• What is the ERA Coalition?

    The ERA Coalition represents 76 member and lead organizations, and millions of women and men. We support and help lead the movement for passage of an equal rights amendment through public education and messaging campaigns. Our polling research shows that while 94% of Americans support constitutional equality for women and men, 80% mistakenly think it already exists. The ERA Coalition is working to close this information gap.

    The ERA Coalition works with its partner organizations to provide a strong forum for all voices advocating for passage of an equal rights amendment. The Coalition actively seeks to broaden the constituencies working for such a constitutional amendment by growing a strong national, inclusive and multi-generational movement to advance this mission.

    The ERA Coalition works closely with the lead sponsors of Equal Rights Amendment legislation to lobby Congress to take action and provides educational tools, advocacy training and resources to encourage constituency outreach and educate our supporters on the importance of meeting with their members of Congress.

    The ERA Coalition supports all legislative strategies that aim to increase constitutional protections against discrimination. In the 115th Congress, Congresswoman Maloney has introduced language that combines the 1972 language with wording similar to Alice Paul’s first draft, adding the word “women” to the Constitution. Senator Menendez has introduced legislation that is identical to the 1972 language. Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA) and Senator Ben Cardin (MD) have introduced companion bills to remove the deadline on the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment.

    More recently, the ERA Coalition has been working with legal scholars, advocates and advisors about expanding the scope of protections covered under an amendment for constitutional equality to include sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and sexual orientation), race (including ethnicity, national origin and color) and other like forms of discrimination (such as disability or faith). To see the latest draft of this text (not yet introduced) please click on this link.

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