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The 2022 elections are critical to ensuring that our elected officials and those in positions of power at both the state and federal level are pro-equality and agree that there is no time limit on equality. The Elect Equality campaign provides voters with the opportunity to where their candidates stand on the ERA. Our interactive tool allows voters to be informed before heading to the ballot box with the click of a button.

The ERA Coalition is sending surveys to obtain information directly from the candidates in all federal races and the state legislatures of 10 of the unratified states that have elections this year. We will be awarding our new ERA Certification stamp of approval to candidates who have shown their commitment to equality.

If you are a candidate or know of a candidate who is running for office that would like to be considered for our ERA certification, simply fill out or share our Candidate Questionnaire. Only candidates who have filled out the questionnaire will be considered for ERA Certified status. You can also contact us at electequality@eracoalition.org for more information on our campaign.

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