You may have already heard, but President Biden just nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman ever elevated by a President to join the Supreme Court of the United States! 

Ketanji Brown Jackson (2016-2022) Headshots and cocktail hour with overseers at Loeb House at Harvard University. Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Few Black women have served on the federal bench, and of course none have ever served on the highest court in the land. This historic nomination will change that.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson previously served as a law clerk for Justice Breyer, and as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in D.C. President Obama nominated her for a federal judgeship in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, known as the second-highest court in the country. As a judge, Brown Jackson is a supremely qualified choice for a lifetime appointment and would be ready to “hit the ground running” as a Supreme Court justice.

The ERA Coalition wants to stand in solidarity with the leadership of Black women who are working through the Black Women’s Roundtable, #SheWillRise, Black Women Leaders and Allies, National Council of Negro Women and others to support the confirmation of a Black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States. Along with the legal training and expertise expected of a Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brown Jackson would bring with her the even more critical everyday life experience that helps shape her decision making and critical thinking on the most influential court in the country. 

We are calling now on all Senators to give Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson a smooth nominating process and fair hearing, and also calling on the media to ensure unbiased coverage. As a signee of the letter to the media spearheaded by UltraViolet, we also believe that:

“The media plays a critical role in how women candidates and elected leaders are perceived by voters and the public. Headlines, photos, social media previews, and article content can be used to spread racist and sexist ideas and encourage or legitimize disinformation. Reporting on events “as they occur” without dissecting entrenched sexism, racism, and misogyny perpetuates hate and deepens belief in harmful stereotypes.”

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