crystal Vanuch (R) https://crystalvanuch.com/ Yesil Vega (R) https://yeslivega.com/
Donald Beyer (D) - District 8 https://friendsofdonbeyer.com/ Karina Lipsman (R) https://www.karinaforcongress.com/ Teddy Fikre (I) https://fikre4va.com/ Victoria Virasingh (D) https://www.victoriaforcongress.com/
Morgan Griffith (R) - District 9 https://www.morgangriffithforcongress.com/ Taysha DeVaughan (D) https://www.devaughanforcongress.com/
Jennifer Wexton (D) - District 10 https://jenniferwexton.com/ Hung Cao (R) https://www.hungcaoforcongress.com/
Gerald Connolly (D) - District 11 https://gerryconnolly.com/ James Myles (R) https://www.mylesforcongress.com/
Patty Murray (D) https://pattymurray.com/ Bryan Solstin (D) https://solstin.org/ Tiffany Smiley (R) https://www.smileyforwashington.com/ Nicolaus Sleister (D) https://www.nick4wa.com/landingma22?splash=1 Ravin Pierre (D) https://pierre4senate.com/ Naz Paul (I) https://nazpaul2022.com/ Mfumu Metamorphosis Mpiana (I) David McCune (I) Leon Lawson (R) Robert Kirby (D) David Ishii (D) Larry Hussey (I) Isaac Holyk (R) http://voteholyk.org/ Bob Hagglund (R) https://www.bob4wa.com/
Suzan DelBene (D) - District 1 https://www.delbeneforcongress.com/ Vincent Cavaleri (R) https://www.cavaleriforcongress.com/ Derek Chartran (R) https://www.chartrandforcongress.com/ Matthew Heines (R) https://vote4heines.com/ Tom Spears (I) https://spearsforcongress.com/
Rick Larsen (D) - District 2 https://www.ricklarsen.org/ Jason Call (D) https://www.callforcongress.com/ Cody Hart (MAGA Republican Party) https://codyhart.org/ Leif Johnson (R) https://www.leifjohnsonforcongress.com/ Carrie Kennedy (R) http://carriekennedy2022.com/ Dan Matthews (R) Doug Revelle (I) Brandon Stalnaker (R) Jon Welch (Conservative Party) Bill Wheeler (R) https://www.takebackyourtown.com/
Jaime Herrera Beutler (R) - District 3 https://www.votejaime.com/ Oliver Black (American Solidarity Party) Chris Byrd (I) http://byrdforcongress.org/ Leslie French (R) http://frenchforcongress.org/ Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D) https://marieforcongress.com/ Chris Jenkins (D) Joe Kent (R) https://joekentforcongress.com/ Vicki Kraft (R) https://vickikraft.com/ Lucy Lauser (D) Matthew Overton (R) Davy Ray (D) Heidi St. John (D) http://heidistjohnforcongress.com/
Dan Newhouse (R) - District 4 https://www.dannewhouse.com/ Loren Culp (R) https://culpforcongress.com/ Benancio Garcia III (R) https://www.votebengarcia.com/ Corey Gibson (R) https://www.sendcorey2022.com/ Brad Klippert (R) https://www.klippertforcongress.net/ Jacek Kobiesa (R) Jerrod Sessler (R) https://www.jerrodforcongress.com/ Doug White (D) https://www.dougwhite4congress.us/
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) - District 5 https://www.cathyforcongress.com/ Sean Clynch (R) https://www.clynchforcongress.com/ Ann Marie Danimus (D) https://vote4annmarie.com/ Natasha Hill (D) https://www.natashaforcongress.com/
Derek Kilmer (D) - District 6 https://derekkilmer.com/ Chris Binns (R) https://binnsforthe6th.com/ Todd Bloom (R) http://www.electtoddbloom.com/ Elizabeth Kreiselmaier (R) https://cleanupthehouse.com/ Rebecca Parson (D) https://www.rebeccaparson.com/ Tom Triggs (I)
Pramila Jayapal (D) - District 7 https://www.pramilaforcongress.com/ Paul Glumaz (R) https://www.glumaz4congress.org/ Jesse James (I) Cliff Moon (R) https://cliff4congress.com/
Kim Schrier (D) - District 8 https://www.drkimschrier.com/ Keith Arnold (D) https://www.votekeitharnold.com/ Ryan Burkett (I) Dave Chapman (R) Patrick Dillon (Concordia Party) Reagan Dunn (R) https://reagandunn.com/ Justin Greywolf (L) https://www.votegreywolf.com/ Jesse Jensen (R) https://jessejensen4congress.com/ Matt Larkin (R) https://larkin4congress.com/ Scott Stephenson (R) https://www.scott4wa8.com/ Emet Ward (D)
Adam Smith (D) - District 9 http://www.electadamsmith.com/ David Michael Anderson (I) https://www.andersonforcongress.com/ Douglas Michael Basler (R) https://dougbasler.com/index.html Sea Chan (R) https://www.chanforcongress.com/ Stephanie Gallardo (D) https://www.electgallardo.com/ David Ishii (D) Krystal Marx (D) krystalmarx.com Amelia Paz (D) Seth Pedersen (R)
Marilyn Strickland (D) - District 10 https://stricklandforwashington.com/ Richard Boyce (Congress Sucks Party) https://eledataweb.votewa.gov/OVG/OnlineVotersGuide/GetCandidateStatement?electionId=62&candidateId=45445&raceJurisdictionName=Congressional&Display=Statewide&partyName=(States%20No%20Party%20Preference)&raceName=Congressional%20District%2010%20-%20U.S.%20Representative Dan Gordon (R) https://www.daneg4congress.com/ Don Hewett (R) https://donhforcongress.com/ Eric Mahaffy (D) https://ericmahaffy.com/ Keith Swank (R) http://keithswank.com/index.html
Carol Miller (R)- District 1 https://www.electcarolmiller.com/ Eugene Watson (D) https://votelacy.com/
Alex Mooney (R) - District 2 https://www.mooneyforcongress.com/ Barry Wendell (D)
Ron Johnson (R) https://www.ronjohnsonforsenate.com/ Justin Doty (R) Brad Beyer (R) https://www.beyerforsenate.com/ John Berman (R) https://sites.google.com/view/john4midwest/home Adam Benedetto (R) https://benedettoforwisconsin.com/ Darrell Williams (D) https://williamsworksforwisconsin.com/ Jeff Rumbaugh (D) https://www.jeffrumbaughforsenate.com/ Peter Peckarsky (D) https://www.peckarskyforwisconsin.com/ Steven Olikara (D) https://www.stevenolikara.com/ Tom Nelson (D) https://nelsonforwi.com/ Adam Murphy (D) https://murphyforwi.com/ Chantia Lewis (D) Kou Lee (D) https://leeforwisconsin.com/ Alex Lasry (D) https://alexlasry.com/ Sarah Godlewski (D) https://sarahforwisconsin.com/ Mandela Barnes (D) https://mandelabarnes.com/ Bradford Spencer (I) Aaron Frank (I) Neal Long (L) Scott Aubart (American Independent Party) https://www.followscottsjourney.com/
Bryan Steil (R) - District 1 https://www.bryansteil.com/ Charles Barman (The Going Away Party) Albert Namath (D) Ann Roe (D) https://www.annroeforcongress.com/
Mark Pocan (D) - District 2 https://pocanforcongress.com/ Charity Barry (R) https://charitybarryforcongress.com/ Erik Olsen (R) https://olsenforliberty.com/
OPEN SEAT- District 3 Rustin Provance (L) https://rustinforcongress.wixsite.com/website Justin Bradley (D) Rebecca Cooke (D) https://cookeforwisconsin.com/ Brett Knudsen (D) https://knudsenforcongress.com/ Deb McGrath (D) https://www.debmcgrathforcongress.com/ Mark Neumann (D) Brad Pfaff (D) https://bradpfaff.com/ Denise Hurless (R) Derrick Van Orden (R) https://www.vanordenforcongress.com/
Gwen Moore (D) - District 4 https://gwenmooreforcongress.com/ Robert Raymond (I) Travis Clark (R) Tim Rogers (R) https://www.rogersforwisconsin.com/
Scott Fitzgerald (R) - District 5 https://scottfitzgeraldforcongress.com/ James Kidd (I) https://jameskiddofficial.com/ Jessica Katzenmeyer (D) https://www.jessicaforwi.com/ Ronald Remmel (D) Mike Van Someren (D) https://www.mikevansomeren.com/ Bradley Whitfield (D)
Glenn Grothman (R) - District 6 https://www.glenngrothman.com/ Mike Mangan (R) Douglas Mullenix (R) https://douglasmullenix.com/
Tom Tiffany (R) - District 7 https://tomtiffany.com/ George Kellogg (Federalist Party) Ken Driessen (Independent Direct Participatory Democracy Party) wethepeoplerule.net Richard Ausman (D) https://ausmanforuscongress.com/ David Kunelius (R) https://www.kuneliusforwi7.com/ Audun Mikkelson (R)
Mike Gallagher (R) - District 8 https://mikeforwisconsin.com/ Robbie Hoffman (Environmental Party) Jacob VandenPlas (L) https://www.jakeliberty2022.com/ Paul Boucher (I) Robin Kettleson (D) Shaun Clarmont (R)
Liz Cheney (R) - AT LARGE https://cheneyforwyoming.com/ Marissa Selvig (Constitution Party) https://www.selvigforcongress.com/ Casey Hardison (I) Lynnette Greybull (D) Steven Helling (D) Meghan Jensen (D) Robyn Belinskey (R) https://www.freedom4wyoming.org/ Anthony Bouchard (R) https://www.anthonybouchard.com/ Harriet Hageman (R) https://www.hagemanforwyoming.com/ Bryan Keller (R) Denton Knapp (R) https://dentonknapp.com/

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