As you know, we have been working with our supporters and partners to see Rep. Jackie Speier’s bill, HJ Res 79, brought to the House Floor for a full vote. And we did it! This Thursday, February 13th, Congress will vote to remove the time limit from the 1972 ERA.

We have 224 co-sponsors, a record number, but when 94% of this country wants to see the ERA in the U.S. Constitution that number should be much higher. Let’s ask Congress to match our level of support with a vote at the same level- 410 or more votes in favor of the ERA!

We are asking our members to contact their members of Congress this week and ask them to take this opportunity to show their constituents that they support equality for women, girls, and all Americans!

Find out if your member of Congress supports the ERA by searching your zip or city in our Advocacy map:

If you know where your member stands, you can also search for their contact information here.

Our message is clear: Show the women of America your support by voting for HJ Res 79, the bill to remove the time limit from the 1972, on Thursday, February 13th!

In solidarity and Onward!

Carol Jenkins
Co-President and CEO
ERA Coalition

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