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January 15, 2020

Just one state needed to ratify the ERA as of 2019.  Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the ERA on January 15, 2020!


94% of Americans support the ERA. 90% men 96% women. 97% Democrats 90% Republicans 92% Independents. Click to see our Polling.


Latinas face the largest wage gap at $0.53. Women on average earn $0.79 to a white man’s dollar.

92 sec

Every 92 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. The ERA would give them rights.


The number of members of the house needed to vote to remove the deadline. 51 in the Senate.

Welcome to an Equal Future.

Our goal is to amend the Constitution to ensure that one cannot be discriminated against because of one’s sex. The ERA Coalition is comprised of some 100 national and local organizations across the country working for the equality of girls and women, boys and men. We strategize with states seeking ratification. We work with legislators on the amendment and other ERA bills. We’ve provided groundbreaking research. Our team of legal scholars has examined the next steps to a fully realized Equal Rights Amendment.

There has been extraordinary progress in the movement toward full equality. We are just one state away. While Alice Paul began it all in 1923, and Congress passed the ERA in 1972, by 1982 only 35 states had ratified, three shy of the necessary 38. But in 2017 Nevada ratified the ERA; the first state in 40 years to do so; Illinois ratified in 2018. And Virginia almost ratified it, missing it by one vote in 2019. We are so close. One hundred years after women won the right to vote we believe the 38th state will ratify the ERA in 2020.

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Contact them here to either thank them for supporting the ERA, or encourage them to sign on. While you’re there, be sure to sign our pledge, and sign up for our newsletter.

JUST ANNOUNCED: House Floor Vote Week of February 10th!
We want to share with you the breaking news from House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer in his most recent Dear Colleague letter, indicating legislation that will be voted on in the upcoming weeks. HJ Res 79, Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s bill to remove the time limit, will be taken up the week of February 10th.
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