By Aryana Goodarzi

Great news from California! The state senate is considering a resolution to audit state laws in light of the 28th Amendment.  

SCR 92 directs the California Law Revision Committee to start the analysis. Meanwhile, the state senate passed SJR12, a resolution that urges Congress to pass House Resolution 891, which affirms that the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is the 28th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution.

Watch the California State Legislature Women’s Caucus demand recognition of the 28th Amendment in this video for California voters:

The lead authors for equality (or sponsors) are Senators  Connie M. Leyva, Toni Atkins, and Nancy Skinner. The ERA Coalition thanks California for its work to solidify gender equality into the Constitution!

If you vote in California, please contact your state representatives today about SCR92 and SJR12.

And as the ERA Coalition team and our partners work to support the efforts in California, the advocates in California are pushing ways to get involved by going to!

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