On Monday, January 27th we will be in Richmond for the final celebration of Virginia's vote to become the 38th and final state needed for ratification of the ERA. Each chamber of the Virginia General Assembly--the House of Delegates and the Senate--will vote on the other's ERA resolution that passed last Wednesday, January 15th. This final determination will be sent on to the Archivist. There will be cheers for sure. 

You can watch the votes as they take place, sometime after the noon opening in both houses here:

Senate Video Stream

House Video Stream

Be sure to follow our Lead Organization VARatifyERA.Org for breaking news and developments. They are organizing a party after the vote so we can offer up a toast.

Much going on in the life of the ERA, which we will be taking up shortly.

In the meantime, enjoy the sweet victory of the Virginia vote.

In solidarity, and onward!

Carol Jenkins
CEO & Co-President
ERA Coalition

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