In episode 16 of the Equality Talks podcast, host Elisa Parker introduces us to Suzanne Lerner, president and co-founder of Michael Stars and the Michael Stars Foundation, and active board member of the ERA Coalition. Lerner has been fighting for sex equality for over 50 years and while the Equal Rights Amendment hasn't been published yet in our Constitution, Lerner has made it her life's mission to support equality for women and girls as a philanthropist and through her lifestyle and clothing brand.

Elisa speaks with Lerner about ways the ERA would support businesses and their employees (i.e. pay equity) in addition to leading as an activist in this movement while running an equitable company where everyone can thrive, why men need to be part of this movement, how her travels around the world helped shape her passion for fashion and philanthropy, and the intergenerational cross-over needed to abolish the patriarchy once and for all.

Suzanne Lerner, Michael Stars Foundation

Suzanne Lerner, co-founder and president of lifestyle and clothing brand Michael Stars, is an activist entrepreneur and philanthropist. As a philanthropist, she focuses on creating economic empowerment for women and girls. She supports organizations that promote gender and racial equality in the United States and internationally through personal grants, impact investments, and the Michael Stars Foundation. Today Suzanne inspires new generations of social impact entrepreneurs and is a frequent speaker on investing, founding, and running socially conscious businesses. She serves as a director on several non-profit boards including the ACLU of Southern California and the Ms. Foundation.

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