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Manhattan Congresswoman Vows a New Push for the Equal Rights Amendment

May 09, 2017: Manhattan Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney announced last night she would renew her effort to get the long-stalled Equal Rights Amendment passed, arguing that the era of President Donald Trump is even more reason to get the amendment through.  Read more

ERA Fight Still Alive 35 Years Later

May 01, 2017: More than 30 years after it initially lost steam, the fight is back in the Land of Lincoln. State lawmakers have reintroduced a plan that would put the U.S. Constitution on track for a 28th Amendment that says equal rights can’t be denied “on account of sex.”  Read more

This Time, NC Should Ratify the ERA

April 01, 2017: Last week as legislative leaders scrambled to reach a compromise on House Bill 2, a group of women activists and legislators gathered in the Legislative Building to advocate for a much older law involving gender – the Equal Rights Amendment. The event, complete with women holding the iconic round signs of 45 years ago emblazoned with “ERA YES,” felt like it was happening in a time warp, but the issue is very much part of now.  Read more

15 Reasons the Equal Rights Amendment Needs to be Ratified Now More Than Ever

March 26, 2016: It may come as a surprise to you that the United States actually does not have an Equal Rights Amendment. Or maybe it won't, given who currently occupies the White House. But either way, there are a million reasons why the ERA really needs to be ratified, and it goes much deeper than the fact that Trump is president.   Read more

Pumping Life Into the Equal Rights Amendment

March 25, 2017: The progress of women’s equality has not exactly been swift in American history. The endorsement of the Equal Rights Amendment on Wednesday by the Nevada Legislature — 35 years after the congressional deadline for passage — is being read by supporters as an encouraging sign, however slow-paced.  Read more

Nevada is about to be the first state in more than three decades to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

March 04, 2017: Nevada is about to do something no state has done in three-and-a-half decades: Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Dusting off a decades-old debate about whether to enshrine women's rights in the Constitution is of questionable value to the amendment's prospects, say analysts. But that doesn't mean it's a meaningless gesture, and its revival certainly says a lot about the women's rights movement in 2017.  Read more

After Women’s March, Utah Group Renews Push For Equal Rights Amendment

February 06, 2017: Salt Lake resident Elinda McKenna was in school in South Carolina during the early ‘70s when the movement for the Equal Rights Amendment was in full force. “Most of what I did in some cases is march on my own, speaking up on behalf of myself in my hometown,” she says of her upbringing in Beaufort, S.C...  Read more

Massachusetts Middle Schoolers Push for Passage of Equal Rights Amendment

December 26, 2016: PITTSBURGH (WOMENSENEWS)–Eleanor Anderson was proud to be an American when she found out that the United States has been influential in bridging gender equality gaps in countries like Kenya and Cambodia. So it was a surprise for the eighth grader to learn that her own country’s Constitution doesn’t provide equal rights for women.  Watch Now

My Passion, My Philanthropy: Marcy Syms Pushes for Equal Rights Amendment

September 28, 2016: (WOMENSENEWS)—The story of my giving combines two distinctively American traditions: our nation’s great immigrant experience and institutional philanthropy extending way beyond home and family to communities and society at large.  Watch Now

Patricia Arquette and Jessica Neuwirth Testify at the Democratic Platform Committee Hearing

June 18, 2016: Patricia Arquette and Jessica Neuwirth testified at the Democratic Platform Committee Hearing encouraging the inclusion of a strong statement of support for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the Democratic Platform.  Watch Now

Equal Means Equal: Why the Time for an Equal Rights Amendment Is Now

Jan 6, 2015: A smart and timely primer for the movement to provide American women with a constitutional right to equality—published to coincide with a documentary of the same name.  Read More   Press Release

Special Order Hour on the ERA: May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016: Representative Bonnie Watson-Coleman hosted a Special Order Hour to discuss the passage and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Representatives Carolyn Maloney (NY-12) and Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18) also joined her on the House floor.  Watch Now

North Carolina Group Joins Efforts to Revive the Equal Rights Amendment

April 14, 2016: On Tuesday April 12th the pay received by American men in 2015 was finally equaled by American women doing the exact, same jobs. American women are paid, on the average, 78 cents on the dollar what men are paid. If the woman in question is African American or Latino the average wage comparison drops even further. No legal remedy exists under US law...  Read more

ERA Coalition President Jessica Neuwirth speaks with Veronica Robinson of WTOP on Equal Pay Day

April 12, 2016: An interview with Jessica Neuwirth given by Veronica Robinson of WTOP on Equal Pay Day.  Listen Now

Equal Means Equal: Why The ERA Must Be Passed

March 16, 2016: As members of Congress — as well as candidates for the presidency — repeatedly speak about rolling back women’s reproductive rights, it’s time to take a hard look at the actual status of women in the United States. Chances are, if the average American woman were stopped on the street and asked, “Do you have equal rights in America under the law?”...  Read more

New Documentary “Equal Means Equal” Exposes Why We Need an Equal Rights Amendment

March 8, 2016: When the American Constitution was written in 1787, “we the people” referred only to white men. Its authors intentionally omitted women of all backgrounds and men of color because they were considered chattel—as in property. While the 14th Amendment, 19th Amendment, Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title IX have given us some gains...  Read more

Special Order Hour on the ERA: March 2, 2016

March 2, 2016: Speeches from Rep. Bonnie Watson-Coleman, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Rep. Jackie Speier and Rep. Gwen Graham on the need for the Equal Rights Amendment....  Watch Now

Gloria Steinem: The woman who paved the way

February 29, 2016: Introducing the legend series, our ode to individuals who have made a difference in both their respective industries and the world at large. We honor them and them for paving the way for the many who follow ...  Read more

A Night of Comedy with Jane Fonda

February 16, 2016: Jane Fonda hosts a night of stand-up benefiting the Fund for Women’s Equality and the ERA Coalition, nonprofit organizations whose work includes raising awareness and support for the Equal Rights Amendment. The evening’s lineup included Michelle Buteau, Gina Brillon, Wyatt Cenac, Judah Friedlander...  Watch Now

Jane Fonda at Caroline’s Comedy Club: Championing the Equal Rights Amendment

February 8, 2016: Sunday night’s Superbowl may have been the focus for a majority of Americans, but a rival event took place at Caroline’s Comedy Club, with Jane Fonda as M. C., introduced by Gloria Steinem. Calling herself a quintessential late bloomer to feminism, Jane Fonda recalled that she really did not understand what it was till she was 64...  Read more

Jane Fonda Talks Need for More Diverse Oscar Voters, Passing Equal Rights Amendment

February 8, 2016: On Super Bowl Sunday, Jane Fonda led a team of women (and men) seeking a big win for gender equality. The veteran actress hosted a comedy show in New York to support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, which would provide a constitutional guarantee against discrimination on the basis of sex. At Caroline's on Broadway, Fonda was joined by...  Read more

WATCH: Gloria Steinem and Activists Lead the Charge to Get Equal Rights Amendment Into the Constitution

February 3, 2016: Initially posed to Congress in 1923 after women won the right to vote, the Equal Rights Amendment was passed in 1972, but fell three states short of the 38 states needed for ratification by the time the deadline expired. Now the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women's Equality is reviving the public discussion of the ERA, hoping...  Read more

Gloria Steinem On The ERA - 'The American Dream Has Never Included Everybody'

January 21, 2016: Feminists have been advocating for an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution for almost A FULL CENTURY. First proposed all the way back in 1923 by suffragists Alice Paul and Crystal Eastman, the ERA resurfaced in the late '60s and '70s thanks to the National Organization for Women, but in 2016, it still isn't a reality...  Watch Now

ERA Coalition & Fund For Women's Equality Host "A Night Of Comedy With Jane Fonda" In NYC

January 21, 2016: The ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women's Equality are teaming up with actress and activist Jane Fonda for a night of comedy supporting women’s rights and equality. The February 7 comedy show will feature comedians including 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander, Saturday Night Live’s Sasheer Zamata, and The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac...  Read more

Gloria Steinem Explains Why Feminism Reached a Critical Turning Point in 2015

December 22, 2015: Writer, activist, and social entrepreneur Gloria Steinem has been the face of the women’s movement since before many of us were born—and she is still advocating on our behalf today. In her latest book, My Life on the Road, the Ms. magazine and Ms. Foundation founder recounts her experiences as a traveler, activist, and leader...  Read more

Our Daughters Deserve to Be Included in the U.S. Constitution

December 6, 2015: If you think women are equally protected under the U.S. Constitution, consider this: The only equality measure provided to women by the Constitution is the right to vote. And you know what? That’s just not good enough for us, or more importantly, for our daughters. We have constant reminders of the struggles for women—pay inequity, pregnancy discrimination...  Read more

Jane Fonda: My question for the candidates

September 15, 2015: Over the past year, the ERA Coalition has launched a renewed campaign to put women into the Constitution. Thursday is Constitution Day, marking the day our Constitution was signed in 1787. Our founders wrongly denied women full citizen status despite the plea some years earlier from Abigail Adams to...  Read more

Congress Basically Ignored Meryl Streep’s Equal-Rights Letter

September 7, 2015: You may recall that earlier this summer, in her ongoing public quest for equal rights for women (and her secret quest to bolster the U.S.P.S.), your best friend Meryl Streep put together a hefty package and sent it to every single member of Congress. The packet included a letter asking Congress to “stand up for equality—for your mother, your daughter, your sister, your wife or yourself...  Read more

Meryl Streep Seeks Equal Rights Amendment Revival

June 24, 2015: Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep has a message for Congress: Make the Equal Rights Amendment official. The Associated Press reports that Streep sent a letter to everyone in Congress yesterday, urging the reviving of the 1972 amendment. “I am writing to ask you to stand up for equality – for your mother, your daughter, your sister, your wife or yourself...  Read more

Got Rights?

May 6, 2015: Did you know that women still don't have equal rights under the law in the United States of America? If you didn't, you're not alone! 96% of Americans think men and women should be equal but the problem is that 72% of them think women are already equal under our Constitution! Spread this video and spread the...   Watch Now

Dr. E. Faye Williams of National Congress of Black Women on Equality for Women

April 28, 2015: In the U.S., women on average, make 78 cents to every dollar earned by men. For African American women, that amount drops to 68 cents and it drops further for Hispanic women to 57 centers. Dr. E. Faye Williams, of the National Congress of Black Women discusses pay equity and other issues of equality for women...  Watch Now

Women in the world: Where the U.S. falters in quest for equality

April 16, 2015: If you imagine countries where women and girls have it worst, the United States probably doesn't come to mind. Here, women can drive; they don't need male guardians to travel, work or receive health care. Girls can pursue an education without fear of being attacked or abducted for wanting to learn. They are rarely forced into marriages at young ages, kidnapped...  Read more

The politics of feminism: An unlikely partnership

April 16, 2015: A diehard New York Democrat sits in her congressional office, looking over details of one of her pet bills. In walks a far-right Republican, a woman from the West who was part of the Tea Party Caucus -- the sort who'd seem an obvious adversary. "Nice view, missy!" the visitor says, taking in the postcard-perfect sight of the U.S. Capitol...  Read more

The new women warriors: Reviving the fight for equal rights

April 16, 2015: Though she certainly wouldn't have called herself one at the time, Bettina Hager suspects she was a feminist by age 6 or 7. She knew she was "supposed to like" pink and instead announced to anyone who'd listen that her favorite color was navy blue. She loved math and was hell-bent on running faster than boys...  Read more

Equal Means Equal Book Launch

April 16, 2015: As a global leader the United States is poised to be an example for women’s rights. And yet the U.S. is one of only a handful of countries in the world that does not have a constitutional provision guaranteeing equal rights for women under the law. After years of campaigning, the Equal Rights Amendment was pronounced dead...  Watch Now

ERA? Yes! A New Push for Sex Equality

April 9, 2015: More than 70 percent of Americans think women are equally protected under the United States Constitution. We are not. As Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia put it, “Certainly the Constitution does not require discrimination on the basis of sex. The only issue is whether it prohibits it. It doesn’t.” Around the world...  Read more

WNC women call for passage of Equal Rights Amendment

March 5, 2015: Roberta Madden wants to live to see the day the Equal Rights Amendment is added to the U.S. Constitution. At 78, the Black Mountain resident fears she is running out of time. "It's amazing to think how long I have been working on this — since 1972," said Madden, who retired as director of racial and social justice at the YWCA...  Read more

How Men Can Succeed in the Boardroom and the Bedroom

March 5, 2015: It’S easy to see how women benefit from equality — more leadership positions, better pay at work and more support at home. Men may fear that as women do better, they will do worse. But the surprising truth is that equality is good for men, too. If men want to make their work teams successful, one of the best steps they can take is to...  Read more

Tavis Smiley Show: Jessica Neuwirth, author of "Equal Means Equal"

February 2, 2015: One of the founders and current President of Equality Now and the President of the ERA Coalition, Jessica Neuwirth has been at the forefront of human rights issues for over two decades. She has previously held several positions at Amnesty International, including Policy Advisor for Amnesty International USA and Tour Producer for Human Rights Now...  Watch Now

Diane Rehms Show: Jessica Neuwirth, author of “Equal Means Equal”

January 12, 2015: Congress passed an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution in the early 1970s. But after a 10-year lobbying effort on both sides, the amendment fell three states short of ratification. Since then, the ERA has been reintroduced in every session of Congress but hasn’t gone anywhere. Polls continue to show widespread support...  Read more

Oregon Enshrines Gender Equality in its Constitution

November 5, 2014: A ballot measure seeking to add explicit gender equality to Oregon’s constitution passed comfortably Tuesday, with roughly two-thirds of the state’s voters supporting the measure, known as the Equal Rights Amendment. Oregon becomes the 23rd state to provide a guarantee of gender equality in its constitution...  Read more

Sex-Equality Backers Seek Impetus in Oregon Measure

October 29, 2014: More than 100 years ago, Oregon was one of several states that gave women the right to vote, paving the way for federal ratification of women’s suffrage in 1920. This fall, Leanne Littrell DiLorenzo is spearheading a campaign here shes hopes will spur...  Read more

Measure 89: Women's rights issue before voters

October 15, 2014: Forty years after the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced at the federal level, the Oregon Constitution still does not specifically protect women from discrimination. Now, the ERA is on Oregon's November ballot as Measure 89. "Forty years after my high school graduation, it was shocking to me that there was not written representation...   Watch Now

Jessica Neuwirth - ERA Coalition

September 13, 2014: Recorded live from United States, District of Columbia, Washington.   Watch Now

James Barringer - Boys and Men for the ERA

September 13, 2014: Recorded live from United States, District of Columbia, Washington.   Watch Now

Fight to ratify Equal Rights Amendment draws new interest

September 12, 2014: It's not just your mother or grandmother's fight. Thousands of women are expected to rally on the west lawn of the Capitol on Saturday for women's equality, voting rights and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, adopted by Congress in 1972. The ERA needed ratification from just three more states when its deadline expired in 1982...  Read more

90 years on, push for ERA ratification continues

August 10, 2014: Drafted by a suffragette in 1923, the Equal Rights Amendment has been stirring up controversy ever since. Many opponents considered it dead when a 10-year ratification push failed in 1982, yet its backers on Capitol Hill, in the Illinois statehouse and elsewhere are making clear this summer that the fight is far from over...  Read more

Time for an Equal Rights Amendment

July 29, 2014: In response to recent threats to women’s rights, organizers have brought a revived fight for gender equality to the courts, the legislatures and the streets — but we haven’t heard much about the equal rights amendment. The ERA, which would create a constitutional right to sex equality, was introduced more than 90 years ago...  Read more

The Hobby Lobby shock: it's high time for an equal rights amendment

July 11, 2014: Last week, in the Hobby Lobby case, the US supreme court decided to protect the religious rights of closely-held corporations and their owners — at the expense of the rights of millions of women employees to contraception under the Affordable Care Act. The court found that Hobby Lobby was “substantially burdened” by the inclusion...  Read more

Hobby Lobby proves need for ERA

July 9, 2014: As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's forceful dissent put it, the 5-4 decision rendered in the Hobby Lobby case is one "of startling breadth" that is going to create a "minefield." And because the decision will constrain the ability of women to obtain affordable reproductive health care, the first people to be injured by that "minefield...  Read more

Toward A Renewed Equal Rights Amendment: Now More Than Ever

September 28, 2013: The sexes are human equals. Yet women, on the whole, are not men’s legal equals or, by most any standard, men’s social equals. The laws that guarantee against discrimination—mainly the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause4 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 —have, I argue, gone about as far as they will...  Read more