Remember to register to attend this Sept 26 CWI noon Zoom meeting at this Registration Link.

Generation Ratify, a youth led group, focusing on getting the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) into the US Constitution arranged the 100 year celebration of the first introduction of the ERA at the ERA Centennial Convention in Seneca Falls, NY on Fri July 21-Sat. July 22, 2023. They invited others who had been working decades to get ERA ratified and into the Constitution. The ERA has now been ratified by ¾ of the states as required and is the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, but like many other Amendments is facing opposition to its full enshrinement in the Constitution. The Centennial Convention aimed to help accomplish this goal.

The Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues (CWI) is recapping the ERA Centennial Convention with a discussion featuring attendees and organizers, to talk about what it has accomplished in the fight for women’s rights. Register via Zoom to participate in this discussion, a follow up to their June meeting discussion titled “When Will Women’s Voices Be Heard?”

Connie Cordovilla will Emcee and introduce this meeting. Others, such as Claudia Nachega, Deputy Executive Director, Generation Ratify, Lisa Sales, Pres. of Va NOW, and Zakiya Thomas, CEO of the ERA Coalition will explain the role of their organizations and if possible show some key excerpts of speakers from the videos by Loretto Gubernatis. Holly Joseph will describe how this convention builds on our June 20th  CWI meeting on “When Will Women’s Voices Be Heard?" Loretto Gubernatis will discuss the value of working with the younger generation.

Remember to register to attend this Sept 26 CWI noon Zoom meeting at this Registration Link.

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