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Ginsburg touts adding an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution

The Washington Times

September 12, 2019:  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Thursday if she could add any amendment to the U.S. Constitution it would be an Equal Rights Amendment declaring men and women are equal under the law....  Read More

Does the Equal Rights Amendment still matter? Local mayors say absolutely


September 11, 2019:  Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman spoke before the Athena Society to express their support for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and possible strategies for getting the amendment ratified in the Florida Legislature....  Read More

Letter: Ratification of the ERA would further extend and protect women

The Courier-Tribune

September 10, 2019:  As a proponent of women...  Read More

Guest speaker at League of Women Voters event gives update on Equal Rights Act


September 10, 2019:  Janette Dean speaks in Minnestoa on the importance of the ERA deadline removal and significance of having the ERA...  Read More

New push for Equal Rights Amendment to be part of U.S. Constitution

News 8

September 10, 2019:  It's been nearly 100 years since women were given the right to vote.... but many are still fighting for gender equality....  Read More

Brittany Bowman: Why we still need to fight for women's liberation

The Michigan Daily

September 9, 2019:  Equality for all human beings is incredibly important, but we need to consider just what equality means....  Read More

City Council urges state to ratify equal rights amendment to U.S. Constitution

Arizona Daily Sun

September 7, 2019:  Flagstaff City Council on Tuesday passed a resolution urging the Arizona State Legislature to pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution....  Read More

Not just your mother

The Daily Journal

September 6, 2019:  Not long ago, presidential hopefuls Kamala Harris, Juli...  Read More

Betty Castor wanted Florida to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. She

Tampa Bay Times

September 6, 2019:  The Athena Society...  Read More


Tampa Bay Times

September 6, 2019:  It...  Read More

Tampa Bay mayors push for Equal Rights Amendment


September 5, 2019:  In the last legislative session, Florida lawmakers filed bills to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in both the state House and Senate....  Read More

#IScream4Equality ice cream truck stops in Fredericksburg

September 4, 2019:  ...  Read More

Herrod wrong, our country needs Equal Rights Amendment

Arizona Capitol Times

August 29, 2019:  Retired republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives expresses his support for the ERA....  Read More

Women Want Equal Rights Ratified In U.S. Constitution


August 27, 2019:  They want the state to ratify a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution called the Equal Right Amendment or ERA. National Organization for Women lobbyist Barbara DeVane led the group....  Read More

Activists call on Gov. DeSantis to support ratification of Equal Rights Amendment


August 26, 2019:  People were pushing Governor DeSantis to support ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment in the upcoming legislative session....  Read More

Why We Need to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment


August 26, 2019:  Today is Women...  Read More

Women's Equality Day: Untold Stories From The Suffrage Movement


August 26, 2019:  In her quest for women to achieve an equal voice, Paul...  Read More

Women's Equality Day and it might not exist if it weren't for one legislator's mother


August 26, 2019:  On August 26, Women's Equality Day honors the hard-fought victory of the women's suffrage movement. But the holiday might not exist if one representative's mother hadn't convinced him to cast the deciding vote to pass the 19th amendment....  Read More



August 26, 2019:  The date, according to the National Women...  Read More

What Melinda Gates, Billie Jean King, and Michelle Obama want you to know about Women

Fast Company

August 26, 2019:  Ninety-nine years ago today, the 19th Amendment became part of the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing women the right to vote....  Read More

Coconino Voices: Flagstaff set to debate the Equal Rights Amendment

Arizona Daily Sun

August 23, 2019:  Now that the Flagstaff City Council stands poised to protect the legal status of American women and their families by approving the landmark quest for Arizona to become the 38th and milestone state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA),...  Read More

The U.S. Constitution Doesn


August 23, 2019:  When American women won the right to vote ...  Read More

Women do need constitutional protections and guarantees

Arizona Capitol Times

August 23, 2019:  The United States is one of the only countries in the world that does not have a constitutional equality provision guaranteeing equal rights for women....  Read More

Campaign For Equal Rights Amendment Kicks Off

North Carolina Public Radio

August 22, 2019:  The ERA would enshrine equal rights for women and men in the United States Constitution....  Read More

This Women

The Fresno Bee

August 16, 2019:  CEO Ashley Swearengin, and Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims are among many local women who have shattered the glass ceiling...  Read More

'Mormon Land': The ERA is back and female members are pushing for it, with their church no longer fighting against it

The Salt Lake Tribune

August 14, 2019:  ERA. Forty years ago, those three initials set off strong conversations and sparked national headlines...  Read More

Read Shirley Chisholm's iconic Equal Rights Amendment speech delivered on this day in 1970

Face 2 Face Africa

August 10, 2019:  Besides being widely known as the first black congresswoman, as well as, the first African-American to seek a presidential nomination from a major political party, Shirley Chisholm, throughout her entire political career also fought for social justice and education opportunites...  Read More

Baltimore Museum of Art Dedicates a Year of Exhibitions to Art Made by Women


August 10, 2019:  With museums increasingly under the spotlight to reflect a more diversified canon and the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage quickly approaching, the Baltimore Museum of Art issued a powerful statement last week announcing a year's worth of exhibitions dedicated solely to female-identifying artists...  Read More

9 Women on Whether They Would Abolish the Constitution

The Cut

August 9, 2019:  In her lauded play 'What the Constitution Means to Me', playwright and star Heidi Schreck debates the merits of our nations 229-year-old founding document...  Read More

We need the Equal Rights Amendment

The Central Virginian

August 9, 2019:  I'd like to bring it to the attention of Virginia voters that women still do not have equal rights guaranteed by the US Constitution...  Read More

Discrimination sit by female journalists could send a message to TV news companies

Women's Media Center

August 7, 2019:  It's no secret that female TV journalists are often held to different standards than male TV journalists when it comes to aging and their on-camera physical appearance...  Read More

Women can vote, but still lack equality

Ashland Tidings

August 6, 2019:  Almost 100 years ago, the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote went to the states for ratification after passage by both houses of Congress...  Read More

ERA still possible, still needed

YES! Weekly

August 6, 2019:  Spurred by anti-Trump sentiment, the Republican's so-called "War on Women," and the Me Too Movement, women turned out in droves last year to vote in the midterm elections...  Read More

Orange Co. representatives planning 'Women's Equality Day' town hall


August 5, 2019:  Five Democratic House members from Orange County set forum...  Read More

Rep. Jackie Speier: 'Our Fight Is Not Complete Until Women's Rights Are Protected Under the Constitution'


August 1, 2019:  Not too long ago, presidential hopefuls Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, and Joe Biden spoke of the urgency of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment...  Read More

Alice Paul Day signed into law in honor of Mount Laurel suffragist

Burlington County Times

August 1, 2019:  New Jersey residents will be able to celebrate Alice Paul Day on her birthday, Jan. 11, 2020, a century after the Mount Laurel native helped spearhead the passage of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote...  Read More

Letter to the Editor: Time to revive the Equal Rights Amendment for pay equality

Tulsa World

July 29, 2019:  The U.S. women's soccer team has again brought up the drastic inequity of pay based on a person being female or male...  Read More

ERA extension gets support from 6 of 12 New Jersey House members

New Jersey Globe

July 28, 2019:  New Jersey officials from both parties largely backed Equal Rights Amendment in early 1970s...  Read More

Rallying for the ERA

Maryland Matters

July 27, 2019:  Lawmakers and advocates gathered on Capitol Hill this week to push for a change in law.. that many Americans assume has already happened, they said...  Read More

A look at the history of women's rights

The Daily Record

July 26, 2019:  The fight for women's rights began years before the 19th amendment was ratified by Congress and approved by enough states to make it part of the Constitution...  Read More

Group of businesswomen look to make mark on history

Business Observer

July 26, 2019:  Equal pay for men and women is priority No. 1 for the Athena Society, a venerable Tampa civic organization...  Read More

Celebrating the US women's soccer team? Time to support the ERA

The Hill

July 26, 2019:  The United States Women's National Soccer Team is a voice of change in America...  Read More

Democrats And Republicans Support The ERA. So What Are GOP Legislators Waiting For?


July 25, 2019:  The push for the decades-old Equal Rights Amendment continued Thursday morning at a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by Sens. Ben Cardin and Lisa Murkowski...  Read More

Senate Briefing on the Equal Rights Amendment Deadline

Facebook - Senator Ben Cardin

July 25, 2019:  Watch the entirety of the briefing on the deadline removal for the Equal Rights Amendment. Senator Ben Cardin and Senator Lisa Murkowski speak on why they support the ERA...  Read More

16 Facts and Figures About the Equal Rights Amendment

Reader's Digest

July 24, 2019:  Equality for the genders is not, in fact, a given or the land of the law as currently stipulated by the U.S. Constitution...  Read More

Nation's largest feminist organization gathers in Bloomington


July 20, 2019:  National Organization for Women members from across the U.S. were in Blomington this weekend to discuss topics ranging from racial justice and pay equity to health care...  Read More

Countries with strong women's rights likely to have better health and faster growth, study finds


July 19, 2019:  Study finds trend could even be witnessed in resource-poor countries...  Read More

The fight for equal rights continues for Roberta Madden

Black Mountain News

July 17, 2019:  Black Mountain resident Roberta Madden answered the call to fight for equal rights for women 70 years ago. Her efforts continue to this day...  Read More

2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Win Raises Equal Pay Questions

The Great Courses Daily

July 17, 2019:  The crowd at the Women's World Cup finals chanted "Equal pay!" after the U.S. win, CBS News reported. The lack of an equal rights provision int he U.S. Constitution is often cited as a form of discrimination long overdue for fixing. Why isn't equal pay in the Constitution...  Read More

Meet the women behind NASA's historic Apollo 11 launch

CBS News

July 16, 2019:  Tuesday marks 50 years since three men in space suits set off on the greatest scientific adventure of all time. As the astronauts of Apollo 11 headed to the moon, the women of NASA were blazing new trails on Earth...  Read More

Life is Short with Justin Long: with Fran Drescher

Apple Podcasts

July 16, 2019:  Fran Drescher (The Nanny, author of Cancer Schmancer) talks to Justin about where she got that amazing laugh, and the key to a long life, and issues that disproportionately impact women...  Read More

Last Call for 7.15.19 - A prime-time read of what's going down in Florida politics


July 15, 2019:  Florida NOW (National Organization for Women) is making another push to amend the U.S. Constitution with the Equal Rights Amendment, or ERA...  Read More

Serena Williams says the day she stops fighting for equality 'will be the day I'm in my grave'


July 13, 2019:  Serena Williams just lost the Wimbledon final, but that won't stop her fro fighting another battle -- against inequality...  Read More

Women's soccer wage fight revives battle for Equal Rights Amendment

Boston Globe

July 13, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment expired before a single player on the US women's soccer team was born. But the World Cup winners, who are suing their employer for paying them less than their unsuccessful male counterparts, may have just given the ERA its biggest chance for revival in decades...  Read More

Feminist Faves: The Week the USWNT Broke the Internet

Ms. Magazine

July 12, 2019:  The Internet is still celebrating the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team's fourth World Cup victory, and we couldn't be more delighted. ...  Read More

Eleanor Holmes Norton's fight for equal pay in 1970 still resonates today

CNN Politics

July 12, 2019:  In 1967, my mother - then Francie Weinman - graduated from Northwestern University with a degree from the prestigious Medill School of Journalism...  Read More

Lawmakers push to close wage gap in S.C.

WIS News 10

July 11, 2019:  Malissa Burnette has been practicing law for more than four decades. She is a partner at Burnette Shutt & McDaniel and is a certified specialist in employment and labor law...  Read More

The U.S. Women's Soccer World Cup Win Was a Victory for Title IX & the Fight for Equal Pay

Democracy Now!

July 11, 2019:  Thousands gathered in Manhattan Wednesday to celebrate the U.S. women's national soccer team's fourth World Cup championship at a ticker tape parade that stretched up Broadway and past wall street...  Read More

U.S. Women's Soccer Victory Should Be a Win For All Women

Blue Virginia

July 8, 2019:  Yesterday, the US Women's Soccer team won a record 4th World Cup! The crowd spontaneously began shouting EQUAL PAY! ...  Read More

U.S. Women's Soccer Team Wins World Cup, Condemning Pay Discrimination and President Trump

Democracy Now!

July 8, 2019:  The U.S. national women's soccer team made history by winning its record fourth World Cup after defeating the Netherlands 2 to 0 on Sunday in Lyon, France. The U.S. women's World Cup victory came just months after members of the 2015 women's team sued the U.S. Soccer Federation over gender discrimination...  Read More

Nike commercial tackles equal pay and celebrates women's World Cup Victory

Kare 11

July 8, 2019:  If you watch the way the video works, it build up your emotion and makes you connect to these people...  Read More

Black women mayors: A rising force in major American cities


July 8, 2019:  At Essence Fest in New Orleans, many of these leaders converged to discuss the challenges their cities face - and the solutions they've brought to the table...  Read More

The U.S. Women's Soccer Team's Biggest Battle is Yet to Be Won

The Atlantic

July 7, 2019:  Some 1 billion people tuned in to the games this year, making the USWNT's victory even more crucial in their upcoming legal fight for equal pay...  Read More

Beto O'Rourke Speaks On The Voting Power Of Black Women At Essence Festival


July 6, 2019:  Beto may have joked about his flight to the 2019 Essence Festival, but when it came to touting his commitment to black women in leadership, he was very serious. ...  Read More

Jane Lynch Gives a Sneak Peek Into the New Hollywood Game Night Games, Her Secret for Earning Emmys and Why She's Fighting for the Equality Act


July 5, 2019:  .. We need an equal rights amendment too. Unfortunately, we have to put these things into laws. ...  Read More

League of Women Voters fights for Equal Rights Amendment


July 5, 2019:  The approval of just one more state is all that is needed to end the legal distinctions between men and women in terms of divorce, property, employment and more, thereby providing citizens with the highest and broadest protection against sex discrimination...  Read More

Time to go for ERA: Re-launch the campaign

Houma Today

July 5, 2019:  Alive and well in the worst ways is an ongoing surge of gender discrimination. The biggest gender inequality, wage gap and many of the lowest-paying positions experienced in the nation are by the women of Louisiana...  Read More

Women still don't have equal rights in the Constitution. Florida could change that. It won't.

Tampa Bay Times

July 3, 2019:  Florida is one of the last states needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment...  Read More

Coast Guard Academy experiences rise in sexual assault, highest rate in a decade

USA Today

July 3, 2019:  Nearly half of female cadets at the academy said they were sexually harassed, while one in eight women experienced unwanted sexual contact...  Read More

A Flaw in Our Democracy

Ms. Magazine

July 2, 2019:  A lot of people saw NOW's signature brand of activism for the first time when, in February 1970, NOW leaders disrupted Senate hearings to demand that the ERA be considered by the full Congress...  Read More

ERA Ratification signifies a vote for family

Arizona Range News

July 1, 2019:  Speak up for women in the crusade for amends to people whom society has exploited and neglected. If anyone or any group deserves compensation for evils committed against them by men in power, women stand front and center...  Read More

A Chinese-American Woman Applied For A Job In Chicago. An Employer Responded: 'Me Love you Long Time'

Block Club Chicago

July 1, 2019:  The "inside joke" note made its way to Connie Cheung when it was accidentally forwarded to her. "I am focused on bigger problems than your friend being offended by a movie quote," the company's boss told her friend...  Read More

U.S Fans March To Women's World Cup Match Demanding Equal Pay


June 28, 2019:  Ahead of the quarterfinals against France, fans shouted support for players' struggle to be paid the same as their male counterparts...  Read More

Advice to 2020 Candidates: Talk About Paid Family Leave


June 28, 2019:  .. Most candidates failed to weave these policies into their answers- a lost opportunity to speak to women, who are 47% of U.S. workforce, 51% of the pop, 57% of Democratic primary voters, & 64% of breadwinners in families with children. ...  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment on the cusp of ratification

Burlington County Times

June 27, 2019:  After the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920, men and women continued to advocate for equality under the law. On Sunday, the Alice Paul Institute Advocacy Committee will hold its first ERA Day in honor of their legacy and the continued work ahead...  Read More

Five proposed women's rights laws

Colorado Springs Independent

June 26, 2019:  Laws that protect women's rights, whether in the workplace, in the home, or (most contentiously) when it comes to their own bodies, are always controversial. And they can be hard to pass...  Read More

2020 Democrat Julian Castro revives the call for the Equal Rights Amendment

The Week

June 26, 2019:  Julian Castro has a simple pledge for closing the gender pay gap...  Read More

TIME'S UP 2020: Four Debate Questions It's Time the Candidates Answer


June 25, 2019:  New Analysis from TIME'S UP shows moderators are not asking the questions that matter to voters of all kinds in presidential primary debates...  Read More

#ERA Now: The Fight For Gender Equality in the Constitution

Sorry Not Sorry - Simple Cast

June 24, 2019:  After 36 years, Congress finally held a hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment, which would provide equal protection to women under the law. In this episode, you'll hear from Representative Carolyn Maloney, Kate Kelly, a human rights attorney and activist, Kimberley Johnson, an author and activist, and many more voices on why this is a crucial time to fight for equality...  Read More

Dianne Post in Tempe

ERA Task Force AZ

June 24, 2019:  Dianne Post makes a presentation in support of the Equal Rights Amendment on June 20, 2019 at the Tempe City Council Work Study Session...  Read More

Viewpoint; On the basis of sex

Mount Desert Islander

June 21, 2019:  Maine has a chance to do what the United States as a nation has failed to do: include women as fully equal citizens in the eyes of the law...  Read More

What's Rightfully Ours -

The Free Press

June 20, 2019:  From getting paid less than men to being ignored completely, the female species has been dominated completely by males...  Read More

Jane Curtin on 'SNL' Sexism and That Infamous "Ignorant Slut" Line

Hollywood Reporter

June 20, 2019:  With comedy norms changing fast, the founding 'SNL' castmember and legendary straight woman weighs in on playing a SMILF before it was called that, and why she sometimes talks to Trump in the shower...  Read More

U.S. Women's Soccer generates more revenue than the men


June 19, 2019:  Audited financial reports from the U.S. Soccer Federation show that the U.S. Women's soccer games have generated more money than the U.S. Men's games according to a report in the Wall Street Journal...  Read More

Legislators Search for Common Ground on Expansion of Equal Rights Amendment

Gotham Gazette

June 19, 2019:  The state Senate embraced the notion that the civil rights protections enshrined in the New York state constitution should be more inclusive when it decisively passed an expansive version of an equal rights amendment Monday...  Read More

State Senate approves adding ERA protections to NY constitution

WBFO 88.7

June 18, 2019:  In a flurry of activity before the end of the state legislature session, New York's Senate voted "yes" for the first step to add an Equal Rights Amendment to the state's constitution. The measure adds protections for women and LGBTQ New Yorkers, while preventing discrimination for ethnic origin...  Read More

South Carolina bill could make national history, boost economy

The Bluffton Sun

June 18, 2019:  South Carolina has the potential to become the final state needed for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment...  Read More

Five laws New York may pass to bolster the rights of women and the LGBTQ community

Democrat and Chronicle

June 18, 2019:  New York is poised to toughen laws against rape, expand discrimination protections in the state constitution and strengthen gay-rights protections...  Read More

Accelerating gender parity in Globalization 4.0

World Economic Forum

June 18, 2019:  Every year, the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report examines national gender gaps as they stand today, and projects recent trends into the future to map the likely distance to gender parity...  Read More

Senate Passes Equal Rights Amendment

The New York State Senate

June 17, 2019:  The Senate today advanced the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which will expand protections under New York State's constitution for women, LGBTQ individuals, the elderly, and New Yorkers living with a disability...  Read More

What the haters get wrong about the U.S. women's soccer team's 13-0 drubbing of Thailand

Market Watch

June 13, 2019:  There's debate on whether the women's team was right to run up the score...  Read More

In the Fight for Women's Equality, Muffet McGraw Finds Her Moment

Sports Illustrated

June 13, 2019:  Notre Dame coach Muffett McGraw has worked hard to turn her players into leaders as well as champions. Now she's using her platform to bring her message of female empowerment to a wider audience...  Read More

Commentary: A chance to strengthen anti-discrimination policies

Times Union

June 11, 2019:  The 1938 Constitutional Convention proposed, and the people adopted, a new provision of New York state's Bill of Rights banning public or private discrimination in civil rights because of race or religion...  Read More

Speaker: ERA is 'worth the fight'

Citrus County Chronicle

June 11, 2019:  It's 100 years this month since Congress passed the 19th amendment, securing a woman's right to vote. Kim Porteous says it isn't enough. Not even close...  Read More

John Oliver Challenges 13 States to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment on 'Last Week Tonight'


June 10, 2019:  John Oliver discusses why the Equal Rights Amendment is necessary in today's political climate...  Read More

John Oliver Calls on 13 Final States to Pass Equal Rights Amendment

Rolling Stone

June 10, 2019:  Host outlines how one state can make history by ratifying ERA, which guarantees that "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of sex"...  Read More

John Oliver Challenges States to Back a Bold Proposition: Equal Rights for Women

Vanity Fair

June 10, 2019:  Thirteen states are still holding out on the Equal Rights Amendment. Can Oliver get one of them to cave?...  Read More

Long Time No See #05 - Equal Rights Amendment

Media File

June 4, 2019:  Today, June 4th, is the 100th anniversary of Congress's passage of the 19th Amendment. Despite this historic landmark, the 19th amendment doesn't go beyond voting rights. That's where the Equal Rights Amendment comes in. The ERA is a yet-to-be ratified amendment to the constitution that would codify full rights and legal equality for women. Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, is interviewed about the importance of the ERA...  Read More

The ERA Coalition Says It's Time for an Inclusive ERA in New York Senate

Cision PR Newswire

June 3, 2019:  With days left to introduce bills in this New York State legislative session, the ERA Coalition is calling on New York's leaders to agree to an Inclusive Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA Coalition issued the following statement...  Read More

Kennedy resolution declares Equal Rights Advocacy Day

The Davison Index

May 30, 2019:  State Rep. Sheryl Kennedy introduced House Resolution 109 this week to declare May 22, as Equal Rights Advocacy Day in the state of Michigan...  Read More

Remembering the progress and pain of women's military service

The Hill

May 27, 2019:  On Memorial Day it is essential for Americans to remember the profound sacrifices women have made in service to our country and why equality under the Constitution for women servicemembers must be compulsory. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is designed to guarantee identical legal rights for men and women regardless of sex as it seeks to end legal distinctions between us...  Read More

A new era for the ERA?

Roll Call

May 23, 2019:  Equal Rights Amendment measures gain traction in Congress and beyond after #MeToo...  Read More

Girl Power Fuels Equal Means Equal Campaign


May 22, 2019:  Paris Hilton, Lizzy Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, Jerry Hall, Natalie White, and more rallied support for the Equal Rights Amendment at The Paradise Club on Tuesday night ...  Read More

Qasim Rashid seeks Virginia Senate with focus on equality, healthcare, education

Potomac Local

May 22, 2019:  Qasim Rashid, a human rights attorney, is running for Virginia State Senator for the 28th District on a platoform of equality, increased healthcare access, and prioritizing education...  Read More

Dianne Post of Arizona on Equal Rights Amendment, ERA


May 22, 2019:  Dianne Post on why to support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), she is an attorney, on the ERA Task Force AZ board, a part of the Arizona and Phoenix NOW chapters and has been working for women's equality for decades...  Read More

Equal rights or unequal wrongs

Press and Guide

May 21, 2019:  In its famous aphorism, The Declaration of Independence declares that "all men are created equal". That simple sentence reflects European Enlightenment philosophy. Therefore, from its diction, one might naively conclude that "all men" means humanity...  Read More

Rep. Shalala Commemorates Centennial Anniversary of Susan B. Anthony Amendment that Passed House of Representatives and Guaranteed Women the Right to Vote

Miami's Community Newspapers

May 21, 2019:  Today, Congresswoman Donna Shalala (FL-27) released the following statement to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the House of Representatives' passage of the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, granting women the right to vote...  Read More

Poll: A majority of Arizonans support the Equal Rights Amendment

Arizona Public Media

May 20, 2019:  Sixty-three percent of Arizonans support the ratification of the federal Equal Rights Amendment, according to a poll released by OH Predictive Insights in Phoenix...  Read More

In Historic First, Lori Lightfoot Inaugurated As Chicago's Mayor


May 20, 2019:  Lori Lightfoot officially became Chicago's first black female and openly gay mayor on Monday. She immediately laid out a four-point plan for safety, education, stability and integrity during her 40-minute inauguration speech...  Read More

Let's Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

Daytona Times

May 18, 2019:  We get so consumed with the train wreck in the White House that we forget or miss important things going on in the nation and the world. Something good and historic happened in the U.S. Congress recently. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler held a hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)! That should be so ordinary that it shouldn't even make the news. Yet, it had been 36 years since such a hearing had taken place...  Read More

Women Have Had The Right To Vote For 100 Years. Here's How To Celebrate

WAMU 88.5

May 16, 2019:  The history of women's suffrage and the landscape of Washington, D.C. are inextricably tied. It took decades of women organizing near the Capitol, picketing outside the White House, lobbying Congress and marching on the National Mall to win the right to vote...  Read More

WILLIAMS: Equal Rights for Women Long Overdue

The Washington Informen

May 15, 2019:  We get so consumed with stuff about the train wreck in the White House that we forget or miss important things going on in the nation and the world. Well, something good and historic happened in the U.S. Congress recently. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler held a hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment! That should be so ordinary that it shouldn't even make the news. Yet, it had been 36 years since such a hearing had taken place...  Read More

Hendersonville forum addresses gender discrimination

Blue Ridge Now

May 14, 2019:  Supporters, and opponents, of North Carolina ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment gathered at the Henderson County Public Library Tuesday evening for a forum that featured stories from local women who have experienced gender discrimination...  Read More

It's 2019; make the ERA law

Alburquerque Journal

May 12, 2019:  "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal," the Founding Fathers stated in the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Of course, they didn't really mean "all men," as they excluded slaves and indigenous Native Americans. And they certainly didn't include women...  Read More

Over? Not yet

Green Valley News

May 12, 2019:  Not so fast, people. The fight for equal rights for women and girls in the United States will never be over until the Constitution of the United Sates includes the provision of gender equality under the law of the land...  Read More

Amy Goodman: Get 'er done: Pass the Equal Rights Amendment now

Aberdeen News

May 10, 2019:  "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal," the Founding Fathers stated in the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Of course, they didn't really mean "all men," excluding and indigenous Native Americans. And they certainly didn't include women...  Read More

Editorial: Use path of least resistance to enact overdue ERA

Dispatch Argus

May 10, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment, which fell just a few states short of ratification in the 1970s, came up for a hearing in Congress two weeks ago, its first in 36 years...  Read More

Letter: A mother's note won the vote

Gaston Gazette

May 10, 2019:  It was steaming hot in Nashville that day- Aug, 18, 1920 - and Tennessee's General Assembly was in fierce session. Of the 36 states needed to ratify the amendment that would give women the right to vote, 35 had voted yes. Just one more state was needed. And now it was up to Tennessee...  Read More

The ERA, GOTV, Constitutional Crisis and more

Nicole Sandler

May 10, 2019:  We begin with a visit from Carol Jenkins, co-President of the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women's Equality. She'll tell us about the first congressional hearings on the ERA in 35 years and how close we are to getting equal rights for women ...  Read More

The Constitution Desperately Needs a New Amendment

Democracy Now!

May 9, 2019:  "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal," the Founding Fathers stated in the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Of course, they didn't really mean "all men," excluding slaves and indigenous Native Americans. And they certainly didn't include women...  Read More

New Era for the ERA? 35 Years Later, Will Equal Rights Amendment Finally be Ratified?

Democracy Now!

May 8, 2019:  Activists and lawmakers testified last week before a House Judiciary subcommittee in the first congressional hearings on the Equal Rights Amendment in more than 35 years. We speak with co-presidents and CEOs of the ERA Coalition/Fund for Women's Equality: Carol Jenkins and Jessica Neuwirth...  Read More

Congress should forge ahead with the ERA, come hell or court challenges

Los Angeles Times

May 8, 2019:  The proposed Equal Rights Amendment, which fell just a few states short of ratification in the 1970s, came up for a hearing in Congress two weeks ago, its first in 36 years...  Read More

An Equal Rights Amendment True Believer on Why She's Optimistic


May 7, 2019:  Carol Jenkins, co-president and CEO of the ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women's Equality discusses why she believes the ERA is necessary in today's time....  Read More

Can We Pass the Equal Rights Amendment Already? - Desi Lydic Womansplains

Wisconsin Gazette

May 6, 2019:  Desi Lydic from the Daily show, explains what the Equal Rights Amendment is and how it will benefit women today. ...  Read More

With the ERA Hanging in the Balance, Virginia Women are Taking Charge

Network Nova

May 5, 2019:  The 2017 Women's March was the starting point of shifting the attention towards women's rights and a political switch in Virginia...  Read More

Congressional Reps and Activists Call For Ratification Of ERA

The Lansing Star

May 3, 2019:  Following the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment, the first Congressional hearing on the ERA in 36 years, Representatives and Actors called for the amendment's ratification...  Read More

Protections in the Equal Rights Amendment are still needed

May 2, 2019:  All the laws on the books that were passed to help women can be overturned by a vote of Congress or decision of the courts. The Equal Rights Amendment, however, would be a constitutional amendment, which requires a two-thirds vote of Congress and ratification by three-fourths of the state to repeal. ...  Read More

The ERA- Rising from the Dead

WE News

May 2, 2019:  The House Judiciary Committee held the first Congressional hearing on the amendment in more than three decades on April 30. Supporters of the ERA argued that its resurrection was desperately needed. Opponents wanted it to stay buried ...  Read More

Republicans Want to Make a Debate Over Discrimination into an Abortion Battle


May 1, 2019:  When women's rights activists gathered in Washington on Tuesday for the first congressional hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in 36 years, they seemed to encounter many of the same decades-old strategies that have been used to derail it...  Read More

Milano celebrates first House ERA hearing in over 30 years

Norfolk Daily News

May 1, 2019:  Alyssa Milano is celebrating the first House hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment in more than three decades...  Read More

She's still fighting for equal rights for women

Crain's Chicago Business

May 1, 2019:  Attorney Linda Coberly played a key role in the contemporary push in Illinois to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, a constitutional amendment that would prohibit discrimination based on sex. Congress recently held its first hearing on the ERA in more than 30 years...  Read More

Patricia Arquette testifies before Congress about Equal Rights Amendment : "Women Are Rising by the Millions"

Daily Mail

May 1, 2019:  The Oscar-winner spoke to the House Judiciary Committee, pledging her support for a bill that would scuttle a 1982 deadline for the amendment that was never officially ratified after receiving support from 35 of a necessary 38 states after Congress had passed it a decade earlier....  Read More

Congress should join the campaign for constitutional equality

The Hill

April 30, 2019:  Today the Judiciary Committee...  Read More

Spearman testifies to congressional panel on ERA

Nevada Current

April 30, 2019:  Democratic state Sen. Pat Spearman testified Tuesday in front of the House Judiciary subcommittee...  Read More

American Women Don't Have Equal Rights. Congress Is Finally Addressing That.


April 30, 2019:  For the first time in 36 years, the debate about the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) returned to congress...  Read More

Alyssa Milano, Patricia Arquette boost Equal Rights Amendment on the Hill

Roll Call

April 30, 2019:  It's been a politics-heavy week for actress Alyssa Milano. A day after she launched her new podcast with Joe Biden as a guest, she headed to Capitol Hill to reignite momentum behind the Equal Rights Amendment...  Read More

Patricia Arquette Pleads For Women's Rights At Historic Congressional Hearing


April 30, 2019:  Clad in suffragette white, actress Patricia Arquette delivered a passionate plea for the Equal Rights Amendment at a historic hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday...  Read More

Women's Equal Rights Amendment sees first hearing in 36 years

BBC News

April 30, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment is back on Capitol Hill - 36 years since its last hearing and nearly a century since the amendment to guarantee equal rights to women was first introduced in Congress....  Read More

Decades-old Fight for Women's Equal Rights Goes Before US Lawmakers

VOA News

April 30, 2019:  A proposed constitutional amendment to guarantee equal rights for women on Tuesday got its first hearing in nearly four decades in the U.S. Congress, where leaders said the measure could win approval amid "a groundswell" of activism among women....  Read More

House Digs Into Equal Rights Law 96 Years in the Making

Courthouse News Service

April 30, 2019:  Nearly a century after suffragist Alice Paul first proposed amending the U.S. Constitution to outlaw sex discrimination, the actress Patricia Arquette joined lawmakers Tuesday to finally follow through on the Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

Congress holds first Equal Rights Amendment hearing in 36 years amid ratification push

The Hill

April 30, 2019:  A House Judiciary subcommittee on Tuesday held the first congressional hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in 36 years as supporters push for ratification....  Read More

9 Equal Rights Amendment Hearing Quotes that Explain Why It's Time to Ratify


April 30, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment hearing quotes from these activists serve as a critical reminder that, shockingly, women still don't have equal protection under the law in 2019....  Read More

What You Need to Know About the Historic Equal Rights Amendment Hearing on Capitol Hill

Law and Crime

April 30, 2019:  . Witnesses testifying in support of the ERA will included constitutional scholar Kathleen Sullivan, Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman, and actress and activist Patricia Arquette....  Read More

Patricia Arquette to push for ERA at hearing

The Hill

April 29, 2019:  Some star power is headed to Capitol Hill - with both Patricia Arquette and Ben Stiller poised to testify at separate congressional hearings this week...  Read More

House committee to hold hearing on Equal Rights Amendent

Face the Nation

April 29, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) conversation is returning to Capitol Hill Tuesday as the House Judiciary Committee hosts the first congressional hearing in 36 years to discuss legislation...  Read More

Cardin, Colleagues and Stars to urge Passage of Equal Rights Amendment

Maryland Matters

April 29, 2019:  U.S. Sen Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) will join with Hollywood star power and congressional colleagues Tuesday to call for passage of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution...  Read More

'Those feminists': North Dakota women left their mark on historic, federally funded conference in 1977

West Fargo Pioneer

April 26, 2019:  Cindy Phillips remembers vividly the energy and excitement she felt attending a historic conference in 1977, in the middle of the women's rights movement...  Read More

House Judiciary to Hold First ERA Hearing in 36 Years

National Organization for Women

April 25, 2019:  For the first time in nearly four decades, the House Judiciary Committee will hold an official hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). This exciting development exemplifies the growing momentum behind finally ratifying the ERA in the Constitution. ...  Read More

Congressman Cohen to Chair First Hearing on the ERA in 36 Years

Congressman Steve Cohen

April 25, 2019:  WASHINGTON ...  Read More

8 Democratic candidates make appeals to women of color on equal rights, criminal justice, education

Dallas News

April 25, 2019:  Eight candidates for president made passionate appeals on Wednesday to women of color, the dominant base of the Democratic Party...  Read More

Women's Rights Advocates Condemn DOJ Decision to Not Defend Female Genital Mutilation Law

WE News

April 25, 2019:  On Thursday, April 25th, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12) joined elected officials and Equal Rights Amendment advocated to condemn a recent US Department of Justice decision to not defend a federal law banning FGM/C, to call for Speaker Pelosi to step in to defend the law, and call for the ratification of the ERA....  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment clears Senate panel; Future of the proposal is unclear

The Advocate

April 24, 2019:  On a party-line vote, a Louisiana Senate committee Wednesday endorsed the Equal Rights Amendment 4-3. ...  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment edges ahead in Louisiana Legislature

San Francisco Chronicle

April 24, 2019:  Louisiana lawmakers are debating whether to ratify the long-stalled Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a proposal that has taken its first legislative step. ...  Read More

State Capitol Briefing: Equal Rights Amendment Advances

Houma Today

April 24, 2019:  Congress in 1972 approved the proposed Equal Rights Amendment. If Louisiana approved Morrell...  Read More

Earth Day: Linking gender equality and environmental protection

The Hill

April 22, 2019:  Nearly 50 years after America's first Earth Day, and on the heels of Women's History Month, it's fitting to link gender equality with environmental protection because many of the same trailblazers continue to defend endangered species, wilderness and constitutional rights for women. ...  Read More

Statewide ERA Amendment gains support in Henderson County

Blue Ridge Now

April 21, 2019:  The ERA-NC Alliance Henderson County Action Team is wrapping up a successful tour of the county's municipal governments, requesting that each board adopt a resolution that calls for a renewed effort by state lawmakers to ratify the ERA. ...  Read More

Women's News: Remembering First Female Astronaut Candidate


April 20, 2019:  This week in women's headline news, the first female astronaut candidate in the U.S. died. We have a remembrance...  Read More

Will North Carolina Be The Next State To Ratify The Equal Rights Amendment?

WUNC 91.5

April 18, 2019:  Host Frank Stasio talks to Senator Terry Van Duyn, who co-sponsored legislation for North Carolina to ratify the ERA. ...  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment- Why We Still Need To Ratify The ERA

Ring of Fire Network

April 18, 2019:  The ERA still needs to be ratified after laying dormant for nearly fort years and we are almost there. Thom Hartmann is joined by Winsome McIntosh, President of the McIntosh Foundation, to discuss the topic. ...  Read More

Arizona lawmakers vote to keep women unequal

AZ Central

April 17, 2019:  Republican women int he Arizona House voted maintain their subordinate status, helping their male colleagues block a vote on the Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

Sirius XM Interview: Carol Jenkins and Tim Farley discuss ERA


April 15, 2019:  ERA Coalition co-President and CEO Carol Jenkins discusses Campus ERA Day and the growing momentum for the Equal Rights Amendment with Tim Farley on Sirius XM. ...  Read More

State Senator Calls Equal Rights Amendment Measure A Message To The Nation

WRKF 89.3

April 15, 2019:  For the first time in about a decade, the Louisiana Legislature is set to consider ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. If successful, Louisiana would be the last state needed to adopt the amendment, being spearheaded by Senator JP Morrell. ...  Read More

Republican or Democrat- We Can All Agree on Axing the Tampon Tax


April 15, 2019:  Jennifer Weiss- Wolf and Steve Anderson discuss the need for the tampon tax to be eradicated, a bipartisan effort. ...  Read More

Tax season is a reminder of the invisible discrimination of pay inequity

The Hill

April 14, 2019:  But for many working Americans, April is a reminder of the often invisible and blatant discrimination that exists in the U.S. labor force. Unintended, economic consequences restrict women disproportionately to the tune of billions of dollars each year. ...  Read More

Activists urge support for the Equal Rights Amendment

Komu 8 News

April 11, 2019:  Project 28, a Kansas City-based activist group, and members of the League of Women Voters will hold a Thursday morning rally to call on Missouri legislators to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). ...  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment rally happening at State Capitol


April 11, 2019:  BATON ROUGE, La. (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) - 37 states have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment , will Louisiana become the 38th?...  Read More

A new push for the Equal Rights Amendment

The Economist

April 11, 2019:  The Energy generated by the #MeToo movement has revived a much older crusdae: the push to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. ...  Read More

Lawmakers endorse bill calling for constitutional change to outlaw gender discrimination

Journal Tribune

April 11, 2019:  The Legislature's Judiciary Committee passed a bill Tuesday that would give voters a chance to change Maine's Constitution to make it clear that discrimination based on gender is illegal. ...  Read More

Backers of Equal Rights Amendment make new push in Louisiana

The Advocate

April 9, 2019:  More than 150 supporters ...  Read More

With the ERA one state away from ratification, Louisiana residents march to the state capitol to raise awareness

The Daily Iberian

April 9, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment is one state away from U.S. constitutional ratification, and Louisiana may be the state to do it....  Read More

Louisiana's 2019 Legislative Session Begins with Bid For to Ratify the ERA

The Advocate

April 8, 2019:  Activists supporting the ratification of the decades-old federal Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) are eyeballing Louisiana to be the final state needed to jump on board, particularly as the state...  Read More

Hochul Promotes 'Women's Justice Agenda'

CNY Homepage

April 8, 2019:  Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul spent some time at Hamilton College in Clinton to speak about the 'Women's Justice Agenda'. The initiative calls for an increase in access to invitro fertilization and greater access to prenatal health care options in rural New York. ...  Read More

"We Don't Have Enough Women In Power": Notre Dame Coach Muffet McGraw Goes Viral


April 6, 2019:  We've had a record number of women running for office and winning. And still, we have 23 percent of the House and 25 percent of the Senate."...  Read More

Women haven't given up on the ERA

The Virginia Gazette

April 5, 2019:  The women of VA ratify ERA are working to ensure that the ERA is ratified in Virginia in the 2020 congressional session....  Read More

Notre Dame's Muffett McGraw is right: We have a long way to go to gender equality.

Chicago Tribune

April 5, 2019:  Women's basketball coach Muffett McGraw spoke out in a press conference on the importance of gender equality in sports and the modern world. ...  Read More

At Final Four, Muffet McGraw Makes a Forceful Case for Women in Power

The New York Times

April 4, 2019:  Muffet McGraw has had enough. Enough of the declining percentage of women coaching women...  Read More

Danae Columbus: J.P. Morrell, women's groups prepare for ERA and other battles

Uptown Messenger

April 4, 2019:  Hundreds of women from across Louisiana are expected to travel to Baton Rouge on Tuesday for an ERA march and lobbying day. ...  Read More

Notre Dame's McGraw wants more women in positions of power

The Washington Post

April 4, 2019:  Muffett McGraw says it't time for more women in positions of power in all walks of life, including women's basketball...  Read More

Community Voices: Local senators could give hearings to important legslation

Prior Lake American

April 4, 2019:  Beth Anderson discusses the state of the ERA in the current Minnesota legislature. ...  Read More

Norcross: Getting Closer to Equal Pay for Equal Work

Courier Post

April 4, 2019:  As companies close the books on first quarter of 2019, on Equal Pay Day we all must acknowledge how backward it is that an American woman has to work five quarters to earn as much as the average man did in four. ...  Read More

New push to add ERA to state's constitution

The Timberjay

April 4, 2019:  Representatives from ERA MN were in Ely this week to promote state efforts to add an Equal Rights Amendment to the state constitution. ...  Read More

NY1's Cheryl Wills in Conversation with Carol Jenkins & Carol Robles Roman


April 3, 2019:  These three women have a conversation about the ERA and where the country is now in terms of ratification of the Amendment....  Read More

Senators Reintroduce Equal Rights Amendment

Big Island Now

April 3, 2019:  Last week, Sens.Hirono, Menendez and 20 of their Senate colleagues reintroduced the ERA which would guarantee equal rights regardless of sex. ...  Read More

Local ERA supporters push for ratification in Jefferson City

The Joplin Globe

April 3, 2019:  Joplin-area residents involved in a push to ratify the ERA in Missouri say they will continue to advocate for ratification despite not being able to testify to state lawmakers earlier this week. ...  Read More

Here's What All the 2020 Candidates Have Said and Done About Equal Pay


April 2, 2019:  Equal Pay Day is April 2 this year, and with it comes the reminder of how far women have to go until they earn the same as what men earned the previous year....  Read More

Why We're Still Fighting the Equal Right Amendment in 2019

Pacific Standard

April 1, 2019:  The amendment was originally defeated in the late 1970s, and today's reignited movement to ratify it has much in common with the earlier fight....  Read More

Katrina's Dream Urges International Community to Call Upon US Congress to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

Cision PR Newswie

April 1, 2019:  Bishop Mwamba urges guests to press the US Congress to pass the ERA at this address. ...  Read More

Episode 12: A New Era for the ERA (Transcript)

Jewish Women's Archive

April 1, 2019:  Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman and Nahanni Rous discuss the benefits of the ratification of the ERA. ...  Read More

North Dakota senators turn down Equal Rights Amendment rollback

Bismarck Tribune

April 1, 2019:  North Dakota senators rejected a proposal backing away from the state's support of the Equal Rights Amendment...  Read More

Broadway Review: 'What the Constitution Means to Me'


March 31, 2019:  Schreck takes a more acerbic tone as she works up to her true subject: the rights that the Constitution does not specifically guarantee women....  Read More

Gillibrand, other Senators reintroduce Equal Rights Amendment

Finger Lakes Times

March 31, 2019:  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand joined Sen Bob Menendez of New Jersey and 20 other Senate colleagues last week reintroduced the ERA. ...  Read More

Carol Jenkins on the Equal Rights Amendment


March 30, 2019:  ERA Coalition...  Read More

Tulsa World editorial: Time for the Oklahoma Legislature to approve the ERA

Tulsa World

March 30, 2019:  A groundswell among Oklahoma municipal leaders to approve the Equal Rights Amendment got a boost with the unanimous vote of the Tulsa City Council on Wednesday Night...  Read More

Alabama and the ERA

Alabama News

March 29, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment ...  Read More

St. Louis Park Council unanimously calls for Equal Rights Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution

Sun Sailor

March 29, 2019:  The council unanimously adopted a resolution March 18 supporting a change to the state constitution that would specify that ...  Read More

Falling out of love with the US Constitution: playwright Heidi Schreck

Financial Times

March 29, 2019:  As a teenager the actress-playwright was obsessed with 'the document'. Now she is questioning it in a hit Broadway show...  Read More

C'mon Arizona. Be brave and take a stand for women's rights

Los Angeles Times

March 28, 2019:  We hope that Arizona gets a chance to join its neighboring states and vote for ratification. Doing so would not only be the right thing to do, it would allow the ERA to move on to the next critical stage of debate...  Read More

Louisiana could finally make history if it passes the ERA

The Times- Picayune

March 27, 2019:  With one more state needed to solidify the three-fourths state ratification for the ERA, Louisiana has a chance to become that 38th state with a resolution being brought up by Senator J.P. Morrell. ...  Read More

It's E.R.A. era, at last, pols tell Girls Club

The Villager

March 27, 2019:  What they told the young women is that they have the power to finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. ...  Read More

The Battle for the ERA in AZ is not Over

ERA Task Force AZ

March 27, 2019:  Dianne Post of the ERA Task Force in Arizona addresses anti-ERA concerns. ...  Read More

Menendez Leads Colleagues in Introducing Equal Rights Amendment during Women's History Month

Bob Menendez for New Jersey

March 27, 2019:  U.S. Senator Bob Menendez today led 21 Senate colleagues in reintroducing the Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

MoMA PS1 Settles With Curator Who Said Giving Birth Cost Her Job Offer

The New York Times

March 26, 2019:  A curator who accused MoMA PS 1 of gender, pregnancy and caregiver discrimination has settled the claim she brought against the museum saying it had rescinded a job offer upon learning she had recently given birth....  Read More

Teen boys rated their female classmates based on looks. The girls fought back.

The Washington Post

March 26, 2019:  Lists like this one had silently circulated among teen boys for generations, and it has happened in more recent years at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, too, the students said. But it was happening now, in the era of the #MeToo movement. ...  Read More

Nasa cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size

The Guardian

March 26, 2019:  What should have been a giant leap for womankind has turned into a stumble after Nasa said on Monday night that they will only have access to one correctly sized spacesuit top by Friday when the walk was scheduled. One of the two women on the mission, Anne McClain, will now have to give up her place to a male colleague....  Read More

Gloria Feldt: Empowering Women Through Feminism

iTunes: Focus On

March 26, 2019:  ERA Activist featured on Wall Street Journal Podcast!...  Read More

Flashback to President Obama Presenting Gloria Steinem the Medal of Freedom

Now This News

March 25, 2019:  Happy birthday to Gloria Steinem: journalist, activist, feminist icon, and Medal of Freedom recipient under President Obama. ...  Read More

2019 RTD 'Strong Voices'

Richmond Times-Dispatch

March 25, 2019:  As we mark Women...  Read More

Full equality? Needs improvement

The Journal Gazette

March 24, 2019:  Patriarchy, much of it unconscious, continues to constrain women's advancement...  Read More

Ginnie Graham: It's never too late for Tulsa to support equal rights for women

Tulsa World

March 24, 2019:  The Tulsa City Council has a chance to be on the right side of history by approving the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

Letter: Seeking equality for all

Hastings Star Gazette

March 24, 2019:  Sometimes we can look at the progress over the last century and think that our work is done. Women are equal. But that's not the case....  Read More

The History of the Equal Rights Amendment, Explained


March 22, 2019:  On the 47th anniversary of the passing of the ERA, a constitutional amendment offering protection on the basis of sex that was never ratified and added to the Constitution, TeenVogue remembers those who paved the way for women's rights by honoring the women who worked for decades...  Read More

Letter: The truth behind HCR 3037


March 21, 2019:  HCR 3037 is through the House and now goes to the Senate for consideration. The resolution proposes that ND rescind its ratification of the ERA....  Read More

N.C. could be the last state needed to ratify the Equal Right Amendment

The Daily Tar Heel

March 21, 2019:  North Carolina could be the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, the last state necessary to ratify the bill. Filed on March 5 by N.C. Sen. Floyd B. McKissick Jr., D-Durham, and N.C. Rep. Carla Cunningham, D-District 106, ...  Read More

Is the GOP Warming Up to the Equal Rights Amendment?

Brennan Center for Justice

March 19, 2019:  A renewed push for this decades-dormant legislation is garnering Republican support in state capitals ...  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment: It's Not Over 'Til It's Over


March 19, 2019:  If you think the Equal Rights Amendment died in the 1970s, Refinery29 has a story for you. It's alive. And all we need is one more state before a feminist dream becomes actual American law...  Read More

The Women’s Movement is Still Moving

The Village Voice

March 18, 2019:  Congresswoman ‘Battling’ Bella Abzug rebuts the assertions of an earlier Voice article on the failure to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in New York State. ...  Read More

Pass an Equal Rights Amendment now: Let’s enshrine fair treatment for the sexes in the law

Daily News

March 18, 2019:  The New York Lieutenant Governor calls for the Nation’s capital to follow the strides the progressive New York State has taken in order to continue ensuring protections for all women. ...  Read More

All Minnesotans deserve equality under our State Constitution

SUN Focus

March 18, 2019:  Despite the significant gains women have made since the 19th amendment, women do not have equal protection under Minnesota's or the United States Constitution....  Read More

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Radical Project Isn't Finished

JStor Daily

March 14, 2019:  A fiery advocate against gender discrimination, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's radicalism reveals itself in her argument for the Equal Rights Amendment...  Read More

After nearly a century, why are we still fighting for the ERA?

Arizona Capitol Times

March 13, 2019:  As Arizona moves closer to ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, those against women'e equality are trotting out those old desperate Phyllis Schlafly myths, so Victoria Steel sets the record straight. ...  Read More

I've Introduced the ERA In Congress 12 Times and Here's Why We Must Pass It In 2019


March 11, 2019:  New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney explains why the Equal Rights Amendment still hasn't been ratified, her efforts over the last 20 years to change that, and why she thinks 2019 could be the year....  Read More

The journey toward the Equal Rights Amendment began decades ago, but activists say the finish line is in sight


March 8, 2019:  Riding the wave that brought us the #MeToo movement, a growing field of women seeking a presidential nomination and more women in Congress than ever before, momentum for a long-sought after milestone is rippling across the United States. ...  Read More

What's next for the ERA? One state to 38

Women's Media Center

March 7, 2019:  Virginia denied the opportunity to become the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. What state will step up to the plate and push the ERA forward? ...  Read More

This Women's History Month, the Equal Rights Amendment is Unfinished Business

Yahoo Lifestyle

March 7, 2019:  Although feminists have been dismissed with arguments that we're already living in a "post-sexism society", the Equal Rights Amendment has still yet to pass. ...  Read More

William March: Renewed effort to ratify Equal Rights Amendment in Florida

Tampa Bay Times

March 7, 2019:  In what might seem like a return to the ...  Read More

Citizen Engagement Corner: ERA finally on the verge

Wicked Local: Brookline

March 4, 2019:  In the days of the #MeToo movement, women’s marches, and a record number of women elected to Congress last November, final ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment should be a no-brainer; yet it has still yet to pass the three-fourths majority needed...  Read More

Honor Women's History Month by ratifying Equal Rights Amendment

The Hill

March 1, 2019:  Every March, we evoke the names of fearless suffragists like Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul and Cady Staton and intrepid feminists Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan and Ellie Smeal and other social-political advocates. But paying homage in retrospect, by definition, never signals the next milestone for any movement. ...  Read More

So Here's Something... Women Don't Actually Have Equal Rights Under the Constitution


March 1, 2019:  Although the Constitution, through the Fourteenth Amendment, says that "any person within [a State's] jurisdiction" has "equal protection of the laws", this does not mention women specifically. ...  Read More

'This Happened:On Account of Sex' The Divide Between Tradition and Change


February 28, 2019:  On the heels of the historic midterm election, women across the nation are calling for an equal rights amendment. Nearly fifty years ago, another fight for the ERA left the country divided, and kindled a culture war. ...  Read More

Federal judge finds male-only military draft unconstitutional

NBC News

February 25, 2019:  Because women are no longer excluded from combat duty, the "time has passed" for Selective Service to differentiate between men and women, the judge found....  Read More

The ERA Is Queer and We're Here For It


February 23, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment is about equality for women, but also nonbinary, trans, and gay and bi people. The ERA totally supports equality for all of the sexes. ...  Read More

What Is the Equal Rights Amendment, and Why Are We Talking About It Now?

The New York Times

February 22, 2019:  The importance of the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment is now in the forefront of society's mind and needs to be moved forward...  Read More

Marceau: ERA legislation assures equality for all if petty politics, myths are pushed aside

Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent

February 18, 2019:  While equality in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are constitutionally guaranteed to all American citizens, more than half of U.S. citizens continue to be denied equal application and protection of law under the Constitution. ...  Read More

Do American Women Still Need an Equal Rights Amendment

The New York Times

February 16, 2019:  While society is becoming everything Phyllis Schlafly claimed it would be, the ERA still serves a fundamental purpose in ensuring women have rights indebted to them written in the Constitution. ...  Read More

Kati Hornung: Dispel myths and ratify ERA

The Virginian-Pilot

February 14, 2019:  Hornung calls for Virginia's Republican leadership to uphold their Creed "All individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society"...  Read More

Massie: Opponents distort the ERA

The Roanoke Times

February 6, 2019:  This piece from Ann MacLean Massie directly addresses anti-ERA claims from opposing parties, and successfully debunks myths and calms fears of anyone questioning the ERA's intentions...  Read More

Why women are wearing "ERA Yes" buttons at the State of the Union


February 5, 2019:  Buttons worn by supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment at the State of the Union are a sign of a national renewed interest in the Equal Rights Amendment. ...  Read More

Movement Revives Campaign to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment

Between the Lines

February 4, 2019:  Interview with Bettina Hager, Washington director and chief operating officer of the ERA Coalition, to discuss the history of the Equal Rights Amendment and the current national campaign to ratify the ERA. ...  Read More

Alyssa Milano's next viral cause: women's equality


February 2, 2019:  Alyssa Milano believes that the next step in the #MeToo movement is to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. ...  Read More

This woman just derailed the Equal Rights Amendment yet again

Washington Post

January 31, 2019:  The story of a third-generation ERA opponent that believes all women can be self-made and successful, without the influence of an Amendment. ...  Read More

The Constitution Doesn't Give Women Equal Rights- Congress Wants To Change That


January 30, 2019:  Bipartisan efforts are being made in the 116th Congress to get rid of the deadlie and restart the ratification process of the Equal Rights Amendment. ...  Read More

Celebrities join lawmakers to back ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment

CNN Politics

January 29, 2019:  Actresses rallied on Capitol Hill alongside lawmakers for the abolition of the ratification deadline and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. ...  Read More

40 years later, the ERA is still not a part of the Constitution

PBS News Hour

January 29, 2019:  Forty years ago, Congress approved the Equal Rights Amendment, but it has never been ratified as a constitutional amendment. Now a campaign to ratify the ERA is gathering momentum, in part because of fallout from the #MeToo movement of the past two years. ...  Read More

Patricia Arquette, Alyssa Milano to Join Reps Speier and Maloney to Launch New ERA Fight

Congresswoman Jackie Speier

January 29, 2019:  House leaders on the ERA are joined by actors and activists and many organizations to launch a new fight in the 116th Congress to ratify the ERA to the U.S. Constitution...  Read More

Focus On: The Equal Rights Amendment

iTunes: Focus On

January 29, 2019:  A pair of bills supporting state and federal amendments are poised for action in Minnesota, and the issue has gained stream nationally. ...  Read More

ERA now, Murkowksi says

Alaska Public Media

January 28, 2019:  Sen. Lisa Murkowski is pushing to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It was a top liberal goal in the 1970s. Murkowski acknowledged that it feels like a blast from the past. ...  Read More

It's time to finally pass the Equal Rights Amendment

The Washington Post

January 25, 2019:  The ERA has been approved by Congress for almost 40 years, it is now time to move this along and make it a reality. ...  Read More

The ERA Is Not Dead Yet


January 24, 2019:  The Equal Rights Amendment support has continued to prevail through the seemingly never-ending fight with much fervor....  Read More

A constitutional amendment for women's equality: Is it finally time?


January 15, 2019:  With '70s-era feminism back in style, the fight for a constitutional amendment on gender equality is real....  Read More

Episode 6 Preview: The Fight for Women's Rights


January 8, 2019:  Join Ann Curry as two women search for friends and colleagues who forged a path for equal rights. One of the first female commercial pilots wants to thank her mentor, and an advocate hopes to find the woman who inspired her to join a movement...  Read More

ABA president urges Virginia lawmakers to ratify Equal Rights Amendment

ABA Journal

January 3, 2019:  The ABA is urging Virginia to become the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. ABA President Bob Carlson wrote to Virginia legislative leaders, asking them to use the power of their office to secure ratification....  Read More

Making the Case for the Equal Rights Amendment

ACLU Virginia

January 3, 2019:  80% of Americans mistakenly believe that women and men are guaranteed equal rights in the U.S. Constitution. In reality, they are not. ...  Read More

Will Virginia be next to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment?

Washington Post

December 28, 2018:  For nearly half a century, Virginia has been a place where proposals to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment go to die. But this increasingly blue state could soon be the 38th to approve the gender-equality amendment, ushering it across the constitutional threshold for ratification and all but guaranteeing battles in the courts over whether it can be enshrined....  Read More

Now's the time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment


November 24, 2018:  If activists succeed in getting the 38th state to ratify the ERA, the ERA will serve as a reminder that legislation that is ahead of its time can find its moment, so long as supports have the intestinal fortitude to press forward. ...  Read More

"Didn't the ratification deadline pass?"

VA ratify ERA

November 24, 2018:  Although the ratification deadline has passed, Congress should have the power to extend or eliminate the deadline. ...  Read More

'Be visible and loud' to drive #MeToo forwards, women say


November 15, 2018:  ERA Coalition CEO and Co-President Carol Robles-Roman discusses the link between #MeToo, ERA and Constitutional Equality at the Reuters Foundation Conference in London....  Read More

Alyssa Milano: An Equal Rights Amendment would have helped Christina Blasey Ford

USA Today

October 12, 2018:  USA Today examines the current movement for an Equal Rights Amendment and how it relates to the current events....  Read More

Women still don’t have constitutional equality – here’s how one group is fighting to fix this

The Guardian

October 1, 2018:  The Guardian profiles ERA Coalition Co-President and CEO Carol Robles-Román and the work she is leading the organization in to see the Equal Rights Amendment passed and ratified....  Read More

So, What Happens If Brett Kavanaugh Gets Confirmed To The Supreme Court Anyway?

Refinery 29

September 26, 2018:  ERA Coalition Co-President and CEO discusses the impact that confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court could have on the country both as a society and in future judicial decisions....  Read More

Surprise! The Equal Rights Amendment is Back


September 21, 2018:  The Equal Rights Amendment, first introduced to Congress in 1923, appears to have a new chance at becoming part of the Constitution. After almost 100 years of debate, the historic amendment would guarantee gender equality on the federal level, stating that ...  Read More

Here's Why Ivanka Reportedly Told Trump To Drop Brett Kavanaugh

Refinery 29

September 19, 2018:  ERA Coalition Co-President and CEO Carol Robles-Rom...  Read More

The ERA: The Key to Unlocking Women's Shackles

Women's eNews

September 13, 2018:  Sage Howard discusses how the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) would impact the factors that lead to imprisonment of women, which disproportionately affects black women....  Read More

#MeToo, Pay Inequity Renew Calls for Ratification of the ERA

New Jersey Law Journal

September 7, 2018:  The current political climate has served to reignite the issue of equal rights for women, providing fertile ground to finally achieve Alice Paul...  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment makes a comeback

The Wilton Bulletin

August 29, 2018:  ERA Coalition Co-President and CEO Carol Robles Roman and Board Member Carol Jenkins traveled to Wilton, CT on Aug. 24 for a luncheon at Rolling Hills Country Club to drum up support for the final state...  Read More

Maloney Rings Closing Bell at NYSE, Releases Women’s Economic Report in Honor of Women’s Equality Day

Queens Gazette

August 29, 2018:  ERA Coalition Co-Presidents Jessica Neuwirth and Carol Robles-Román join Congresswoman Maloney and other women leaders to highlight the need for an Equal Rights Amendment to continue legacy of suffragettes and combat the pink tax and gender pay gap....  Read More

COMMENTARY: Let’s fight to ratify Equal Rights Amendment

August 25, 2018:  Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy of Woodbridge represents the 2nd District in the Virginia House of Delegates is leading the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia. This is why....  Read More

Virginia could be the last state needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. A new campaign aims to make sure it happens.

The Virginian-Pilot

August 24, 2018:  Virginia could become the 38th and last needed state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, more than four decades after it was approved by Congress and nearly a century after it was first introduced. Organizers will launch a campaign this weekend, pushing Virginia lawmakers to say yes to the amendment come January....  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment in 2018

NPR 1A Podcast

August 21, 2018:  ERA Coalition Co-President and CEO Carol Robles-Román, Professor Michele Gilman, Anne Schlafly Cori join NPR's 1A host Joshua Johnson and discuss the growing momentum to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and what that means in 2018....  Read More

The ERA: Why Black Women Need It Most

Women eNews

August 8, 2018:  Bettina Hager, the COO & D.C. Director of the ERA Coalition, is quoted in an article discussing the Equal Rights Amendment and why black women need to be at the center of the conversation....  Read More

Despite Progress, Black Women Are Paid Only 62.5% of What Men Make. Here's How to Fix That


August 6, 2018:  Areva Martin calls for the public to use the 2018 midterm elections to advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment to achieve income inequality. ...  Read More

Push for Equal Rights Amendment continues in Florida

Gainesville Sun

August 4, 2018:  Half of the Florida Senate and all the House seats are up for election this November. A change in the legislative makeup could allow Florida to be the next state to ratify the ERA. State Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, has proposed the ERA in the last two sessions and has said she’ll continue to do so until it passes....  Read More

The Right Time for the E.R.A.

New York Times

August 1, 2018:  Jessica Neuwirth, co-president of the ERA Coalition, wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times discussing the need to pass the Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

A new urgency to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

The Hill

July 13, 2018:  ERA Coalition COO and DC Director writes about the new urgency to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Now, more than ever, the argument for the Equal Rights Amendment is strong...  Read More

Why We Need An Equal Rights Amendment


July 9, 2018:  The Constitution DOES NOT guarantees equal rights for men and women. This is why we need the Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

Equal rights belong in the Constitution

Odessa American Online

July 8, 2018:  ERA Coalition co-President and CEO Carol Robles-Roman is quoted in a guest view on the need for an Equal Rights Amendment by Toni Van Pelt, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW)...  Read More

Experts Ranked the Most Dangerous Countries for Women. The U.S. Made the Top 10


June 27, 2018:  What do Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and the U.S. have in common? Besides the travel ban imposed by the last on the first three, these four countries are among the 10 most dangerous in the world for women...  Read More

The ERA Is Still Worth Fighting For


June 24, 2018:  The Bloomberg Editorial Board explains why the ERA is still worth fighting for. Many say that the fight for the ERA is dead. The #MeToo movement reignited the fire and we...  Read More

Will gets it wrong about the ERA- and women

Washington Post

June 22, 2018:  ERA Coalition co-President and CEO Carol Robles-Roman and Lead Organization member Roberta Francis hit back after George F. Will makes some false claims about the ERA. See how they set the story straight! ...  Read More

The ERA is one state from ratification. Now What?

The Washington Post

June 20, 2018:  Currently there are 37 states that have ratified the ERA. One more is needed to accomplish the three-fourths state majority and move it to the federal level. ...  Read More

No more waiting. After nearly a century, now is the time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

LA Times

June 18, 2018:  The LA Times Editorial Board throws their support behind the Equal Rights Amendment, saying "The time has finally come for the long-awaited passage of this important constitutional amendment."...  Read More

Why the Equal Rights Amendment Still Matters

The New Republic

June 14, 2018:  Many people believe that men and women already have equal rights, which unfortunately isn’t true. Carol Robles-Román is quoted saying she believes North Carolina and Virginia are the most likely to become number the 38th state to ratify the ERA....  Read More

It was no accident women were left out of the Constitution. It's past time to right that wrong

LA Times

June 13, 2018:  Women were not written in the Constitution, and Jessica Neuwirth, the co-president of the ERA Coalition, speaks to the LA Times about the momentum for the Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

The ERA is Back in the News-This Is Why You Should Be Paying Attention


June 12, 2018:  Actress Alyssa Milano has joined the cause to fight for Equal Rights, working with the ERA Coalition go get the facts out about the need for an Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

In Case You Missed It: A New Era for the ERA

Womens eNews

June 7, 2018:  Alyssa Milano joins the fight for ratification as she rallies with co-President and CEO Carol Robles-Roman and board member Carol Jenkins on Wall Street, alongside the Fearless Girl statue and Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney....  Read More

Cause Celeb: Alyssa Milano testifies on Capitol Hill in

Washington Post

June 7, 2018:  Alyssa Milano teams up with Representative Carolyn Maloney to raise awareness and support for the Equal Rights Amendment. ...  Read More

ERA Can't Get a Hearing, So Maloney Holds Her Own

Roll Call

June 6, 2018:  After a formal request for a hearing was ignored by the Judiciary Committee, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney organizes her own and brings in star power with actor Alyssa Milano. Co-President and CEO Carol Robles-Roman, Board Member Carol Jenkins and SCOTUS plaintiff Jessica Lenahan testified....  Read More

After 46 Years, Illinois Ratifies ERA

NPR Illinois

May 31, 2018:  The Illinois state house voted to ratify the ERA in a very close vote, making it the 37th state to ratify.. ...  Read More

The Equal Rights Amendment Was Just Ratified by Illinois. What Does That Mean?

NY Times

May 31, 2018:  The Equal Rights Amendment has been revived, and Illinois helped push the momentum forward....  Read More

Activists look to next states in decades long push for ERA

Star Tribune

May 31, 2018:  Activists are mobilizing to increase the momentum gained from Illinois to pass and ultimately ratify the Equal Rights Amendment....  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment comeback explained


May 31, 2018:  With the rise of the #MeToo movement, the ERA has come back into to the spotlight and the Coalition is hoping the momentum will stick. Carol Robles-Román is quoted about the issue of constitutional equality for women being one that has been “simmering for a while.” ...  Read More

Only one more state needs to pass the Equal Rights Amendment to finally get it ratified. Here are the 13 that haven't


May 31, 2018:  Supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment believe only one more state needs to ratify to see the ERA in the Constitution. CNN gives some background on how the movement came back to life and what must happen next....  Read More

Equal Rights Amendment supporters want Rauner to get Republicans on board

Chicago Tribune

April 23, 2018:  As Illinois gets closer to ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, the sponsor of the bill before the Illinois General Assembly, Lou Lang, pushes GOP representatives to voice their support of the amendment....  Read More

The ERA Is Back


April 23, 2018:  The ’70s-era constitutional amendment could be the perfect remedy for the #MeToo era....  Read More

Why We need the Equal Rights Amendment

The Cornell Daily Sun

April 22, 2018:  One hundred seventy-nine countries in the world have a gender equality provision in their constitutions. The United States is not one of them. ...  Read More

Illinois Senate approves federal Equal Rights Amendment, more than 35 years after the deadline

Chicago Tribune

April 12, 2018:  The Illinois state Senate passes the Equal Rights Amendment, making it the second state to take a step towards ratification in recent years. ...  Read More

Editorial: Illinois should ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Chicago Tribune

April 12, 2018:  If Illinois ratified the Equal Rights Amendment, we would be one step closer to Constitutional equality for women....  Read More

#MeToo Returns Focus on Equal Rights Amendment


March 12, 2018:  ERA Coalition co-President Jessica Neuwirth is interviewed on CNN about how the #MeToo movement has returned focus on the Equal Rights Amendment and why it is still needed....  Read More

The Time Is Now For The Equal Rights Amendment


March 7, 2018:  Jessica Neuwirth, co-president of the ERA Coalition, writes on the history of the Equal Rights Amendment and how it continues to be a necessity today. ...  Read More

#MeToo fuels a comeback for the Equal Rights Amendment

USA Today

March 1, 2018:  As more attention is being paid to women...  Read More

Carol Robles-Roman to Join ERA Coalition as Co-President and CEO


February 28, 2018:  Co-President and CEO of the ERA Coalition came on board after working at Legal Momentum, a women...  Read More

Unbelievably, women still don't have equal rights in the Constitution

L.A. Times

January 5, 2018:  The co-president of the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women...  Read More

Gloria Steinem in Conversation with Feminist Activists the Yellow Roses on the Equal Rights Amendment

Teen Vogue

September 6, 2017:  The Yellow Roses and Gloria Steinem support the ERA Coalition...  Read More

Americans--by 94%-- Overwhelmingly Support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

PR Newswire

June 17, 2016:  An overwhelming 94% of Americans support the passage of an Equal Rights Amendment. The ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women...  Read More

Gloria Steinem and Activists Lead the Charge to Get Equal Rights Amendment Into the Constitution


April 11, 2016:  The national conversations happening around the gender pay gap are very prevalent in Hollywood, where women continue to advocate for equal pay. Carol Robles-Roman sits down with Gloria Steinem to discuss how the Equal Rights Amendment would be able to affect the pay gap....  Read More

Carol Robles-Roman: Advocate for Women and Girls


November 12, 2015:  Carol Robles-Roman, the co-president and CEO of the ERA Coalition has been fighting for gender equality for a very long time, and has had some incredible women to inspire and help her along the way. ...  Read More

Scalia: Women Don't Have Constitutional Protection Against Discrimination

Huffington Post

January 3, 2011:  The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not protect against discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, according to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. ...  Read More

The ERA: It's Not Over 'Til It's Over


November 30, -0001:  If you think the Equal Rights Amendment dies in the 1970s, Refinery29 has a story for you. It's alive. And all we need is one more state before a feminist dream becomes actual American law....  Read More

Manhattan Congresswoman Vows a New Push for the Equal Rights Amendment

The Observer

May 09, 2017: Manhattan Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney announced last night she would renew her effort to get the long-stalled Equal Rights Amendment passed, arguing that the era of President Donald Trump is even more reason to get the amendment through.  Read more

ERA Fight Still Alive 35 Years Later

Chicago Law Bulletin

May 01, 2017: More than 30 years after it initially lost steam, the fight is back in the Land of Lincoln. State lawmakers have reintroduced a plan that would put the U.S. Constitution on track for a 28th Amendment that says equal rights can’t be denied “on account of sex.”  Read more

This Time, NC Should Ratify the ERA

News Observer

April 01, 2017: Last week as legislative leaders scrambled to reach a compromise on House Bill 2, a group of women activists and legislators gathered in the Legislative Building to advocate for a much older law involving gender – the Equal Rights Amendment. The event, complete with women holding the iconic round signs of 45 years ago emblazoned with “ERA YES,” felt like it was happening in a time warp, but the issue is very much part of now.  Read more

15 Reasons the Equal Rights Amendment Needs to be Ratified Now More Than Ever


March 26, 2016: It may come as a surprise to you that the United States actually does not have an Equal Rights Amendment. Or maybe it won't, given who currently occupies the White House. But either way, there are a million reasons why the ERA really needs to be ratified, and it goes much deeper than the fact that Trump is president.   Read more

Pumping Life Into the Equal Rights Amendment

New York Times

March 25, 2017: The progress of women’s equality has not exactly been swift in American history. The endorsement of the Equal Rights Amendment on Wednesday by the Nevada Legislature — 35 years after the congressional deadline for passage — is being read by supporters as an encouraging sign, however slow-paced.  Read more

Nevada is about to be the first state in more than three decades to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Washington Post

March 04, 2017: Nevada is about to do something no state has done in three-and-a-half decades: Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Dusting off a decades-old debate about whether to enshrine women's rights in the Constitution is of questionable value to the amendment's prospects, say analysts. But that doesn't mean it's a meaningless gesture, and its revival certainly says a lot about the women's rights movement in 2017.  Read more

After Women’s March, Utah Group Renews Push For Equal Rights Amendment

NPR Utah

February 06, 2017: Salt Lake resident Elinda McKenna was in school in South Carolina during the early ‘70s when the movement for the Equal Rights Amendment was in full force. “Most of what I did in some cases is march on my own, speaking up on behalf of myself in my hometown,” she says of her upbringing in Beaufort, S.C...  Read more

Massachusetts Middle Schoolers Push for Passage of Equal Rights Amendment

Womens eNews

December 26, 2016: PITTSBURGH (WOMENSENEWS)–Eleanor Anderson was proud to be an American when she found out that the United States has been influential in bridging gender equality gaps in countries like Kenya and Cambodia. So it was a surprise for the eighth grader to learn that her own country’s Constitution doesn’t provide equal rights for women.  Watch Now

My Passion, My Philanthropy: Marcy Syms Pushes for Equal Rights Amendment

Womens eNews

September 28, 2016: (WOMENSENEWS)—The story of my giving combines two distinctively American traditions: our nation’s great immigrant experience and institutional philanthropy extending way beyond home and family to communities and society at large.  Watch Now

Patricia Arquette and Jessica Neuwirth Testify at the Democratic Platform Committee Hearing


June 18, 2016: Patricia Arquette and Jessica Neuwirth testified at the Democratic Platform Committee Hearing encouraging the inclusion of a strong statement of support for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the Democratic Platform.  Watch Now

Equal Means Equal: Why the Time for an Equal Rights Amendment Is Now

The New Press

Jan 6, 2015: A smart and timely primer for the movement to provide American women with a constitutional right to equality—published to coincide with a documentary of the same name.  Read More   Press Release

Special Order Hour on the ERA: May 12, 2016

ERA Coalition

May 12, 2016: Representative Bonnie Watson-Coleman hosted a Special Order Hour to discuss the passage and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Representatives Carolyn Maloney (NY-12) and Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18) also joined her on the House floor.  Watch Now

North Carolina Group Joins Efforts to Revive the Equal Rights Amendment

Camel City Dispatch

April 14, 2016: On Tuesday April 12th the pay received by American men in 2015 was finally equaled by American women doing the exact, same jobs. American women are paid, on the average, 78 cents on the dollar what men are paid. If the woman in question is African American or Latino the average wage comparison drops even further. No legal remedy exists under US law...  Read more

ERA Coalition President Jessica Neuwirth speaks with Veronica Robinson of WTOP on Equal Pay Day


April 12, 2016: An interview with Jessica Neuwirth given by Veronica Robinson of WTOP on Equal Pay Day.  Listen Now

Equal Means Equal: Why The ERA Must Be Passed


March 16, 2016: As members of Congress — as well as candidates for the presidency — repeatedly speak about rolling back women’s reproductive rights, it’s time to take a hard look at the actual status of women in the United States. Chances are, if the average American woman were stopped on the street and asked, “Do you have equal rights in America under the law?”...  Read more

New Documentary “Equal Means Equal” Exposes Why We Need an Equal Rights Amendment

Bitch Media

March 8, 2016: When the American Constitution was written in 1787, “we the people” referred only to white men. Its authors intentionally omitted women of all backgrounds and men of color because they were considered chattel—as in property. While the 14th Amendment, 19th Amendment, Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title IX have given us some gains...  Read more

Special Order Hour on the ERA: March 2, 2016

ERA Coalition

March 2, 2016: Speeches from Rep. Bonnie Watson-Coleman, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Rep. Jackie Speier and Rep. Gwen Graham on the need for the Equal Rights Amendment....  Watch Now

Gloria Steinem: The woman who paved the way

Lands End

February 29, 2016: Introducing the legend series, our ode to individuals who have made a difference in both their respective industries and the world at large. We honor them and them for paving the way for the many who follow ...  Read more

A Night of Comedy with Jane Fonda

ERA Coalition

February 16, 2016: Jane Fonda hosts a night of stand-up benefiting the Fund for Women’s Equality and the ERA Coalition, nonprofit organizations whose work includes raising awareness and support for the Equal Rights Amendment. The evening’s lineup included Michelle Buteau, Gina Brillon, Wyatt Cenac, Judah Friedlander...  Watch Now

Jane Fonda at Caroline’s Comedy Club: Championing the Equal Rights Amendment

Huffington Post

February 8, 2016: Sunday night’s Superbowl may have been the focus for a majority of Americans, but a rival event took place at Caroline’s Comedy Club, with Jane Fonda as M. C., introduced by Gloria Steinem. Calling herself a quintessential late bloomer to feminism, Jane Fonda recalled that she really did not understand what it was till she was 64...  Read more

Jane Fonda Talks Need for More Diverse Oscar Voters, Passing Equal Rights Amendment

Hollywood Reporter

February 8, 2016: On Super Bowl Sunday, Jane Fonda led a team of women (and men) seeking a big win for gender equality. The veteran actress hosted a comedy show in New York to support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, which would provide a constitutional guarantee against discrimination on the basis of sex. At Caroline's on Broadway, Fonda was joined by...  Read more

WATCH: Gloria Steinem and Activists Lead the Charge to Get Equal Rights Amendment Into the Constitution


February 3, 2016: Initially posed to Congress in 1923 after women won the right to vote, the Equal Rights Amendment was passed in 1972, but fell three states short of the 38 states needed for ratification by the time the deadline expired. Now the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women's Equality is reviving the public discussion of the ERA, hoping...  Read more

Gloria Steinem On The ERA - 'The American Dream Has Never Included Everybody'


January 21, 2016: Feminists have been advocating for an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution for almost A FULL CENTURY. First proposed all the way back in 1923 by suffragists Alice Paul and Crystal Eastman, the ERA resurfaced in the late '60s and '70s thanks to the National Organization for Women, but in 2016, it still isn't a reality...  Watch Now

ERA Coalition & Fund For Women's Equality Host "A Night Of Comedy With Jane Fonda" In NYC


January 21, 2016: The ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women's Equality are teaming up with actress and activist Jane Fonda for a night of comedy supporting women’s rights and equality. The February 7 comedy show will feature comedians including 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander, Saturday Night Live’s Sasheer Zamata, and The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac...  Read more

Gloria Steinem Explains Why Feminism Reached a Critical Turning Point in 2015


December 22, 2015: Writer, activist, and social entrepreneur Gloria Steinem has been the face of the women’s movement since before many of us were born—and she is still advocating on our behalf today. In her latest book, My Life on the Road, the Ms. magazine and Ms. Foundation founder recounts her experiences as a traveler, activist, and leader...  Read more

Our Daughters Deserve to Be Included in the U.S. Constitution

Working Mother

December 6, 2015: If you think women are equally protected under the U.S. Constitution, consider this: The only equality measure provided to women by the Constitution is the right to vote. And you know what? That’s just not good enough for us, or more importantly, for our daughters. We have constant reminders of the struggles for women—pay inequity, pregnancy discrimination...  Read more

Jane Fonda: My question for the candidates

September 15, 2015: Over the past year, the ERA Coalition has launched a renewed campaign to put women into the Constitution. Thursday is Constitution Day, marking the day our Constitution was signed in 1787. Our founders wrongly denied women full citizen status despite the plea some years earlier from Abigail Adams to...  Read more

Congress Basically Ignored Meryl Streep’s Equal-Rights Letter

Vanity Fair

September 7, 2015: You may recall that earlier this summer, in her ongoing public quest for equal rights for women (and her secret quest to bolster the U.S.P.S.), your best friend Meryl Streep put together a hefty package and sent it to every single member of Congress. The packet included a letter asking Congress to “stand up for equality—for your mother, your daughter, your sister, your wife or yourself...  Read more

Meryl Streep Seeks Equal Rights Amendment Revival

Wall Street Journal

June 24, 2015: Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep has a message for Congress: Make the Equal Rights Amendment official. The Associated Press reports that Streep sent a letter to everyone in Congress yesterday, urging the reviving of the 1972 amendment. “I am writing to ask you to stand up for equality – for your mother, your daughter, your sister, your wife or yourself...  Read more

Got Rights?

Heroica Films

May 6, 2015: Did you know that women still don't have equal rights under the law in the United States of America? If you didn't, you're not alone! 96% of Americans think men and women should be equal but the problem is that 72% of them think women are already equal under our Constitution! Spread this video and spread the...   Watch Now

Dr. E. Faye Williams of National Congress of Black Women on Equality for Women

Comcast Newsmakers

April 28, 2015: In the U.S., women on average, make 78 cents to every dollar earned by men. For African American women, that amount drops to 68 cents and it drops further for Hispanic women to 57 centers. Dr. E. Faye Williams, of the National Congress of Black Women discusses pay equity and other issues of equality for women...  Watch Now

Women in the world: Where the U.S. falters in quest for equality

April 16, 2015: If you imagine countries where women and girls have it worst, the United States probably doesn't come to mind. Here, women can drive; they don't need male guardians to travel, work or receive health care. Girls can pursue an education without fear of being attacked or abducted for wanting to learn. They are rarely forced into marriages at young ages, kidnapped...  Read more

The politics of feminism: An unlikely partnership

April 16, 2015: A diehard New York Democrat sits in her congressional office, looking over details of one of her pet bills. In walks a far-right Republican, a woman from the West who was part of the Tea Party Caucus -- the sort who'd seem an obvious adversary. "Nice view, missy!" the visitor says, taking in the postcard-perfect sight of the U.S. Capitol...  Read more

The new women warriors: Reviving the fight for equal rights

April 16, 2015: Though she certainly wouldn't have called herself one at the time, Bettina Hager suspects she was a feminist by age 6 or 7. She knew she was "supposed to like" pink and instead announced to anyone who'd listen that her favorite color was navy blue. She loved math and was hell-bent on running faster than boys...  Read more

Equal Means Equal Book Launch

ERA Coalition

April 16, 2015: As a global leader the United States is poised to be an example for women’s rights. And yet the U.S. is one of only a handful of countries in the world that does not have a constitutional provision guaranteeing equal rights for women under the law. After years of campaigning, the Equal Rights Amendment was pronounced dead...  Watch Now

ERA? Yes! A New Push for Sex Equality

Women's Media Center

April 9, 2015: More than 70 percent of Americans think women are equally protected under the United States Constitution. We are not. As Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia put it, “Certainly the Constitution does not require discrimination on the basis of sex. The only issue is whether it prohibits it. It doesn’t.” Around the world...  Read more

WNC women call for passage of Equal Rights Amendment

Citizen Times

March 5, 2015: Roberta Madden wants to live to see the day the Equal Rights Amendment is added to the U.S. Constitution. At 78, the Black Mountain resident fears she is running out of time. "It's amazing to think how long I have been working on this — since 1972," said Madden, who retired as director of racial and social justice at the YWCA...  Read more

How Men Can Succeed in the Boardroom and the Bedroom

New York Times

March 5, 2015: It’S easy to see how women benefit from equality — more leadership positions, better pay at work and more support at home. Men may fear that as women do better, they will do worse. But the surprising truth is that equality is good for men, too. If men want to make their work teams successful, one of the best steps they can take is to...  Read more

Tavis Smiley Show: Jessica Neuwirth, author of "Equal Means Equal"

Tavis Smiley Show

February 2, 2015: One of the founders and current President of Equality Now and the President of the ERA Coalition, Jessica Neuwirth has been at the forefront of human rights issues for over two decades. She has previously held several positions at Amnesty International, including Policy Advisor for Amnesty International USA and Tour Producer for Human Rights Now...  Watch Now

Diane Rehms Show: Jessica Neuwirth, author of “Equal Means Equal”

The Diane Rehms Show

January 12, 2015: Congress passed an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution in the early 1970s. But after a 10-year lobbying effort on both sides, the amendment fell three states short of ratification. Since then, the ERA has been reintroduced in every session of Congress but hasn’t gone anywhere. Polls continue to show widespread support...  Read more

Oregon Enshrines Gender Equality in its Constitution

Wall Street Journal

November 5, 2014: A ballot measure seeking to add explicit gender equality to Oregon’s constitution passed comfortably Tuesday, with roughly two-thirds of the state’s voters supporting the measure, known as the Equal Rights Amendment. Oregon becomes the 23rd state to provide a guarantee of gender equality in its constitution...  Read more

Sex-Equality Backers Seek Impetus in Oregon Measure

Wall Street Journal

October 29, 2014: More than 100 years ago, Oregon was one of several states that gave women the right to vote, paving the way for federal ratification of women’s suffrage in 1920. This fall, Leanne Littrell DiLorenzo is spearheading a campaign here shes hopes will spur...  Read more

Measure 89: Women's rights issue before voters

KTVZ-Central Oregon

October 15, 2014: Forty years after the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced at the federal level, the Oregon Constitution still does not specifically protect women from discrimination. Now, the ERA is on Oregon's November ballot as Measure 89. "Forty years after my high school graduation, it was shocking to me that there was not written representation...   Watch Now

Jessica Neuwirth - ERA Coalition

ERA Coalition

September 13, 2014: Recorded live from United States, District of Columbia, Washington.   Watch Now

James Barringer - Boys and Men for the ERA

Boys and Men for the ERA

September 13, 2014: Recorded live from United States, District of Columbia, Washington.   Watch Now

Fight to ratify Equal Rights Amendment draws new interest

USA Today

September 12, 2014: It's not just your mother or grandmother's fight. Thousands of women are expected to rally on the west lawn of the Capitol on Saturday for women's equality, voting rights and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, adopted by Congress in 1972. The ERA needed ratification from just three more states when its deadline expired in 1982...  Read more

90 years on, push for ERA ratification continues


August 10, 2014: Drafted by a suffragette in 1923, the Equal Rights Amendment has been stirring up controversy ever since. Many opponents considered it dead when a 10-year ratification push failed in 1982, yet its backers on Capitol Hill, in the Illinois statehouse and elsewhere are making clear this summer that the fight is far from over...  Read more

Time for an Equal Rights Amendment


July 29, 2014: In response to recent threats to women’s rights, organizers have brought a revived fight for gender equality to the courts, the legislatures and the streets — but we haven’t heard much about the equal rights amendment. The ERA, which would create a constitutional right to sex equality, was introduced more than 90 years ago...  Read more

The Hobby Lobby shock: it's high time for an equal rights amendment

The Guardian

July 11, 2014: Last week, in the Hobby Lobby case, the US supreme court decided to protect the religious rights of closely-held corporations and their owners — at the expense of the rights of millions of women employees to contraception under the Affordable Care Act. The court found that Hobby Lobby was “substantially burdened” by the inclusion...  Read more

Hobby Lobby proves need for ERA

USA Today

July 9, 2014: As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's forceful dissent put it, the 5-4 decision rendered in the Hobby Lobby case is one "of startling breadth" that is going to create a "minefield." And because the decision will constrain the ability of women to obtain affordable reproductive health care, the first people to be injured by that "minefield...  Read more

Toward A Renewed Equal Rights Amendment: Now More Than Ever

Harvard Journal of Law and Gender

September 28, 2013: The sexes are human equals. Yet women, on the whole, are not men’s legal equals or, by most any standard, men’s social equals. The laws that guarantee against discrimination—mainly the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause4 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 —have, I argue, gone about as far as they will...  Read more