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Book Cover of Equal Means Equal, outlining the critical need for an ERA, written by ERA Coalition President, Jessica Neuwirth.

Equal Means Equal

Equal Means Equal outlines the critical need for an ERA, written by ERA Coalition President, Jessica Neuwirth.
Purchase your copy on Amazon. For more information read the press release.

ERA Coalition Year-End Report

The ERA Coalition continues to grow as an alliance of prominent women’s and civil rights organizations and individual leaders who are dedicated to leading the effort to pass and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.   Read More

ERA Polling Press Release

BREAKING: Americans —by 94% - Overwhelmingly Support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Actress Patricia Arquette to testify on the ERA at the DNC Platform Committee hearing in Phoenix, Arizona on June 18.   Read More

History of the Equal Rights Amendment

Alice Paul drafted and introduced the first Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in 1923, at a conference to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention. She was a Republican and one of the founders of the National Woman’s Party, which worked for the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment granting women the right to vote. After successfully gaining women’s suffrage in 1920, Paul characterized the amendment as the next logical step for the women’s movement.   Read More

10 Ways An ERA Could Make A Difference

The ERA would give Congress the constitutional basis to pass a law that gives women victimized by gender based violence legal recourse in the federal courts.   Read More

Gender Equality Provisions Constitutions Worldwide

This information is taken from “Gender Equality and Constitutions of Africa” prepared for United Nations Women by Jayne Huckerby.  Read More